Indonesians love Body Massage, me included.

Lucky us, spa treatment here is more affordable than the rest of the countries in the world I’ve visited in my life. And their treatments are much better, IMHO.

For us, Jakartans, just seating down in a car, (or worse) driving the car, can wreck havoc to our body, because of the darn traffic. So…yeah…we need spa treatment every weekend. And guess what? This specific spa treatment in GAYA SPA JAKARTA is recommended to do once a week. And it only took us 60 minutes to do so.

They do have lots of traditional massages, from Java to Sumatra and Sulawesi, but last week I went there to try their TRADITIONAL BODY MASSAGE TREATMENT: a deeper layer massage using thumbs and long strokes, which claimed to help release muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

When I entered the spa, it was really quiet, such a contrast with all the construction that happened outside (because it’s located on a really crowded street). SInce they’re using Spa Essentia products, we can see a whole array of the products on display. 

My room which named Martup is the couple’s room, it was huge with a separate shower and bathtub. 

First thing, foot bath with flowers and essential oil. Very relaxing first step before the body treatment. 

My therapist, Lili used her gentle yet powerful strokes with warm essential oil for the massage which felt heavenly. After the treatment, she recommended not to take a bath at least an hour after the treatment, because my pores were open due to the massage. She offered warm towel wipes, but I decided to let it be and went around afterwards with massage oil on my skin LOL. Luckily, it didn’t feel as sticky as I thought. 

After the treatment was done, the therapist brought your choice of hot drink to the room. I opted for their ginger tea which tasted really good.

This is a nice place to visit for traditional spa treatments, the ambience supported the feel and the whole treatment was heavenly. I’ll be back for sure to try their other treatments.

Remember to call first before your treatment to do reservation. Visit their website here for more infos. 


We Shall Have This in Indonesia

The Body Shop Green Sanctuary. It’s The Body Shop Spa, located in Singapore. 

Thanks for The Body Shop Indonesia team, I got a chance to experience the spa on my last trip to Singapore earlier this month. It was a great spa experience indeed, considering that I got exhausted from all the walking and shopping, LOL. 

The Body Shop Green Sanctuary is located on Basement 1 Paragon, right on the heart of Orchard Road. Who would’ve thought there’s a spa inside the store? With 4 treatment rooms and 1 steam room, you really need to make a reservation before coming here to experience body treatments, from facial to foot massage. Unfortunately, some of the treatments are exclusively for ladies, such as body treatments. But no worries guys, you can still do facial here. 

My treatment that day was REVITALISING FULL BODY RITUAL, which is one of their new body treatment. This treatment promise to stimulate and rejuvenate a tired body and mind, and highly recommended for busy individuals who need a recharge. Sounds perfect for me! 

The whole treatment took about 90 minutes, and yes, it was a 90 minutes well spent for me during my holiday trip to Singapore. Sally, my therapist, began with a very firm back massage. And to tell you the truth, coming from Indonesia and having experienced spa here and there including Paris, this might be the very first spa experience when I really felt the strokes. Most of the spa experiences I had outside Indonesia before were not that memorable. So yeah, Sally rocks! LOL.

After the back massage, the treatment continues with scrub and mask wrapping. Below are The Body Shop products that Sally used during my treatment. 

I love how the clay mask felt. It felt cooling yet warming at the same time. And having the treatment on a warm electrical bed added to the pleasure, indeed. 

Mind the grin on my face and ignore my double chin, please. LOL.

After the treatment, it was shower time. They do provide some choices of bath products in the shower cube as you can see below. 

After the 90 minutes treatment, I felt so relaxed and my body felt lighter. Ready to walk and shop some more. 

I do really wish that The Body Shop will consider to open this same concept in Indonesia soon. Of course, I’m going to be one of the very first to try one in my home country. 

Thanks The Body Shop Indonesia and The Body Shop Singapore who made this happened. 

290 Orchard Road
#B1-14/15 Paragon
Singapore 238859
Tel: 6733 2221


For me, it is VERY important. I will take any of my available time (trust me, not so much) to just reboot. Do you know that taking time for ourselves apparently has psychological & physical benefits? 

Yes, dearest. We juggle our career and family everyday, wouldn’t it be good to have ‘me time’ for our sanity’s sake? And what’s better than pampering yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom, with the latest spa collection from THE BODY SHOP “SPA OF THE WORLD”.

Check out my pics from their launch event in The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta.

I love how each packaging look so luxurious. I also learned at the event, that dark colored packaging is very much needed to keep the benefits of their essential oils. 

They have bath milks, massage oils, exfoliants and creams. In total they have 11 products which divided into three beauty rituals: RELAXING, BLISSFUL and REVITALISING. They named this collection SPA OF THE WORLD, because each product features ingredients from different part of the world. Yup, now creating a spa experience at home is much easier. 

At the event, they also launched OILS OF LIFE, skincare range that specifically created to intensely revitalise skin, revive radiance & leave our skin feel nourished. If your skincare regime need a new life, well you gotta wait, as this range will be available in Indonesia by early March 2016.



Yes you read correctly. Thanks to The Dharmawangsa, I was invited to experience a whole new unique spa treatment at their spa, Bimasena.

Named The Dharmawangsa Tea Ritual, it was a heavenly 2,5 hours tea based ritual spa treatment, using THEMAE Paris products, known for their passion in tea (FYI, THEMAE is a Japanese name for the tea preparation ceremony). There are 4 types of teas inside their products: red, white, green and black tea, combined with well-balanced spring water to keep its ultimate purity. Each tea bring their own benefits: red for soothing, white for regenerating, green for antioxidant, and black for stimulating. Currently, we can only get THEMAE’s products in exclusive spas (Bimasena Spa is the first in Jakarta to sell their products). 

The ritual begins with a tea foot wash (as you can see above), followed by Nepalese Style Tea Exfoliation. Using THEMAE’s Gommage The Au Nepal, a creamy body exfoliant, my therapist began to make an eight strokes on any possible areas. It was a fast movement making (literally) number eight, very funny feeling yet it didn’t feel harsh at all. The treatment continued with another one hour of Oriental Massage, which I prefer rather than deep tissue massage. Very gentle movements, yet I can feel the lightness of my body afterwards. Using fingers and forearms, the technique that the therapist got after 3 months of full training at THEMAE is not to leave the customers unattended. That means, hands on all the time during the treatment. And they didn’t use massage oil at all, which is great because most of the time, they just left a sticky feeling all over. Instead, they’re using THEMAE’s Baume Des Quatre Thes, body massage balm. Very rich and creamy, it didn’t leave any stickiness so no need to rinse. Bonus: a nice scent of vanilla! The treatment ended with Instant Glow Green Tea Facial, to bring radiance to whole. And the Tibetan Bells’ sound reminPlease make a reservation if you want to try this awesome treatment as well. You can contact Bimasena Spa (021-7258668 ext.8300).

After the spa (sadly) ended, the PR Team of The Dharmawangsa (thanks to Lira and team), invited me and fellow press to have a HEALTHY GOURMET LUNCH. Served only on Wednesday at The Dharmawangsa’s JAKARTA Restaurant, it was a healthy buffet, perfect companion after a spa treatment. 


Last July, Mustika Ratu (which has been around for 38 years as one of the biggest jamu & cosmetic company in Indonesia) invited me, fellow bloggers & media friends to their media gathering event “The Beauty Statement”.

The event was held at their first ever Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, located in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta. It wasn’t my first time there, as I visited the spa many times before. I love the traditional therapies there, and the Javanese royals ambience they’re bringing to the spa (check out my pics above).

We were break fasting together with delicious Indonesian meals, tried out new products, watched Mustika Ratu’s make up artist put on the makeup demo on one of our media friend & get an inside view about sleeping problems from Dwi Putri Yanthi, General Manager Marketing Pt Mustika Ratu, Tbk.

At the very educative talk show, Dwi explained how many of us have sleep deprived problems due to stress and modern lifestyles in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta. But many didn’t know, it’ll cause bad side effects to our own immunity systems and in a long run, will cause cancer (I’m knocking on wood three times as I typed).

Many rely on sleeping pills to beat their insomnias. But for those who opted for more safe yet reliable and natural ways, there’s help from Mustika Ratu, Sleepwell Tea. Yes, it’s tea, herbal tea to be exact. Made from natural active ingredients such as nutmeg, for quality sleep and fresher you in the morning. Try drinking one cup of Sleepwell Tea at least half to one hour before sleep. Not recommended for preggers and breastfeeders, it was said to relax and calm your muscles so sleeping won’t be an issue anymore. From a survey conducted by Mustika Ratu, 92% of those who’ve tried Sleepwell Tea slept easier after sipping their cup of tea before sleeping.