New sunglasses!

Now available exclusively at Optik Seis, the latest collection from Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney & Alexander McQueen. These 4 fashionable brands are all under the big KERING Eyewear Company, and they launched these collection earlier this month.

These two are my personal favorites:





…writing one’s own story every day. Well written quotes from ITALIA INDEPENDENT, new eyewear brand available exclusively at OPTIK SEIS.

As you might know already, recently Paris Hilton visited Bali, Indonesia. And one of her instagram pic, showing her wearing sunglasses from Italia Independent. Apparently, she’s not the only celebs who love this brand. From Halle Berry to Lady Gaga, they’ve been spotted wearing this innovative Italian brand.

Yesterday, me and fellow medias were invited to their launch event at Hide & Seek Fairgrounds, Jakarta. Models were wearing clothes from local brands, Minimalism (for male) and Identite (for female). And they were carrying Italia Independent’s range named I-THIN METAL, I-PLASTIK, I-THERMIC, and I-PEACH. My favorite will be I-THERMIC as these frames carried the great technological innovations. Black metal or plastic frames turned colorful with different prints when exposed to temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. They showed us on the launch event, and it changed within 30 seconds. How awesome!

Launched on 2007 at the famous Luisa Roma fashion store in Florence, Italy, now we can get their complete range of eyewear collection right here in our very own Indonesia. Thanks to Optik Seis, you can get their latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection, both sunglasses & optical frames. You can also shop them online, here. (hint: nothing over 2 mio!)

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita


Earlier this month, Optik Seis invited me to the launch of Dolce & Gabbana Mosaico Eyewear Collection, in conjunction with Fashion Nation in Senayan City, Jakarta.

This could be the first time someone would ever think of applying the art of micro mosaic on eyewear. The tradition of Italian craftsmanship lie since ancient Rome, so no wonder Dolce & Gabbana honors that through their latest eyewear collection. 

Delicate, yet extravagant..the micro mosaic created exclusively for this collection, involves masterly expertise in the spinning of Murano glass. And those tiny tiles were accurately laid by hand by skilled craftsmen. Take a look at the all over mosaico eyewear pic above. Well, it was created with around 1000 micro tiles that embellish the front and temples, with beautiful composition of flowers like pansies, plumeria, gerberas and lilacs. There are only 70 pieces of these Limited Edition items in the world. And…tadaaa! Indonesia had 2 of the precious Limited Edition, only available at Optik Seis. 

I bet by the time I posted this, they already ran out of that two Limited Edition items. But for mere human beings like us, no worries. They have a more commercial options, either sunglasses or optical frames, with bold colors and lesser micro-tiles to adore. My favorite will be the bold red glasses (see pic above). What a statement eyeglasses.You can discover the complete Dolce&Gabbana Mosaico Eyewear Collection only at Optik Seis