If you followed my IG (@shintarosvita), you will know that I purchased this under the influence of their super heavy rotation ads on Instagram, randomly on local online shops.

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So, I thought what the heck…it’s not expensive (I bought this for IDR 180K), if it caused me purging or break out, the worst that can happened is I loose my faith in local online shops.

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Initially I was skeptical about this so called ‘miracle’ toner. 4 reasons why:

  1. It contains AHA and BHA. Trust me, I’ve had my experiences with these two and they were not a good ones.
  2. It also contains high level of real tea tree, one ingredient to avoid that specifically mentioned by my previous dermatologist.
  3. This is my first encounter with PHA, oh nooo….after A, B, now P? Can my skin handle this?
  4. They recommend to use this twice a day as regular toner. Whaaaatttt???? After my skin got angry with me because I over-exfoliate (here’s the post), the last thing in my mind is to exfoliate.

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Thankfully they also contain Niacinamide, which is acceptable on my sensitive fungal-acne prone skin. And since they claimed this is a low PH toner, I decided to give it a go. Anyway, how would you know this will work unless you tried, right?

Surprise…surprise….it didn’t cause me any purging or break out! Let’s just see my skin improvements for the proof.


From my experience with this toner, I believe:

  • This works well for bigger acnes, not for closed comedones and blackheads.
  • It just lightened the redness left behind by acne scars (PIE: Post Inflammatory Erythema). Don’t expect this to erase PIH, too.
  • It made my skin tone and (ooopsss) my embroidered eyebrows lighter too! (might have to touch up soon).

Of course, this is not the only thing I use to make my skin clearer. I read online, those were people who expected this to work miraculously as it claimed, but only use this and nothing else. People, you still need to do your skincare regime before and after you applied this toner. I also didn’t use this to compress my skin, I just wipe as I would with my regular toner, and pat to absorb. Even after double cleansing, my cotton pad still looks this dirty!

DSCF6542 copy.jpg

I use 5 drops each use, morning and night after face cleansing regime and before anything else. I don’t like to use more because it can turn a bit foamy. It smells like tea tree and a bit minty, with no sting sensation when applied. The 150ml bottle is enough for 30 days of use for me. The big question is: do we have to continue using this exfoliating toner after 30 days? Anyway, below is my skin condition on day 30 after using this miracle toner religiously.


I’m just writing my thoughts about the product, as I personally know that finding the right skincare products for your skin needs is like finding a soul-mate. It might have worked for me, but not necessarily for anyone else.