Kudos for By Lizzie Parra (BLP Beauty) for their latest launch, to accommodate Bullet Lipstick lovers like me.

As you might have noticed, lately we all can see the rise of bullet lipsticks from international brands. And I’m enjoying it, because frankly speaking I am team bullet! I found them easier to apply when on the move, they are mostly more creamy and easier to remove by the end of the day. Who’s with me?

Maybe bullet lipsticks are not that long lasting as liquid lipsticks, but I don’t mind touch up throughout the day. Especially if the packaging look cute like these!

BLP Beauty Lip Bullet comes in four new natural shades. Each of the packaging represents the shade inside. And another good thing is you can see the name of the shades clearly printed on the tubes. Although you have to make sure you heard the click sound to close it properly, I found the packaging really helpful rather than you have to see those tiny fonts on the bottom of the packaging.

Mind you, these are not flat matte-lipsticks. I found these lipsticks creamy and extra comfortable when applied, with satin-matte finish. They are buildable, but I’m already satisfied with one layer. And yes, since these are creamy lipstick, they’re transferable. But I don’t mind at all. Make sure you blot first before you eat or drink.



BISCOTTI is a peachy brown, but somehow it looks orange on me
CANNOLI is beige with a hint of dusty pink. On me it’s mauve. This is my fave!
PAVLOVA is a lighter version of CANNOLI. Love this too!
LICORICE is supposedly a deep brown, but on me it’s dark red



This month, during Java island’s electricity black out, I attended the launch event of Rollover Reaction’s latest collaboration with Putri Marino, famous Indonesia’s actress who also wrote a killer poem on her IG. And the illustrator behind it is Rachel Ajeng, famous illustrator-painter.

So, what’s in the collection? Well, Di Kala Senja actually embodies sunset, just like Putri’s personalities: bright, warm and genuine. That’s why this collection features two new shades to add to Rollover Reaction’s Chunky! Lip Crayon (read my previous review here). Only the outer packagings are different from the previous Chunky! But the lip crayon inside is the same black matte pencil. And mind you, these are limited edition collection, so better get them before they ran out.

Since I’ve talked about the texture and finish about Chunky! Already, let’s just jump right in to the shades and swatches.

KALA: This is my favorite shade, it’s a nude brown with a hint of orange.
SENJA: It’s a deep terracotta red shade.

Somehow, these both lip shades look darker in real life. By the way, you can use these as cheek tint, too if you’re a master of doing it. I have to admit I am suck at doing other blush format than powder. So, I am using these strictly as my lip color only.



New from Make Up For Ever: ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS.

If you follow my Instagram (@shintarosvita), you’ll notice how I love matte lips. I guess, I’m just used to the texture. I dislike everything sticky on my lips, which will make my long hair stuck on my lips when blown by the wind (I bet you ever felt like this too). But….I just love looking at new shades, trying on new texture, I guess that’s just the blogger’s soul inside of me.

Then, there are 35 shades of these Artist Plexi-Gloss. The latest gloss (more to lacquer I may say) from Make Up For Ever. Nudes, Pinks, Corals, Reds, and Black (yes, black!) with Pearl & Solid textures. Just check the bottom of the packaging, the one with the code P after the numbers (P stands for Pearl, by the way) are the one with shimmer.

At the launch event, me and fellow bloggers were given three of Artist Plexi-Gloss to review. And here, I tried two of them, since the third one is transparent, so I’m just gonna use the transparent one on top of the other shades. 

Above pic is shade 101 “NUDE BEIGE”. As the name stated, it’s really nude. I recommend to put on lip liner before applying and skip lip balm as it’s already moisturising enough. The texture is really smooth, and the exclusive applicator (named SuperFlex) made it easy to apply in one stroke. If you’re looking for a perfect high gloss nude shade without having to cover your real lip colour with concealer, this shade is the one. 

Then I try the second one, 300P “GOLDEN PINK CORAL” below.

Yes, this one is with Pearl. More shimmery and a lot more sheer. You can judge only from the swatch on the back of my hand. The vinyl-like texture is the same with the non Pearl one, with golden sparkle shimmer. And the shade falls more pink than coral (at least on my lips). For extra shine, add the “TRANSPARENT” shade on top. 

I can’t feel any scent or taste, so it’s a plus for me. These glosses are the thickest gloss that I’ve ever tried, but I believe that what makes them long wearing (they last even after eating & drinking). Avoid applying too much and you’ll be fine. I also recommend to try the shades first in their store before you buy, as it might look different from the tube once applied on lips. Happy trying!




I’m just an ordinary girl who simply loves any kind of lipsticks.

Though lately I have to admit, I am more into liquid lipstick than an ordinary tube of lipstick. Yes, they need more time to put on due to application. But, liquid lipstick stays longer and very pigmented, so it’s perfect for every day wear. And please whoever wants to jump into liquid lipstick mode, always remember to exfoliate and moisturise your lips well. Liquid lipstick doesn’t look great on chappy and dry lips. Period. 

Not a big fan of vampy or any other too dark colors for my lips, I do love red, fuchsia and coral. But for everyday wear, I prefer something more natural, but still ‘there’. More like that ‘no makeup’ makeup look, but for lips. 

I’ve put together lists of my 10 “ready to wear” lip colors (not in particular order):


Colourpop ‘Lumiere’: I love the texture and the slanted tip made it easier to apply in a morning rush. It’s matte and it’s mauve (hello Kylie Jenner’s look!).

LA Girl ‘Dreamy’: Beauty Netizens called this shade a dupe for Lime Crime’s latest ‘Bleached’. Well, maybe so for the shade. But so not for the texture, it’s very tacky, very sticky, need a good hand to apply. 

Colourpop ‘Pinch’: Limited edition color from Rumer Willis collection, this is a very nude shade. Nevertheless, I’m still a big fan of Colourpop’s texture and their Lippie Stix’ shape. 

Gerard ‘1995′: Very old fashioned in packaging (well, it was inspired by the 90′s grunge revival), this is one neutral nudes from Jaclyn Hill’s signature lipstick. Not so matte, more on creamy side, so don’t expect a very pigmented result.

Kat Von D ‘Lolita’: So far the best shade and texture I’ve ever tried. I love the long applicator, somehow it made the application process more easier. I’ll try more shades for sure.


MAC ‘Brave’: I prefer MAC lipstick in satin texture, because the matte one seems to be too drying on my lips. This is a perfect mauve color, glides on well with that vanilla scent. 

NYX ‘Whipped Caviar’: Purchased this online because somehow this shade was affiliated to Kylie Jenner, and of course sold out at NYX’ counter near me. With its’ super affordable price, this is another mauve shade which I love. Another plus points, no scent and no cracking.

LIME CRIME ‘Riot’: When it went viral online at its’ launch, I just gotta have this shade. Very 2015, thanks to its’ Marsala shade (hello, Pantone Color of the year). No wonder Lime Crime is such a success, their texture and longevity are winner!

PAC ‘Indian Red’: Yes, another Marsala shade. Coming from a local Indonesian brand, I was quite surprised when I applied this on. Very good matte texture and the shade stays true. Though it’s not very long lasting, but I won’t mind retouching.

MAKE UP STORE ‘Bittersweet’: Just like its’ name, I hope they created this shade in more pigmented color. Yes, it comes in glossy texture, too light for my liking, as I’m more team matte. 

For more on swatches and how they looked on my real lips, please follow my instagram @shintarosvita. Thanks for reading and happy weekend!