Did I splurge on my birthday month? I wish, but I did not.

A gentle moisturiser that contains vitamin B3 and pro-vitamin B5. I believe this is great for day moisturiser as it claims to minimise shine. It contains Glycerin, therefore this act as a humectant. I purchased this on market place, since it’s not available locally here in Indonesia. 
Price IDR 280K for 75gr

Yes, another oil-free moisturiser. This one is formulated with a high concentration of prebiotic thermal spring water for a double repair action of the skin barrier. This is not cheap, but it hydrates and moisturize at the same time, because of the humectant (glycerin) and emollient (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) ingredients inside this tiny bottle. I also purchased this on market place, since it’s not available yet in Indonesia.
Price IDR 390K for 40ml

No pun intended, but I just realized I bought skincare products this month with Glycerin in each ingredients’ list. And the second EGO QV brand that I purchased, but this one is available in our local drugstores (tip: buy when on promo). If only they carry the 1kg ones, I’d buy it in a heartbeat, since I use this for my body.
Price IDR 267,5K for 500gr 



During this pandemic, I have to admit that I got obsessed with everything ‘hygiene’, including oral hygiene. 

Staying at home (most of the time) does not mean that you only gargle and brush your teeth once a day. Do you know that there are studies about gargling with antiseptic mouthwash as a potential preventive to Covid-19? Well, there’s not yet enough evidence about it, but I believe gargling to prevent upper respiratory infection is real. Before I got myself to this gargling, sore throats were a thing for me. But it was in the past, now that I gargle twice a day. 

This is one of my favorite mouthwash. Even though it is not cheap (priced at IDR200,500 for a 450ml bottle), but it worth every gargle. 

What’s so special? Dentiste Oral Rinse has a special pH-balanced formula and uses OPTA FLOW Technology for boosting self-cleansing salivary flow, which helps reduce bacteria deposit, protect the gum and moisturize the mouth to prevent dry mouth for long lasting fresh breath. 

If you dislike the burning and stinging sensation from other oral rinse in the market, you will love this for sure. And what I really notice from my own experience, it really helps with morning breath if I gargled right before I jump on my bed. Especially now, during the month of fasting, it’s very important to keep your breath fresh. Imagine, putting on your mask but your own breath stinks. Mind me, bad bacterias from your mouth and breath will trigger maskne. So, make sure you gargle twice a day, after you brush your teeth with a cup of Dentiste Oral Rinse. You’ll feel the difference, trust me.



So my dream bra would have lifting & support purposes but does not add volume, wide sides to cover up side fats, look elegant with delicate laces, but non-irritating for my sensitive skin. 

Enter FELANCY FULL SECRET BRA from FELANCY INTIMATE, one of my favorite lingerie brand (they also have comfortable sleeping wear) with premium materials. I am a true believer that the best bra should be supportive, comfortable, and help to enhance our ‘assets’. 

Well, these bras ticks all the boxes. Underwired for support, they’re also non-padded, so I believe they’re also great for big busts. Trust me, it’s hard to find a bra that is both comfortable and pretty, but these does just that. Try it yourself, and you may just change your bra wearing experience for the better. 

You can purchase these directly from their website and use my code SHINTAXFELANCY to get special promo (IDR50K discount for IDR150K purchase). 



After I’ve written a post about first cleanser for fungal acne (read HERE), now let’s move on to second cleanser, shall we?

DSCF7141 copy.jpg

Firstly, I’d like to thank my readers and followers on IG (@shintarosvita), who always encourage me to share my stories and which products suit best for fungal-acne prone skin.

Personally, there’s nothing more joyful in life than going home after a busy day to clean my face. I do spend more time on makeup in the morning, but I also spend more time on skincare at night. Especially on the cleansing part, because it is super duper important! So, which 2nd cleansers that I enjoy using and also safe for fungal acne prone skin? Here’s my top 5 in alphabetical order (just happened most of them are gel-texture because I didn’t enjoy foam-texture). And I also included their prices, so it’s easier for you to pick and choose according to your budget.

DSCF7145 copy.jpg

Price: IDR90K for 60ML
It’s already kind of hard to find a second cleanser that is safe for fungal acne, and it’s harder to find a local brand ones. And I’m glad to stumble upon this, even though it’s not Sulfate Free (checked on, but it is Fungal Acne Safe. It contains AHA, therefore I don’t recommend to use this twice daily. However, I do recommend to use this if you put on heavy makeup after first cleanse.

DSCF7143 copy.jpg

Price S$23.90 for 100ML
Honestly, this is my 1st Eucerin experience. This is a Germany brand, but you can get this in Singapore’s drugstores (hard to find online here in Jakarta). It is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, colourant-free, paraben-free and free of anionic surfactants. Totally safe for sensitive and fungal-acne prone skin.
Update on November 24, 2018: apologies folks, according to it’s not safe for fungal acne because of Glycerin content (number 2 on the ingredients’ list-so it might be a bulky ones). But when I wore this on my calm days, nothing happened. So it didn’t trigger my fungal acne, but better be cautious.

DSCF7146 copy.jpg

Price IDR245K for 200ML
Another Not Sulfate Free (checked on, but it is Fungal Acne Safe. I love the fact that it’s non-comedogenic, as my skin tends to build up comedos fast. It also contains zinc pidolate and of course, Thermal Spring Water. It is quite scented though, if you are sensitive to fragrances, better watch out.

DSCF7144 copy.jpg

Price IDR300K for 150ML
With a low pH of 5,5, I might say this is super mild gel cleanser. Infused with one of my favorite ingredient, Centella Asiatica, it’s easy for me to like this acid-balanced cleanser. But for those who can’t take Melaleuca Alternifolia aka Tea Tree Leaf Oil, better to stay away.

DSCF7148 copy.jpg

Price S$13.90 for 150ML
It’s hard to find online, I had to ask my friend who went to Singapore for this. It contains no color or dye, no soap and no artificial perfume. Although it doesn’t create much bubbles, it cleanse really well without irritation. Personally, I prefer to use this every morning as my 1st morning cleanser. But definitely you can use this as second cleanser too.



Last week, I was invited to the launch of this self-care face set in Watsons Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta.

DSCF7110 copy.jpg

DSCF7118 copy.jpg

DSCF7126 copy.jpg

Check out the cute Holographic Pouch! Currently you can get this set in one of 5 Watsons in Jakarta (Pondok Indah Mall 2, Kota Kasablanka, Grand Indonesia, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kelapa Gading), or you can get them online.


DSCF7123 copy

With aloe vera, oat and rose as its’ main ingredients, this is literally hydrating as they claimed. We can use this before makeup and/or as setting spray. Dermatologically Tested.

DSCF7131 copy.jpg

Packaging: Outer box-colorful. It comes in a 105ml plastic transparent bottle with a simple yet modern design.

Texture: light pink shade water, but don’t worry it won’t show on skin.

Scent: super subtle scent of rose and aloe. Love.

Verdict: I use this as hydrating toner after my exfoliating toner. It’s very cooling and perfect for layering under makeup. And best part, it didn’t break me out (I’m surprised to see this listed already on and it’s safe for fungal acne, YEAY!).


DSCF7125 copy.jpg

Micellar infused tissue to gently remove dirt & makeup. Alcohol free. Gentle on face, yet powerful for waterproof mascara. Infused with cucumber as natural moisturizer, collagen to keep elasticity in check and vitamin A. No Paraben, No Alcohol. Dermatologically Tested.

Packaging: outer layer with colorful design. Inner layer: white with simple and modern design. Consists of 25 sheets.

Texture: non-grainy wet tissues. It’s the perfect amount of wetness (not droopy and not slimy).

Scent: subtly scented like cucumber.

Verdict: it cleansed well, waterproof eyeliner, liquid lipstick, foundation and all. But it left a bit foamy residue on skin.

DSCF7162 copy.jpg


DSCF7120 copy.jpg

Honey and Cloudberry. We know honey is good as natural moisturizer, but how about cloudberry? Apparently, cloudberry is high in antioxidant. This lip balm also contains lemon and grape fruit.

Packaging: outer layer-colorful. Inside is a cute little pink tube of 15gr lip balm.

Texture: quite balmy when pressed out from the tube. When applied, it glides and melt beautifully on lips.

DSCF7136 copy.jpg

Scent: smells like candies with no sweet taste. Super love.

Verdict: it gives slight fresh pink tint on the lips, very moisturizing and perfect for filling up those dry cracks on lips.



As much as I’d love to do 10 steps of skincare routine, I realized that sticking to just the essentials is key.

Especially for those who can’t be bothered with so many steps, and don’t know what the heck is the difference between serum and ampoule, read on….

Actually, the must do for our skincare routine is simply cleanse, tone, moisturize and slather some SPF in the AM routine. That’s it.

And after all that searching online plus self-experience, I can say these products did help my fungal acne prone skin.

Let’s start with AM routine, shall we?

DSCF6995 copy.jpg

CLEANSE: since I believe that my face is not that dirty, I use mild facial cleanser in the morning.

TONE: in toner I trust. This is one of the mildest daily exfoliating toner that I’ve tried.

MOISTURIZE: with minimal ingredients, this is my go-to moisturizer. And I love to mix my moisturizer with face oil in the morning, just to amp up that glow from within look. Don’t forget eye cream.

SPF: please don’t skip this step. You know, sun is responsible for up to 90% of age signs. Reapply if you are spending most of your time outside.

PM routine be like….

DSCF6999 copy.jpg

DOUBLE CLEANSE: if you are a heavy makeup wearer like me, this step is super important. I use micellar water to remove makeup, then continue with facial cleanser.

TONE: I only use stronger exfoliating toner once a week. Meanwhile, I use my daily exfoliating toner.

SERUM: additional step which I believe is super important if we have troubled skin. Currently, I am into Niacinamide and Zinc.

MOISTURIZE: I don’t do night cream, but I do believe in sleeping pack. Add eye cream, and I am done for the night.





Just want to say thanks for you who had read my fungal acne post here. And now it’s time for some updates.

DSCF6900 copy.jpg

My forehead is clearing up, thankfully. But, thanks to my habit of trying new skincare (in this case, Some by Mi Miracle Serum, read post here), my face acted up, worst than before. Those fungal acne found a new home…my left cheek all the way to my upper neck. Then I realized, it might be Olive Oil in the serum that triggered the whole s*it.

DSCF6743 copy.jpg

And my hormones didn’t help too, cystic acnes still appeared here and there. When I can’t stand that hormonal cystic acnes which feels itchy and looked disturbing as hell, I immediately got my acne shot at Beauty By Appointment (check out their IG @beautybyappointment). In fact in this pic, I just took two acne shots, one near my nose, and one on chin.

And of course, my skincare routine has been changing since the first time I dealt with fungal acne. Not necessarily 10 steps, but I tried my best to stick to ingredients that won’t aggravate my skin to the worst.

More centella asiatica and tea tree as my hero ingredients. As these natural ingredients didn’t flare up my fungal acne.

DSCF6789 copy.jpg

Niacinamide is still in the picture, obviously. This serum is my second bottle, actually. Expensive as hell, but worth it.

DSCF6792 copy.jpg

Since raw honey is good for fungal acne sufferer (according to, I use this facial cleanser that has raw honey as one of its’ main ingredient.

DSCF6882 copy.jpg

I’m so glad I found this new gem, because it contains sulfur that doesn’t smell like one. Again, sulfur is known as toxic for fungi. I apply this 2 times a week as a wash-off facial mask. But, if I have monstrous hormonal acnes, I will apply this as a spot treatment and leave it overnight.

I tried to cut down dairies and instead of having roaccutane daily, I drink Kale juice, skin supplement from a local brand (which consists of Zinc and Niacinamide) and Probiotics for my gut health.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.16.15 AM

In I trust! I used to check out all the ingredients on before I purchased any of my skincare products, but now since skincarisma is it! They have add “Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe” into their Quick Product Notes.

DSCF6845 copy.jpg

Last but not least, my skin used to reject vitamin C as it irritated. But then I found this ethanol-free, concentrated vitamin C serum that claims to fade blemishes and dark spots. I am in love with this low-irritant vitamin serum, thanks to its’ lightweight, gel texture. I believe my PIE (Post Inflammatory Erythema) is getting better after using this.

Will keep you guys updated about my fungal acne journey, till then!



As Soko Glam written, “The K-Beauty 10-Step is one of the most personalized and widely followed skin routines around the world.” A global phenomenon followed by many, including yours truly.

I have super sensitive skin with fungal acne on forehead, yes…I am a fungal acne warrior. So finding one product for each steps was kind of hard, but after a few trials, I’ve decided these 10 are the ones suited me best. Please remember that skincare is super personal, so what works for me might have not work for you.

DSCF6182 copy

Well, my version of 10 steps might not be all K-Beauty Brands, there are Japanese and European brand, too. Please scroll below for more.

  1. First cleanser to remove any makeup & impurities without tugging and rubbing, DHC Cleansing Oil. This is (however) my PM Skincare Routine. For AM, I jumped right to step number 2.
  2. Second cleanse with water cleanser. My current fave: Rosette Acne Cleansing Paste, a clay type of face wash with no artificial colors, oils and mineral oils (I purchased this in Tokyo, but I believe they’re now available in Singapore too).
  3. Exfoliate (I do this twice a week every Tuesday & Saturday) with Krave Beauty Kalelaluyaha. I was skeptical at first, knowing that I have super sensitive skin that might react worse after exfoliating, but seeing the final result after just one trial made me convinced. Tip: give it time to absorb (like about 30 minutes) before moving on to another step. Psssttt…I will review about this most-wanted skincare product separately.
  4. Toning with La Roche-Posay Serozinc. It contains Zinc Sulfate which specifically designed to target key signs of oily skin.
  5. Then, move on to double tone with Natural Pacific Real Floral Toner Calendula, just because it looks beautiful on my vanity. Just kidding, it seriously minimize skin irritation and left my skin felt so clean.
  6. Hydrating with Hadalabo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturising Light Lotion. No wonder they claim this product sold every two seconds in Japan (where they came from). It is that good, seriously. Currently doing 3 out of 7 toners skin method, but will increase soon. Tip: keep on tapping to make it less tacky and easily absorb.
  7. Moving on to Ampoule. My favorite is Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule. Knowing that my skin can tolerate propolis (some people might not be), I believe this made my skin look more radiant and glowing. Perfect for under makeup as well, I treated this like a primer (AM Skincare Routine).
  8. I took my eye care seriously, so I never skipped on eye cream. This is my current fave (found it in one of Tokyo’s drugstore). Oops the brand is in Japanese, so yeah let’s just call this Whitening Eye Cream.
  9. For red and ‘angry’ spots, Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream will work like a charm. But if I haven’t got any, I’ll skip this step.
  10. Last step of my skincare routine for AM is definitely sun protection using Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+/PA++++. It’s super waterproof, perfect for me because I sweat easily.

If you think I spent hours doing these steps everyday, you are wrong. Except when I exfoliate, I spend 10 minutes (max) only. Anyway, I believe #selflove is super important, so even though I do hold on tight to “time is money” policy, watching your skin improving every step of the way is priceless. Who’s with me?