Time to rock those pretty warmies.

It’s officially rainy season in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia. And for us who live almost 365 days of summer, it’s time to pull out those warmies from the bottom of our clothes rack. Especially for those who work indoor, somehow the AC seems to be colder than ever. 

But don’t just stick to plain old blazers *yawn. Be more creative to bring more cheerful feeling instead of being cloudy just like the weather outside. These are my top 5 warmies from the high streets brands:

1. Zara leather coat 

2. Gap prints sweater

3. H&M knit cardigan 

4. Topshop prints biker jacket

5. Mango lace jacket


In the previous post, I’ve got 1 million rupiahs to spend for winning Mango Style Up Yourself Contest this year. Here, I share what I picked from the store.

I went to Gandaria City, one of the big mall in South Jakarta, near where I live, to pick up my prize at Mango’s store. Browsed around the internet previously before I came by to the store, I saw most of the new arrival items online are available too. 

And finally I’ve decided to pick up two in trend color for fall 2012, oxblood. As spooky it might sound, oxblood is really dramatic yet sultry in a luxe way. I believe oxblood will effortlessly mix into any wardrobe. Of course, there are a lot of oxblood color in the store, from skinny pants to dresses, but I’ve decided to pick two items with a touch of oxblood. A grey boxy top with touch of oxblood on the sleeves, and a two tone shoulder bag embellished with metallic applications. I’ll share you how I mix match the two items soon. Stay tune.


I can see why Kate Moss was picked to be the star of Mango’s ads. Her personal style reflected through her super ability to mix and match in the higher level. And personally, I believe in the power of styling yourself, just because you know yourself better than anyone.

And I found Mango, one of my favorite brand, to be so easy to mix and match with. Last month, I went to one their store in Jakarta, and stumbled upon this contest announcement, MANGO Style Up Yourself Contest 2012. That time, I was looking for more printed pants to add up to my collection, and I remembered I’ve tried many (yup, they do have plenty of printed pants in the store) before ended up buying two pairs and a plus one, an embellished sweater (that’s what I called out of plan).

So I put together my Mango paisley printed pants from the current collection, mixed matched with my own white peplum top+stacked bracelets+ankle booties+socks, Mango necklace + scarfs, LV Alma bag & Ray-Ban shades. I thought, here we go… if I won the contest, they will give out vouchers, reason for me to shop for more Mango. And guess what? I won the 1st favorite winner of Mango Style Up Yourself Contest 2012. Yeay!

Gotta go now to spend the voucher and stay tune for more Mango styling by me! Special thanks for Mango Indonesia’s team. 


…named Mango Touch. 

Personally, I believe in the power of a good accessories. It can complete the total look. Mango Touch is one my favorite brand for accessories, for its’ more exclusive. Yes, it can be more expensive as well, one chain necklace can cost more than Rp 500.000. But, for me, it’s worth it. After all, we need to splurge once in a while, right? (Self defense mode on).


Jakarta Fashion Week is coming next week, November 3, 2012 to be exact. And I am preparing, mentally and physically to attend those busy week full of industry schmoozing and networking.

As I don’t want to rush like a mad woman before any shows, I already planned the whole outfit for the week. First, I’ll share my shoes collection. Yes, there’s some high heels involved, but I think I’m going to change throughout the day, even though I can practically run in my heels (proven!). So, I’m counting on my wedges and flats to keep me comfortable during the busy week. I’ll keep you posted on the whole outfit.


One of the must have clutch inside our closet. 

As a hardworking woman, we need a tough accessory that will stand by us through time. And box clutch is the perfect bring along. It has a hard case, so your cell phone will be save just in case you dropped it. And the bonus point for box clutch: they look ultra chic and precious. Here are 5 of my favorites, none from high end brands (can you believe they look so gorgeous without the hefty price tag?). 


Another fashion campaign from the Spanish brand, Mango. This time, the co-host of MTV’s House of Style, Karlie Kloss is one of the three models starred for their Winter 2012 collection.

Personally, I love winter collection even though I live in this so called tropical climate city (what’s so tropical about it? It’s so darn hot). So, I feel entertained whenever I saw fashion catalogue for winter collection. 

Here are the 5 top looks I love from Mango Winter 2012 collection from the work attire to chic evening and night out ensembles. Instead of thick long winter coat, a black biker jacket or a tailored white jacket will do just fine in our hot weather. And I love the black and gold cap toe pumps. I can see myself rocking any style with these pumps.


Love how Mango quickly updated their look book, much more faster than other high street brands. Keep it up, folks. 

Here’s some that intrigued me for the month of September 2012. The all red ensembles, skinny black leather pants with ankle booties, paisley suits with military hue, and last but definitely not least is the gold-silver embellished necklace. All scored!!!