AS EASY AS 1-2-3

The Up’s and Down’s of using nail stickers.

Firstly, I still love nail gel. I personally think it is the greatest beauty invention for an impatient woman like me. I hate waiting for nail colors to dry. But…sometimes I also don’t have the time to go to nail spa to get the gel color done, but I feel ‘naked’ without any color on my nails. So what to do? Nail Stickers.

This time, I tried OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps  named Pink & Black Lace.

I like it because:

+ It’s easy to wear. It comes in a set of 2 strip in variable sizes to match your nails (no matter how big or small, or how long or short they are). Make sure you pick the right size for each finger nails.

+ Simple instructions on the back of the packaging. Just peel, stick and smooth them on, then tear (no scissors or filing needed).

+ No base coat, no top coat needed as well. Stick them on clean nails though.

I dislike it because:

       Longevity sucks. If you wash your hands regularly like me, or using them a lot, you can see the edges chipped away in only one day.

       Too many left overs and they can’t be kept for next application because they will dry in a jiffy. They come in 16 sizes, and we have only 10 fingers (right?). What’s the point of sticking them to the toe nails? It’s still not enough, unless you want to pull off that ‘United Colors’ style on your nails. Not me, thanks.

       It’s bloody expensive for one application that last no longer than 7 days tops. I bought them from an online seller for Rp 135.000. My ordinary nail gel PLUS manicure only cost me Rp 220.000 and they last for two weeks. You do the math.

CONCLUSION: Nail Gel is still the best for me. But, as I said, if I don’t have the time to visit the nail spa, then this nail sticker is my beauty savior…temporarily.




As Pantone already announced their color of 2013, are you ready to be spotted in this hot hue?

I have to admit, I am not. I don’t think I look that great in green, so I’m going to stick with this ‘in’ shade on my nails. Still, it’s an alternative way to be seen in green, right?

My Pick:

OPI “Jade is the new black”



REVLON “Emerald”

ORLY “Enchanted Forest”



Never a better timing, no?

My first blog for 2013. I’m going to share my attempt for beauty revamp. This is not a beauty resolution, just a slightly different products changing.

So, what changed?

Powder Foundation to BB Cream
I used to love all the coverage that Powder Foundation gave me, but lately BB Cream feels a lot lighter. Not to mention, the final glowing result after BB Cream absorbed and adjusting to my skin, it’s fantastic. From now, I only use Powder Foundation only for special occasion, if I need more coverage.
My pick : KIEHL’S ACTIVELY CORRECTING & BEAUTIFYING BB CREAM (which will be launch this year in Indonesia-thanks for Kiehl’s Indonesia for letting me tried it before launching date).

Lipstick to Jumbo Lip Pencil
Or Lip Crayon or whatever they called it. I love how effortless it is to line and fill lipstick in the same time. No more wrong outline lips, especially if you’re bright lipstick fans like me.

Nail Polish to Nail Stickers
My hero when I’m too lazy to wait for ordinary nail polish to dry. Might be tacky for first timer, but when you got the hang of them, you’ll become a nail stickers master. Warning: it might chipped easily, but for me it’s perfect. I never put on nail polish for more than 3 days anyway, to avoid dullness and yellow looking nails.

Loose Powder to Mineral Powder
Lately I’ve noticed redness around my nose. Ordinary loose powder won’t do the trick to reduce them, so I switched. Mineral powder, especially the ones created especially to reduce redness seem to work for me now. No retouching required and it doesn’t crack when I smile, so perfect!


As beauty trends come & go, just like happiness and sadness in our life.

Need to change for the better in 2013? Here are some beauty inspirations and products to start with.

1. To ditch : Red Lipstick – enough is enough.
    To buy : Bright Pink Lipstick – because pink is the new red?
    My pick : NARS Lipstick in Schiap. 

2. To ditch : Black Eyeliner – as Twilight is (finally) over, bye bye black eyeliner.
    To buy : Blue Eyeliner – go for navy is a safe bet for non darer.
    My pick : MAC Technakohl Liner in Auto-de-blu. 

3. To ditch : Dark Long Nails – it’s just too much.
    To buy : Nude Nail Polish – looks natural and healthy.
    My pick : OPI Nail Polish in Bubble Bath. 


Firstly introduced to a faster way to dry your nail polish in a zap by OPI through their marvelous Gelcolor, now I’m never coming back to ordinary nail polishes. 

The secret is in everything actually. Not just the UV lamp which will dry everything on each hand in 30 seconds, but also with special base coat, nail polish and top coat which are different than the ordinary ones. They’re specially made to suit the whole system, and it cost more.

I have to be honest, even though I’m not in a hurry, I don’t have the patience to wait until they dry. Most of the time, when I did basic manicure, my nail colors already chipped before I got out of the nail spa’s door, really. That’s why this gel nail manicure is like the answer to my prayer. The application steps are similar with the basic manicure, base coat, nail color and top coat. Until the UV lamp comes to the rescue. For every application from the base coat until top coat, we have to put our hands inside the UV lamp for them to dry. 

Here, I tried CND Shellac for the first time, which promised flawless color for 14 days. Ease of the nail polish with the permanence of gel, it supposed to stay shiny and less prone to chip. My choice of color: Red Baroness, deep metallic red. Even though I dig this gel nail color in the first place for its ability to dry faster, but I do love how they shine more glossy than ordinary nail polish. As for the chipped factor, I don’t really care if they stay on for two weeks, cause I never let my nail polish to stay that long on my nails. 

Every time I use gel color, I will go back to the nail spa to remove them completely, as they have this special trick. They will use the strongest acetone dipped on the cotton pad and wrapped each finger using aluminum foil. They will leave it to soak for 5 minutes or more and later peel the gel color from our nails. Seems easy, but I never tried this at home as I’m too lazy to do it myself. 

Tips: avoid to let your nail polish stay longer than 3 days, as it’ll make your nails look yellowish and dull.


Nothing surprised me much when watching E! Red Carpet for the 64th Emmy Awards yesterday. The usual “what are you wearing” question that answered perfectly by all the stars (like they tried to memorize it on the way to Staples Center), and all that boring pose. 

But, being one of the innovator of red carpet coverage, this time around, E! came up with the mani-cam. Clever, since the stars can show off their lovely manicured fingers with a ring (also borrowed) on it. That also showed us the importance of being manicured. 

Recently, I tried one of the Germany Collection from OPI’s Fall Winter 2012 range. The color called “Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!”. From the way I see it, it’s a dark grey and dark green combination with creme texture. Perfect if you love dark shades for your nails, because it won’t look as dull like if you put only dark grey. And as most of the OPI nail polishes, the color look exactly the same like we see it in the bottle. Here, I use two coats with the top coat from Jessica which add more gloss and help them dried faster. Taken with flash, I hope it translate well to my picture. 


How time really flies. October is coming, that means time for some Halloween treats.

These are a few collections to color your nails. From the usual and typical dark colors till the bright ones with cute stickers. Your choice.


From tennis player, provocative female singers, right down to the Muppet’s character, OPI has done it all. The uber famous nail brand, announced a new collaboration with (non other than soon to be one of the American Idol’s judge) Mariah Carey. However the collection which personally I think will be lots of gold and butterflies included, will be launch earlier next year.