That’s right. For those who believes in your zodiac that much, you’re proud to show it to the world on your shoes, by walking in them. And none other than Charlotte Olympia came up with this awesome idea, mixing suede slippers with our own star sign. Embellished with Swarovski crystals and handmade for each astrological sign, this very personalized shoes are definitely on my next shoes wish list. 

Being a proud Leo myself (renowned for our sunny & outgoing personalities, ehm!), check out the close up of the lion embellishment. So fierce & fabulous. Apparently those “Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes” idioms will not be applied, unless you’re in the same sign. The collection is already available in net-a-porter. 


Are you still wearing those black and brown bags? 

If your excuse for wearing one is “I’m wearing mostly black and white or neutral colors clothing”, then you must move on, ladies. Try cobalt blue as one of the vivid color for Fall 2012. This might be the perfect excuse if you’re in doubt of wearing a cobalt blue dress or shoes. 

Check out my picks from net a porter above. It will be a stand out piece, so you can still stick to that black, white and neutral colors clothing. Take a lesson from Khloe Kardashian Odom with her cobalt blue Birkin, if you please. 



Look at those shoes. Designed by a former assistant (the first ever assistant, btw) to Nicholas Kirkwood, Sophia Webster went on her own collection. Her mission? Put the fun back into footwear. Is she going to be the shoe world’s new rising star? You decide.

Now available at net-a-porter.


The secret to a successful Christmas Party Dress is to keep it as humble as possible, as polite as possible but still as stunning as you can be. Read on.

For those of you who always feel pressured to pick the right Christmas Party Dress, don’t be. Yes, there are lots of choices out there, but here’s how:

– Details : Asymmetric line will give a modern touch to the whole look.

– Fabrics : Stay out of cotton which screams b.o.r.i.n.g. Instead, opt for lace, chiffon, silk or anything in between that say c.o.u.t.u.r.e. 

– Colors : Black is fine if you’re comfortable with the slimming effect, but try another color for the sake of Christmas. The latest color, teal, will also give similar slimming effect plus a lady like look. Or go for metallic, it is time to shine subtly. 

– Length : Keep yourself free of stares for wearing mini dress. Especially, if you have to visit older (read: parents or in-laws) relatives. Knee length is the best choice, anyway, it’s easier to sit without having to pull your dress all night (it’s not a nice gesture, ladies).

– Fit : Put a rest on your body-con dress. This is not the right time to put it on. Loose dress is also a big no-no’s, as you might look sloppy and unprepared. Choose a fit to your body dress, which will give a sophisticated look, and still comfortable to wear. Remember all those Christmas menus that we have to consume later, though. 

Check out my personal picks from net-a-porter. 


Still blaming my mother up to this day for not giving ear piercing to her only baby daughter (that’ll be me). Now, as an adult, I don’t have the guts to pierce my ears. But as time goes by, there are fortunately many clip on earrings produced, including those from designers. These are my favorite clip on earrings from my favorite site Net A Porter.


As a girl that grew up with Cinderella’s story, and being bombarded by Coco Chanel quote’s that “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”, I do believe in not just good but great shoes. For me, it’s another investment for life. These adorable babies from Net-A-Porter are my current faves.