I don’t know about you, but I always feel safe when I tried new skincare products that created by well-known dermatologist. I met dr. Kevin Maharis at one of the beauty event last year, and great to know that he and his brother, dr. Ricky (also a dermatologist) launched VOTRE PEAU & FÉRNANDO. 

If you go to their website, you can see that currently they don’t have too many products yet. But from the look of the packaging (I love the illustration) and the quality of the products, I am pretty sure this local Indonesian brand will bloom soonest. 

They sent me four products, two skincare and two liquid lipsticks to try. 


One of their best selling product, this serum is an anti-oxidant to be used before everything else. My first impression: a very nice non-sticky serum, easily absorbed and didn’t leave any strange glow or shimmer on skin. I love it already! Comes in pump bottle and thick gel texture. The grapefruit scent is not over-powering, and I can’t wait to see my skin getting better using this. They claimed it can reduce the appearance of dark-circles under the eyes area, too. I’ll update you guys on this matter.


Yes, Sake. Apparently, sake contains kojic acid which will delay pigmentation and brighten the skin. They claimed that this is safe for sensitive skin and no side-effects, even if we use it several times daily. Comes in spray bottle and matte watery texture, this actually have no scent. First impression: very refreshing, and sprayed evenly. And like the serum, it didn’t leave any stickiness or any greasy feeling. 


They sent me two shades to try: RUSSIAN ROULETTE & SPICE ROUTE. Love the glamorous packaging which reminds me a bit of KYLIE. First impression: when I swatched on my hand, they dried fast and I have to use cleansing oil to wipe them off. Long live longevity, indeed!

Russian Roulette is red coral-ish. It’s a very bold red, which I believe will be in this year. Bye bye nude! 

Spice Route is a dark mauve. An everyday must-have if you’re not a big fan of red shades. 





These are their first product: SUEDED! Lip & Cheek Cream. I believe all liquid lipstick lovers will go gaga over these colours. Very subtle colours, nude yet intense. 

I was invited to their launch event at RUCI’S JOINT, Jakarta and met the lovely girls behind the brand: Dina, Sarah, Naya & Novi. 


Based on their own experiences, in need of something practical and simple for makeup routine, they created SUEDED! which can be used for lip & cheek. They decided to start with 5 nude colours, because nude is very popular for everyday lip colours look. They will be available soon on their web store.


These photo props are so cute. 


Very simple and minimalist in design, SUEDED! actually created with 5 different colours that each represents different personality & character. 

I got the chance to swatch all five colours with natural daylight, (from top to bottom:  LUCY, LIZZY, SADDIE, PRUDENCE, SALLY).


My personal favourite will be PRUDENCE. Described as a warm brownish red brick, it reflects elegance & maturity in an effortless way. So me! 

Stay tune for my next post as I will review each and every colour available, and how they look on my lips. 




I’m just an ordinary girl who simply loves any kind of lipsticks.

Though lately I have to admit, I am more into liquid lipstick than an ordinary tube of lipstick. Yes, they need more time to put on due to application. But, liquid lipstick stays longer and very pigmented, so it’s perfect for every day wear. And please whoever wants to jump into liquid lipstick mode, always remember to exfoliate and moisturise your lips well. Liquid lipstick doesn’t look great on chappy and dry lips. Period. 

Not a big fan of vampy or any other too dark colors for my lips, I do love red, fuchsia and coral. But for everyday wear, I prefer something more natural, but still ‘there’. More like that ‘no makeup’ makeup look, but for lips. 

I’ve put together lists of my 10 “ready to wear” lip colors (not in particular order):


Colourpop ‘Lumiere’: I love the texture and the slanted tip made it easier to apply in a morning rush. It’s matte and it’s mauve (hello Kylie Jenner’s look!).

LA Girl ‘Dreamy’: Beauty Netizens called this shade a dupe for Lime Crime’s latest ‘Bleached’. Well, maybe so for the shade. But so not for the texture, it’s very tacky, very sticky, need a good hand to apply. 

Colourpop ‘Pinch’: Limited edition color from Rumer Willis collection, this is a very nude shade. Nevertheless, I’m still a big fan of Colourpop’s texture and their Lippie Stix’ shape. 

Gerard ‘1995′: Very old fashioned in packaging (well, it was inspired by the 90′s grunge revival), this is one neutral nudes from Jaclyn Hill’s signature lipstick. Not so matte, more on creamy side, so don’t expect a very pigmented result.

Kat Von D ‘Lolita’: So far the best shade and texture I’ve ever tried. I love the long applicator, somehow it made the application process more easier. I’ll try more shades for sure.


MAC ‘Brave’: I prefer MAC lipstick in satin texture, because the matte one seems to be too drying on my lips. This is a perfect mauve color, glides on well with that vanilla scent. 

NYX ‘Whipped Caviar’: Purchased this online because somehow this shade was affiliated to Kylie Jenner, and of course sold out at NYX’ counter near me. With its’ super affordable price, this is another mauve shade which I love. Another plus points, no scent and no cracking.

LIME CRIME ‘Riot’: When it went viral online at its’ launch, I just gotta have this shade. Very 2015, thanks to its’ Marsala shade (hello, Pantone Color of the year). No wonder Lime Crime is such a success, their texture and longevity are winner!

PAC ‘Indian Red’: Yes, another Marsala shade. Coming from a local Indonesian brand, I was quite surprised when I applied this on. Very good matte texture and the shade stays true. Though it’s not very long lasting, but I won’t mind retouching.

MAKE UP STORE ‘Bittersweet’: Just like its’ name, I hope they created this shade in more pigmented color. Yes, it comes in glossy texture, too light for my liking, as I’m more team matte. 

For more on swatches and how they looked on my real lips, please follow my instagram @shintarosvita. Thanks for reading and happy weekend!