There’s the one sure thing that I can tell you before I go in details: Both are Fungal-Acne safe.

First, let me start with Glossier. This is my third bottle, so I guess you can tell that I like it that much. This serum goes after essence step on my AM routine. Why AM (you might ask)? Because it is rare to find a serum that works well beneath everything. And this works like a charm beneath everything, skincare and makeup included. Yes this is one of my absolute skin-vestment.

Priced at IDR490K (at trustable online shop here in Indonesia) for 15ml, it is expensive but the hero ingredients: niacinamide and zinc really helped my problematic skin. It helped my skin clear and reduce breakouts significantly. Unfortunately, the company didn’t state how many percentage of Niacinamide used in this HG serum. But no worries, if your skin is familiar with this form of vitamin B3, you won’t have any problem at all.

OK, let’s move on to Paula’s Choice. To tell you the truth, this is my first product from this brand. I read some good reviews about it, so I decided to purchase it from a reputable market place in Indonesia. They named this booster, but I used it with my essence in the evening as PM routine. Why so? Unlike Glossier, this is way tackier if use alone. It is sticky (almost like glue), but not oily or filmy. You can certainly feel the stickiness, even after tapping for a while. Yup, it is less comfortable compared to Glossier. But then I learned along the way, they do recommend to mix this with other serum or moisturizer. So I did mix it with my essence and voila! It didn’t feel sticky anymore. Bonus: this is the right booster if you want to achieve that glass skin look.

Priced at IDR550K (at trustable online shop here in Indonesia) for 20ml, it is more expensive than Glossier, but contains 5ml more serum. Unlike Glossier, this has 10 percent concentration of niacinamide (quite an impressive dose).


Glossier recommended to use only once a day, meanwhile Paula’s Choice can be applied twice a day. For me, I apply Glossier in the morning, and Paula’s Choice in the evening.

Glossier is more viscous compared to Paula’s.

Packaging. I like Glossier more because it’s transparent bottle so I can prepare to purchase another one before it’s finish.


Clear texture

Price (both are expensive, but IMHO worth every drop)


Nice pipet bottle that looks pretty on the vanity (instagramable, too!)

Satisfying result, clearer and smoother skin (less acne popping up).

Manufactured in the US (see, not all of my skincare products are from Korea).




Thanks CNF Store Indonesia for sending me this Trilogy PR Kit for an honest review.

I use their Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (bought from online sis) everyday mixed with foundation. I was happy with the result because it faded my cauter scars and made every foundation that I have looked better on my skin. That’s why I’m so excited to hear the news that Trilogy is officially here in Indonesia. No more worrying about fake items! You can bought Trilogy products online here from now on, or visit CNF Stores (available in limited stores, though).

Let’s get down to each product’s review, shall we?


To get a better idea of what are the differences with this and Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, here are the comparisons from

Unfortunately, this version of Rosehip Oil is not Fungal-Acne safe

Like the name stated, this oil has added antioxidant in it. It claimed to deeply moisturizing while helping to protect against environmental free radical damage.

Use two drops max on your AM and PM routine in conjunction with moisturizer. Personally, I like to put a drop on my liquid foundation to get better glow.


A milky texture serum (as you can see), with Trilogy’s unique antioxidant complex named Rosapene. Sea Algae in its’ ingredients list, will boost skin radiance. While aloe will maintain moisture balance and soothes for a smoother looking skin and glowing complexion.

This can be layered after oil to boost everything up. Or simply add as serum step on your skincare routine.


Above all three, I am more excited to try this one, just because Manuka Honey was listed as one of their main ingredients. And I just love the calming, relaxing scent.

Even though it is a rich night cream, but I found it surprisingly light when it comes to texture.

My favorite way to use this was to apply over oil at night, as the very last step on my skincare routine. I found my skin feel softer and well nourished in the morning.

Go buy these if you:

  • have no problem with fungal acne
  • have normal to dry skin
  • like natural products for your face
  • want to add more radiant and moisture for your skin



Thanks Secret Key Indonesia and Sociolla for sending me this special edition for an honest review.

Love the luxurious frosted glass bottle and rose gold cap.
It comes with a sealed cap

Before I start doing the review, do you know that you can use essence (not just toner) for 7 skin method (you know, that 7 layers of toner). But, of course you have to choose essence with water-like consistency. This layers well (because it’s light) and you can always build up the moisture level by adding layers up until 7. Or you can do a simple mini facial by soaking it with a thin cotton pad, leave it for three minutes for soothing purpose.

This treatment essence claims to moisturize, brighten, good for sebum control, clearer skin and improve skin elasticity. It’s also free of 10 harmful factors, with added Rose Flower Water (great for dry skin).


Please note that it contains 94% of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (identified as Fungal Acne trigger on

Go get this if you:

  • Have dry and dehydrated skin
  • Have no problem with fungal acne
  • Don’t mind with mild yeast-like scent (like most of fermented skincare products)
  • Like minimal ingredients list (this only contains 9 ingredients)
  • Like moisturized and instant radiant effect on skin
  • Want an affordable essence that can prep your skin in a gentle way

And make sure you get the original Secret Key by shopping at Sociolla, here (good news, they’re having Payday Promo all 30% off).



Next year, which will happen soon, is going to be another exciting year for skincare enthusiast like me. Visited Cosmoprof 2018 in Hong Kong on November this year with my boss and colleague, we saw a lot of new and interesting innovation, coming from lots of skincare brand.

But, being me, a person with sensitive and fungal-acne prone skin type, I’d rather be careful and pick’n choose carefully. That’s why sticking to what I believe worked on my skin, is key. Well, I won’t be a hypocrite, I might try new stuffs, but I’ll make sure it’s safe.

In this post, I will share about skincare products that I love (and some are newly discovered) along this year. And yeah, most probably I will repurchase by next year (if I don’t find something new & safe for my skin).

PURITO DEFENCE BARRIER PH CLEANSER: new discovery this year and I love it. Lightly scented, cleanse perfectly and does not leave that gooey sensation after cleansing.

BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O: been using this since forever, I guess. Cleanse makeup without any stinging sensation.

HADA LABO TAMAGOHADA MILD PEELING LOTION: new discovery this year, and have been in love with this exfoliating toner ever since. Unscented and does not sting.

SKIN AQUA UV MOISTURE MILK SPF50+ PA+++: it’s hard to find sunscreen which is safe for fungal-acne prone skin, so when I found this, it’s a winner. Super affordable, easy to get and does not leave white cast.

KLAIRS SUPPLE PREPARATION UNSCENTED TONER: yes, it might be a bit hard to absorb if apply with patting technique. But I believe this hydrating toner really hydrates, even though I just apply one layer.

DRUNK ELEPHANT T.L.C FRAMBOOS GLYCOLIC NIGHT SERUM: expensive AF, but that’s why it works like a charm. I apply this as a spot treatment when needed.

GOODAL GREEN TANGERINE VITA C DARK SPOT SERUM: totally a game changer for me this year. After cauterization, I believe this spot serum helped me to diminish the spots quickly.

SKIN1004 MADAGASCAR CENTELLA ASIATICA 100 AMPOULE: super affordable and it lasts like forever (thanks to the big bottle).

IUNIK CENTELLA CALMING GEL CREAM: favorite day moisturizer, because it contains silicone which might not be good if apply at night (you don’t need that blurring effect at night right?)

KLAIRS MIDNIGHT BLUE YOUTH ACTIVATING DROP: my after treatment HG serum. After microneedling or after laser therapy, this is my go to serum. Usually I apply this by its’ own at night time.



Thanks Sociolla and Secret Key Indonesia for sending me this PR Kit for honest review.


It supposed to be a wash-off facial mask. The thick texture is so opaquely white, frankly I can’t imagine applying this on my face, but I will use it for darker parts on my body, like knees and stuffs.

So, you are supposed to apply this on clean, dry skin, and leave it on for two to three minutes, then rinse (without soap). When rinsing, it felt like trying to get rid of SPF with only water. So yes, the whitening effect is quite impressive, but honestly this product confused me.


Contains stearic acid so might not be safe for fungal acne. But this is a very nice moisturizing and brightening face cream to actually brighten up skin tone (also contains niacinamide as one of their ingredients). They claimed that it’s also an ‘all-in-one base cream’ so we can skip BB Cream, makeup base and moisturizer.

Lightly scented, the texture inside the jar packaging looks intimidatingly opaque white. But, when applied, there’s when the magic happens. It immediately melted into clear lotion texture when rubbed, absorb nicely and gave a smooth effect (from the silicone as one of their ingredients).

I’d love this cream if it’s fungal-acne safe.


Unlike the previous two, this comes in a gel texture. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I have soft spot for gel texture because of my sensitive fungal-acne prone skin. So, no wonder I like this mild and light gel.

However, this is not safe for fungal acne because it contains PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

As the name stated, it is a spot gel and they recommend to use this on small areas which need brightening, like armpits, elbows, knees and bikini lines.



Thank you Clinelle Indonesia for sending me this PR kit of their latest range, WHITEN UP for an honest review.

DSCF7218 copy.jpg

As you can see, there are 6 products on this range. Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Toner, Brightening Serum, Brightening Day Cream SPF 20, Brightening Spot Corrector Essence, and Brightening Night Cream. All come in purple packaging to differentiate them from other lines that Clinelle has and (I believe) to mimic Japanese Purple Rice Extract as one of their main ingredient.


This range is dedicated for all skin type and dermatologically tested. Clinelle also claimed that their professional products are also formulated with 7 Secrets to Happy Skin, which excludes potential harmful ingredients that can irritate skin. So all products have no artificial fragrance, no mineral oil, no artificial coloring, non comedogenic ingredients, no SD alcohol, no Paraben and no Lanolin. And this specific range comes with benefits to repair, refine and reshield, thanks to ingredients like Japanese Purple Rice Extract, Vitamin C and Daisy Flower Extract. Great Mullein Flowers were added to the night cream only, which provides exceptional benefits for brightening efficacy.


As we all know, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant to redefine skin texture & lighten skin tone. Meanwhile, Japanese Purple Rice Extract will enhance the efficacy of Vitamin C to promote faire, firmer and moisturized skin. And last but definitely not least, Daisy Flower Extract will reduce pigmentation, skin darkening & even out skin tone. So yes, these products are a powerful brightening skincare with drugstore prices.

This line also features Advanced Anti-PhotoAging Technology with 10X more vitamin C for better whitening power and 3X increase in skin lightening effect, compares to the previous Clinelle Whiten Up range (so yes, these are more potent guys!). New formulation with the latest advanced innovation, which will be more effective to brighten and protect our skin. This breakthrough technology allows the products to penetrate into the deepest skin layers to deliver fast targeted and unprecedented brightening effect. And it will protect skin from premature aging caused by repeated exposure to UV radiation.

So, without further adieu, here’s my review:

WhitenUp Brightening Cleanser
Texture: Saturated Gel
Review: It foams up normally, with a scent that reminds me of spas (like lemongrass and bergamot). My skin didn’t feel dry afterwards, and it felt super clean.

WhitenUp Brightening Toner
Texture: Clear fluid like water (no viscosity)
Review: It foams a bit when I shake the bottle, but dries up nicely without sticky feeling. Spray evenly, too. You can use this with or without cotton pads.

WhitenUp Brightening Serum
Texture: Saturated Gel
Review: I enjoyed this the most, it absorbed quickly with no sticky feeling.

WhitenUp Brightening Day Cream SPF20
Texture: White and milky
Review: Because it contains SPF, it smells a bit like one and when first applied left a white cast. Once applied well, it absorb quickly, white cast gone and I was left with a bit dewy (not oily) finish.

WhitenUp Brightening Spot Corrector Essence
Texture: Because it contains Cyclopentasiloxane aka Silicone, it does feel siliconey. But I guess it’s OK, because it is a spot corrector, so no need to apply allover the face for those who are allergic to silicone.
Review: Obviously, it made skin feel smoother. It also gave a blurring effect for spots and pores!

WhitenUp Brightening Night Cream
Texture: Again, this contains silicone, but not as thick as the spot corrector. It’s more like a gel-cream texture that melts easily when applied.
Review: I wish they came in tube packaging for more practical purpose. I like how this night cream sealed all the layers before and my skin did look a bit brighter in the morning.

DSCF7221 copy.jpg

Textures from L-R: Day Cream, Serum,Spot Corrector Essence, Brightening Cleanser, Night Cream

So I did a before after test on my hands. Can you tell which one is which?

DSCF7248 copy.jpg

If you guessed left hand, you are correct! After about two weeks of using the complete range on my left hand, my skin tones look more even and brighter, and healthier.

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (except the ingredients from Clinelle’s website)


Back to fungal acne topic, even though I can say I am pretty much free from them (yeay!).

If you follow me on IG, you’d know that I’m not a big fan of sheet mask. I’ve tried a few, but immediately disliked them. I can’t stand the slippery feel of it, the excess essence, basically everything. And most of the sheet masks I’ve tried were not categorized as fungal acne safe on And I read somewhere that wearing sheet mask can increase the temperature of our skin (this is not ideal if you are prone to breakouts like me). Rising temperature on skin can actually increase the bacteria count on the surface of the skin (read: even better breeding ground for the fungus). So, bye sheet mask.

DSCF7241 copy.jpg

These are my current wash-off masks that’s save for fungal-acne according to (I alternate, obviously):


DSCF7210 copy

It spreads easily
Scandinavian-feel jar packaging
Only needs 10 minutes to dry

Quite Pricey


DSCF7212 copy

Its’ ingredients list (Kaolin, Bentonite, Charcoal Powder, Sea Salt)
Only takes 10 minutes to dry.
If I need a deep clean feeling, this is my go-to mask.
Super affordable price.

Too hard to squeeze out from the tube. Maybe they should reconsider to use jar packaging instead.


DSCF7211 copy.jpg

It only needs 5 minutes.
My go to mask if I’m too tired at night.

Hard to find online, because they don’t carry this brand in Indonesia. A friend bought it for me in Watson’s Singapore.
Scented, so those who are sensitive to fragrances, better watch out.
With this crazy conversion rate to dollars, this is quite pricey.

How to include clay mask in your regime?

  • For myself, I believe once a week is good enough to deep cleanse. Don’t go overboard, as this is not your everyday skincare routine.
  • I prefer to do this at night, after double-cleanse step.
  • Let the mask dry according to the suggested time. Don’t let it sit for too long, as it might start sucking up natural oils on our face.
  • Use warm water to make it easier to rinse.
  • Finish with your next step of skincare routine.



Lately I’ve been asked about this matter, as a lot of you suffered worsen fungal acne after cleansing with oils.

Been there, done that, folks! Apparently, my fungal acne prone skin hates olive oil, pronto! So, if I use cleansing oil as the first cleanser with olive oil as one of their main 5 ingredients, that will do bad things. Unfortunately my dear, lots of cleansing oil used olive oil as their main ingredients. And not only most oil is bad news for fungal acne, some ingredients mainly found in cleansing oil like Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Myristate are also a big no no for fungal acne dearest.


How about cleansing balm, some of you asked me. Same thing, lots of cleansing balms, whatever they named them, also contain ingredients that are not safe for fungal acne prone skin.

So, obviously I tried to stay clear of oils and balms, but lots of people still got confused of this first cleanser dilemma. I used to think that nothing could dissolve my oily based makeup and sunscreen except oil-based cleanser. Until I read labmuffinscience post. Yes darlings, we don’t need oil to dissolve oil, but look for surfactant in your cleanser.

Unfortunately, after some trial & error, there are not much first cleanser products that worked best on my fungal acne (in the meaning of they didn’t trigger them to be worse). But, I recommend you to check if you want to know does your first cleanser safe for your fungal acne.

Personally, I’ve been using these two religiously, as they didn’t trigger my fungal acne.

 DSCF7067 copy.jpg

BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O: Trust me, I’ve tried many brands but always going back to this. It’s not cheap, yes. But, every single time I bought expensive skincare products, I will keep on telling myself “this Is an investment, I only have one face and I will take care of it the best way I can”. Believe it or not, I’d rather spent my money on expensive skincare products that really worked, rather than buying designer shoes nowadays.

LANEIGE LIP & EYE REMOVER WATERPROOF_EX: No wonder this costs a lot for a bottle of lip and eye makeup remover. It didn’t blur and sting my eyes. It removed matte lip color, waterproof mascara and eyeliner well. And tada!!! It’s safe for fungal acne according to If you’re also prone to milia under the eyes, don’t worry, this won’t make them bigger.

TIPS: immediately wash with second cleanser aka your facial wash after using first cleanser. Personally, I love using round cotton pads, so I can detect how clean I cleansed.



DSCF6930 copy.jpg

Thanks C&F Indonesia for sending me this skin booster serum for face, body and hair as PR gift.

First of all, I like the chic and luxurious packaging. Comes in a 50ml glass pump bottle, it is expensive for a serum (current price IDR 980K). But, it was made in France, and well-known as the ultimate French beauty secret, so yes darling, everything come with a price.

DSCF6937 copy.jpg

Check out the origami-style box.

DSCF6934 copy.jpg

That apothecary feeling comes with 12 (yes, twelve!) essential oils and plant extracts. It claimed to do these 7 remarkable benefits: Glow Enhancer, Anti Oxidant, Protecting, Nourishing, Regenerating, Toning and Stimulating. On face, this will act as a serum to regenerate and soothe the skin. On body, this will also regenerate dry areas. On hair, this will act as a repairing mask on dry and damaged ends before the shampoo. It smells like a combination of musk and rose, quite a strong scent (for sensitive skin, please do patch test first).

DSCF6933 copy.jpg

Apologies for not trying this on my face, since my skin react badly to essential oils (after a few trials and errors). But, no worries, I did try this on my body and hair, and here are my thoughts:

I mixed several drops of this with my body lotion. And it gives the effect of that J.Lo’s glow, even though I am not a tan-skinned girl. Check out that glow!


This also works wonder for dry cuticles (see the difference below). Imagine what it can do for dry skin face. I am positively sure, this oil will work best on dry skin type.


This serum can also be used for hair, usually I applied several drops on my dry and frizzy end before shampooing. It made my hair feel smoother and easier to comb afterwards.

You can buy this, here



This is my second attempt on vitamin C, as in the first attempt using other brand got my skin irritated. Let’s see if this works, shall we?

DSCF6842 copy.jpg

What made me purchase this vitamin C serum? Unlike others, this contains 70% green tangerine extract, nature-derived vitamin C. It claims to be minimally irritant, even thought green tangerine known to have natural vitamin C ten times more than regular tangerines. I bought this online in a set for IDR425K, with a 30ml and bonus 10ml serum, plus the 10ml cream.

DSCF6847 copy.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 8.53.22 AM.png

Got hooked on their claims (obviously!). What??? It can lighten blemishes, too???

DSCF6843 copy.jpg

So I’ve checked on the ingredients, as they claimed to be free of 20 harmful ingredients (such as mineral oil, parabens, PEG, SLS etc). Surprise…surprise, this serum contains ARBUTIN as one of their main ingredients, which is well-known to fade brown spots. And it also contains Niacinamide (my favorite ever). Unfortunately, there’s one of the ingredients that should be watch out: Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Fruit Oil aka Bergamot Fruit Oil. Yes, it is essential oil. I dislike essential oils on my skincare ingredients (as they’re bad for fungal acne), but what the heck, let’s give it a try for two weeks.

DSCF6845 copy

Texture: transparent gel. When applied, it’s not sticky, and it gives cooling effect on skin (super perfect for such a cruel summer in my home town, Jakarta). It didn’t sting at all, good sign for me.

Here’s the result!


After only a week, (mind the different lighting) I can see huge improvement on my acne scars. This serum definitely fades new formed acne scars aka PIE (Post Inflammatory Erythema). As for my PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) on the upper cheek area, I can see it lightens them a bit to a pinkish instead of dark brown spots.

No wonder this serum has won many awards in Korea. It is that good for newly formed acne scars. However, for those who are sensitive to vitamin C, I recommend to apply this serum on dark spots only. Give it a test first, if it’s good to go, then apply on whole face if needed.