Thanks Secret Key Indonesia and Sociolla for sending me this special edition for an honest review.

Love the luxurious frosted glass bottle and rose gold cap.
It comes with a sealed cap

Before I start doing the review, do you know that you can use essence (not just toner) for 7 skin method (you know, that 7 layers of toner). But, of course you have to choose essence with water-like consistency. This layers well (because it’s light) and you can always build up the moisture level by adding layers up until 7. Or you can do a simple mini facial by soaking it with a thin cotton pad, leave it for three minutes for soothing purpose.

This treatment essence claims to moisturize, brighten, good for sebum control, clearer skin and improve skin elasticity. It’s also free of 10 harmful factors, with added Rose Flower Water (great for dry skin).


Please note that it contains 94% of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (identified as Fungal Acne trigger on

Go get this if you:

  • Have dry and dehydrated skin
  • Have no problem with fungal acne
  • Don’t mind with mild yeast-like scent (like most of fermented skincare products)
  • Like minimal ingredients list (this only contains 9 ingredients)
  • Like moisturized and instant radiant effect on skin
  • Want an affordable essence that can prep your skin in a gentle way

And make sure you get the original Secret Key by shopping at Sociolla, here (good news, they’re having Payday Promo all 30% off).



Yet, another proof that we all shall move on from matte lips and shine!

Thanks Sociolla for sending me these lip tint to be review.

Packaging wise, they’re like no other lip products I’ve seen. It’s sort of flattened
round tube with a neon-pink applicator.

Here’s how they look like on my lips

No 1 (Fruit Punch)

No 2 (Light Pink)

No 7 (Apricot)

No 8 (Berry)

They do shine sensationally, don’t you agree?

Infused with a water lock-in formula (contains 30% water), it provides all day
moisturization and that fresh watery sensation . Yes ladies, we can skip that
lip balm. I did.

How to use? Simple, really. Use the applicator wand provided and start at the
center of upper lip to the outer corners. Then finish by gliding the wand
across the entire bottom lip.

FINAL VERDICT: their consistency are quite thick for such things named Lip Tint. As
for pigmentation, they’re sheer but after I ate and drink, they stain like a
normal lip tint. Just remember not to blot in any case possible, as the tint
will be patchy. Always reapply (by reapply, I meant wipe them off before you
eat and reapply on dry clean lips after you ate). They do have this fruity
scent, but it didn’t bother me because the scent will disappear quickly. I do
like their applicator, it glides easily for the bottom lip, but need a steady
hand to do the upper one. Try to apply this quickly as it tends to get patchy
when dry.

There are 4 vivacious shades that you can get in Sociolla, click here



December is a month of joy for me, indeed.
Thank you Sociolla and L’Oréal for this exclusive box, L’ORÉAL INFALLIBLE BOX,
which I received before the range was even launched in I’m honored to be one of the chosen bloggers to review them first.

So I’ve heard a lot of good things from International Bloggers and Vloggers about the liquid foundation in this range. That’s why I’m beyond excited to unbox this red box (see my instagram @shintarosvita).

These are my thoughts about each of them:


They claimed that the foundation will last until 24 hours, but seriously who wore it that long? My ordinary day with foundation on usually last from 9 AM to 9 PM at the latest, so it’s like half of what they claimed. On my super busy days, I rarely have time to touch up, so yes … I need a champion liquid foundation for my super oily skin. And this one
fits my criteria. Besides the long lasting factor (it’s not easily rub off),
the fact that it comes with pump bottle, has medium coverage, and matte but not
flat texture instantly won my heart. It gave me this fresh and natural skin
look, without getting cakey in the middle of my activity. I’ve received two in
the box, shade number 115 (Nude Beige) which is too light for me and 220 (Sand)
which is too dark. So I mixed both, and voila! I found my perfect shade.


Funny thing, I just watched Nikkia Joy’s YouTube about how to stop your makeup getting oily & shiny. And in the video, she sort of ‘rearrange’ makeup routine. Instead of primer first, she used setting spray first before everything else, and again at the very end. Yes,
two times of setting spray. So, I tried Nikkia’s trick with this Setting Spray.
I like the chunky matte spray bottle and the scent (which reminds me of
cinnamon), but when sprayed, the mist were a bit heavy, so be careful when you
have your clothes on. Once sprayed (shake well first), let it soak and dry,
especially if you use this at the end of your makeup routine. It did make my
blush hold for a lot longer (usually my blush will disappeared by mid-day). As
for the rest of my makeup, I still need to blot here and there, but at least my
foundation and powder stayed intact, not on the blotting paper.


I guess this will work for those who want practicality on their makeup routine. Highlight & contour in one palette. For me, it’s a bit tacky to pick one up without touching the other. Since I have very light skin tone, number 813 (light) works best. The highlight shade
gave subtle sheen, and the contour is matte. Make sure you apply after
foundation before powder to make the shades more visible.


These are serious lips business. I’ve tried so many lipsticks in my blogging life, but none compared to the lasting power of these babies. When I did the swatch on my hand, it took me two times of cleansing oil to erase them (don’t try to wipe them off with micellar water, it won’t work-trust me). They’re dual sided, liquid lip color on one end and clear lip
balm on the other. Liquid goes first before the balm, as the balm supposed to
lock and sets the color for their claim of 24 hours coverage. As you can see,
the liquid lip color is not matte, in fact they’re more glossy and shiny. It did
apply easily but can get a little dry on mid-day. I suggest to totally reapply
after eating, as it can get flaky if you do touch-up only. Of all six shades
I’ve received, my favorite is number 201 Everlasting Caramel (end right).

From L-R: 223,123, 211,113, 221, 201


First of all, it already won me over their retractable packaging (I dislike sharpening). But be very careful as you twist, as it’s prone to breakage due to their super creamy formula. Just like the name of the product, their shade names are descriptive & super straight forward. It glides easily to frame lips and give that matte full lips look if worn alone
(always moisturize first). FYI, I have a soft spot for muted neutrals, so my
choice will be Nude and Rose.

Thanks @sociolla and @getthelookid for this exclusive box. To shop now, click here.



Thanks Sociolla for sending me these new
fabulous lipsticks to review.

Featuring three gradient shades in one lipstick
bullet, this lipstick will surely help those who wants to achieve that
Korean-inspired ombre lips look. Without the hassles of having to cover the
whole lips with foundation and powder, then applied two, or even three lipstick
shades from different bullets, these lipsticks are killing it in terms of

Let’s swatch them, shall we?

From Top to Bottom order: OR 01, RD 01, RD 03, PK


  • Texture: ultra creamy and glides smoothly on
    bare lips (sans lip balm).
  • Scent: fruity like melon. They claimed to use
    colors that are infused with natural food grade pigments (but still…avoid
    licking them).
  • Final result: it looks glossy on the lips, but
    surprisingly not sticky. Subtle sheen and not shimmery, it gives this naturally
    stained look.
  • Durability: need to reapply after drinking and/or

How they looked on my lips. RD1 and PK1 are almost similar in term of shades. If I have to pick my favorite shades will be RD3, the darkest of all four shades that they sent me. 

If you want to try them now, go to SOCIOLLA.COM
now because they’re having a promotion. For every purchase of 1 piece of
Maybelline Bitten Lips, get 30% off. And if you buy more, 3 pieces of
Maybelline Bitten Lips, you’ll get 50% off. Awesome, right? So click now before
they sold out.



Sharing you my haul from my favorite online beauty destination, SOCIOLLA.

That pretty little pink box came two days after I ordered online. Super fast service, no hassle at all. 

And, this is why we’re so addicted to buy more…another discount coupon. 

I purchased three items: EMINA Crème de la Crème Lipstick, MASAMI SHOUKO Angled Shading Brush and ITSY NAILS Luxury Nail Wraps. If you follow my instagram (@shintarosvita) you’ll realized that I will never have enough lipstick in my makeup drawer (LOL). So, I decided to try this local brand lipstick, Emina. And to add to my brushes collection, I need to own a brush to contour my nose, Masami Shouko is very affordable. As for Itsy, I love their collection, as their nail stickers are so practical for those in-between manicure session. 

Damage? Rp 128.900 for these 3 items. I know, right? Very affordable and I didn’t even pay for the shipping fee. This is why I love to shop at Sociolla, not only for me, but for gifts as well. Click here to see what’s new and to check out their promotion. Happy Shopping!



This week I attended the launch of SOCIOLLA POP UP STORE in Jakarta.


After Bandung & Makassar, this is their third Pop Up Store. You can visit them until February 24, 2016. Located in the Atrium on Level 4, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, they have a special theme “Beauty Now & Then”.

If you’re one of those who still love to touch the items before you actually buy them, you have to visit this store where you can experience lots of products, from skincare, makeup to perfumes.


You can experience their ‘Smart Mirror’ where you can get recommendation after you answered questions about your skin and beauty routine. You can also trade your old lipstick with new one in this Pop Up Store. And you can also shop online there, as well.

At the launch event, they also launched their printed ‘Beauty Journal’ (the one that you usually read online) with four different covers which represent their 4 muses.


If you’re not in town and can’t visit the Pop Up Store, you can always shop online, here.



I believe most of us have the experience of needed something but too lazy to go shopping. Been there, done that!

Online shopping have save my day…a lot… I used to love buying things at retail stores, touching and seeing the real things. But hey…this is 2016! Either you already know what you’re going to buy, or just eager to try because your friend recommended it or you saw it on my blog :), nowadays everything became more simple. Read online for the reviews, and shop online too. Awesome, right?

Here’s why I personally love doing online shopping:

  1. I don’t have to leave my bed to do so. Especially on weekend, stuck in traffic like weekdays then looking for parking in malls are not my cup of tea. 
  2. I can find everything. Literally. With all these online shops popping out like mushrooms in Jakarta where I live, it’s a breeze to find whatever I’m looking for.
  3. I don’t have to deal with shop assistants. Some of them is really disturbing, don’t you hate it when they follow you around like you’re gonna steal something?
  4. I can do my multitasking at home. I don’t have to decide: do I want to do my laundry or having a new pair of pants to laundry. I can do them both. 
  5. Sometimes, it’s cheaper online. Make sure you know which one is having a promotion will help. A lot. 

For my beauty stuffs, I rely on SOCIOLLA.

They have things that sometimes I couldn’t find at retail stores in Jakarta. 

They also have BEAUTY JOURNAL. Beauty articles in a blog writing style. Very informative!

And I like how easy it is to shop on this online beauty destination. They categorized things by departments, and by brands as well. Once in a while, they also have promotions.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to shop, now. 


It has been a while since I blog (sorry, just so busy) and had a facial. Big thanks to Sociolla and Menard, I had a chance to do their special facial treatment at the launch of AUTHENT MASK.


Before the facial, me and fellow press were having a gala dinner at Dian Ballroom, Raffles Hotel Jakarta. At the gala, Menard Expert from Japan, Mr. Yasuhiro Iwata explained about the latest sheet mask from Menard. Claimed to increase the number of epidermal and dermal stem cells, this mask is quite interesting. 


They have two sheets in a box, one for face and one for neck. Yes, neck. Many of us (including me, oooppss) neglected….well…overlook the neck and decolletage area in our skincare regime. Apparently, Menard realised the importance of this matter, when they created this mask to celebrate their 55th anniversary.

Contains the same active ingredients as the Authent Cream (like bamboo fungus), they will help strengthen and encourage collagen production. These two sheets mask also smell wonderful, thanks to the sweet cherry seed extract used. 


While they recommend to apply the Authent Cream (above pic) nightly, it only take 15 minutes once a week to wear Authent Mask. I wish they allow us to leave them more longer, but no. The mask is engineered to sit there only for 15 minutes or else the dry sheet will absorb the ingredients back from our skin. And of course, we didn’t want that to happen. 

Lucky me, I had a chance to try them on after the gala dinner. Check out this pic from Sociolla’s instagram (me with the mask on).


The whole experience was superb, yet educational because the therapist showed us the steps before applying the Authent Mask for maximal result. 


The steps are quite long, but very enjoyable nevertheless: cleanse, tone, massage, scrub, mask. I love the massage, soft strokes yet powerful Shiatsu points that can help to improve blood and lymph flow, therefore improving nutrient flow to the skin. It felt so relaxing, I wish it was longer. LOL. 


The therapist used Embellir Range for my face and Authent Cream & Mask as the final step. Yup, Authent Mask is supposed to be use on clean skin after face massage with Authent Cream, as night skin care. I recommend to use them while laying down, to keep the mask in tact. You’ll love the cool feeling and the neck mask actually feel tighten when applied correctly.


Check out the glow after the facial (pic above). My skin felt really dewy and plump after the facial. And the therapist said the glow will stay there for a week until the next usage of the mask. Oh wow! 

Authent Mask is already available on Menard stores, or for avid online shoppers like me, they sold it exclusively on Sociolla

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (except Sociolla’s IG)