Just an idea of what to wear for the Lunar New Year.


Even though I’m not celebrating (surprise, surprise)… I’m gonna wear something red or maybe scarlet (more bright reddish orange) tomorrow, just because that particular color supposed to symbolize prosperity, fortune and luck.

Some people (read: me) love the color but terrified of pulling it off. No worries, if you’re not ready for a daring red outfit, pick a pop of red, like shoes, clutch or ring which will brighten up your look instantly.



Only 100 pieces available, ladies!

This is a cute collaboration minaudièr by Olympia Le-Tan and Lancome. If Olympia’s name rings a bell for you, it’s because this French designer is famous for her minaudièrs that feature classic book covers. Yup, she’s inspired by the world of literature and old hand-stitched books. 

For this minaudièr that took 18 hours to make (each), Olympia also personally chosen 12 of her favorite shades from Lancome’s Rouge in Love lipstick and Vernis in Love nail polish which will be placed inside the minaudièr. Instead of having gold finish clasp and side like her other designs, Olympia used silver for this imaginary novel. Perfect for a mirror replacement for a quick touch up on the go. 

The US$1000 minaudièr will be available through Lancome’s website starting February 1, 2013.