This hip local beauty brand just launched their latest shade today.

ROLLOVER REACTION already had 8 permanent shades and 1 limited edition shade in their line. And this February (16 February to be exact), they will launch their latest shade in collaboration with Hellua (known as @thelipstickmafiaaa on instagram) and Pola Artistry who designed the product identity for the packaging. Just like their previous shades’ names which taken from the Beatles’ songs, this gleaming shade was named PENNY (taken from Penny Lanes). 

It took more than 6 months for them to create Penny, from picking the right shade until the perfect visual for the packaging. As the previous shades, this is not just a lipstick, people! They’re all named SUEDED! Lip & Cheek Cream. So yeah, they can be use for lips, cheeks and eyes if you wish. 

What differ Penny from the others in their existing line? If the others have velvet matte texture, Penny has a slightly different formula but the same scent. A new take on matte, indeed. It’s still matte, but with a touch of pearlescent glow. A bit metallic, I might say. Its’ rosy bronze shade really looks good on Hellua which has warm undertone (most Indonesians have this skin tone). 

I’m a bit on the lighter side of skin tone (read: pale), so this is how Penny looks like on the back of my hand and on my lips. 

Check out me and Hellua rocked Penny on the event today. I used Penny as the lip topper, and Hellua applied on top of SADDIE (one of the permanent shade from Rollover Reaction), and she also used Penny on her eyes & cheeks. She’s glowing, right? 

Instead of the differences on how Penny will look like on different skin tone like most of the lipsticks out there, I believe this shade will look good on everyone. Unlike other metallic shades (most of them are International brands), Penny pops to the most subtle possible. It’s a very fresh version of metallic lipstick trend, perfect for those who want to highlight your pouts. Not just that (unless you’ve been living under a rock), metallic lids will be big this year. So yeah, play up your makeup game and wait for Penny to launch on Rollover Reaction’s website, here on February 16, 2017. Remember, Penny is a limited edition shade. If it’s gone, it’s gone!

Lucky me. Not just bringing home Penny with a special box, surprise…surprise I won the door prize from their sponsors today. Double score, indeed. LOL. Thanks Rollover Reaction for having me at your Penny Soiree today.



Ever heard the phrase “the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, the key to a lady’s heart might be inside her bag!

La Clef de mon Cœur est dans mon Sac. That’s how we read the cute pink cards with a set of symbols above.

For its new ROSAVIOLA scent, DIPTYQUE collaborated with fashion designer known for her collection of embroidered book clutches, OLYMPIA LE-TAN. 

Just in time for upcoming Valentine’s day, Olympia Le-Tan interpreted Diptyque’s iconic packaging design in embroidered form which reprinted as the label and packaging for a quirky ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect. Expect the box with felt-made kisses, hearts and keys with ribbons. And yeah, they’re pink!

Available in candle, solid perfume and scented oval form, the Rosavolia fragrance is a lady’s treat by itself. Inspired by the mystery of what’s inside a lady’s bag, it’s a predominance of rose, traces of lipstick and the subtle warmth of leather. The rose-violet fragrance also smells powdery, very playful yet romantic, just like the Olympia Le-Tan’s style. 

The solid perfume is just too cute. Check out the petite cloth drawstring bag patterned in lipstick, rose, heart and kisses. Such a perfect gift idea for upcoming Valentine’s day, or might as well treat yourself and put these limited edition collection on your wish list. 


Check out their video!



This collection just touched my soft spot for pop art illustrations. 

Paris based accessory and jewelry designer, Yaz Bukey collaborates with Shu Uemura for this super fun makeup collection: Yazbukey for Shu Uemura. From eyeshadows, lipsticks, primer, compact case, palette, false lashes, eyeliner and their best selling cleansing oil, Yaz Bukey not only illustrated the packaging but narrated the whole story of this Spring Collection. Imagine four women with different personalities (hello Carrie Bradshaw and friends!): sexy, smart, romantic and daring. And like a real life situation, each of them didn’t know that they’re each dating the same guy called ShuShu (wait, seriously?). Apparently, ShuShu means ‘darling’ in French, so yeah.. ShuShu – Shu Uemura. Get it?

Yaz Bukey did pick the colors too. And let me tell you, they’re fun and bold, exactly like the packaging. 


I was invited to the launch event this Saturday and being a lipstick mania, of course I wouldn’t missed to swatch all the lipsticks (there are four of Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte). As the name stated, they come in matte texture. See the swatches below. 


Check out this cool pink Mini Cooper adorned with Yaz’ illustrations and those rubber eyelashes! 


Lips are everywhere, but lipsticks are not the only product in this collection as I stated before. There are “I love my Shu Shu Palette”.


Mmmm…not a big fan of the palette, as some of them comes in metallics (sorry, I am team matte forever).


And the primer to blur out those big pores. Can’t wait to try this. 


And last but definitely not least, are the cleansing oils, four of them. 

What’s missing from this collection in Indonesia? The Nail Colors. Too bad, right? But well, I was surprised to see the almost complete ‘limited edition’ collection here in my home town, as it was a rare situation. Usually we didn’t even get to see any. Seriously. 

Better get them soon, ladies as they’re limited edition only for this Spring.



Last Saturday, The Body Shop Indonesia invited me and fellow bloggers to celebrate Christmas early. 

Not just a typical Christmas party, it was sharing and playing time with the less fortunate children from Kampung Makassar & Kramat Jati community. With the theme ‘Make Wishes Come True’, we were expected to bring our own presents for the kids at the gifts exchange session. Each blogger was paired with one kid and mine was Putri. Her name is Putri Angelina and she’s the same age as my eldest son, 14 years old, which made it more heartbreaking for me. 

We had sitting lunch together, and when it was served, Putri didn’t even touch her plate until I asked her to. It might be just an ordinary fish and chips for us, but I think she didn’t know what it was. I believed she was overwhelmed by her whole experience that day, visiting one of the most luxurious mall in Jakarta and having lunch in one of the most popular restaurant too. It was really heartbreaking just to think about it, and boy….looking down was truly good for the soul. 

And thanks to The Body Shop Indonesia with their slogan ‘Volunteering is our DNA’, those kids (not just Putri) seemed to enjoy their unordinary Saturday. They had great lunch, sang along with Popzzle and got a Christmas gift from us, bloggers. I decided to give Putri the same Initial Necklace that I wore that day, something personal to remind us of that day. And look what I’ve got: a gift box filled with one of the range from The Body Shop Christmas 2014 Limited edition, “Glazed Apple”. I love the sweet and fresh scent of this all-new special edition. Keep an eye out for their seasonal body care range too, Vanila Brulee and Frosted Cranberry, now available in stores and online. This year, The Body Shop Indonesia teamed up with Wahana Visi Indonesia to send less fortunate children to school. So, for each gifts from The Body Shop Indonesia’s Top 10 Gift Ideas, you’ll donate Rp 5.000. For more about the Top 10 Gift Ideas, check out their facebook page, here


Once upon a time, there was a simple type of footwear, worn in a very casual way, mostly at the beach, named Flip Flops.

And now, there’s Havaianas! Not your typical (read: simple) kind of flip flops, they have come far long the way since their first pair in 1962. Made out of a secret 100% rubber formula that don’t smell and lose their shapes, Havaianas is one global fashion phenomenon. The explosion of colors made them fashionable and fun, yet very functional. 

Their playfulness didn’t stop there, apparently. To celebrate this festive season, Havaianas collaborated with Swarovski to add those bling to your feet. The best part of all: we can make our own Havaianas. Customized and personalized right to the bling!

I was invited to their event yesterday at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, Indonesia. At their pop-up booth (located at level 1), me and fellow bloggers were “challenged” to be our own designer for our own pair of Havaianas with crystal pins from Swarovski. To tell you the truth, it was so hard to pick only one out of 10 color choices for soles, metallic straps and those bling-bling Swarovski pins. I almost changed my mind couple of times. Haha.. But, in the end, I decided to go with Lime Green Soles, Pool Green Straps and the classic Crystal colored Swarovski pins. 

The first step of Make Your Own Havaianas is to pick your Havaianas color combination from the wheel. Spin the wheel to see what colors you love most. Either match them, or (I personally suggest) mix them up to create a playful flip flops. Pick the soles and the straps (Rp 349.000), then crystal pin (each Rp 49.000) from Swarovski. You can also locate your pin position, to make them more comfortable to wear. After you picked them all, you can see personally how the Havaianas team at the booth created your Havaianas on the very same spot. It was really fun to see them made the sandals (how they made the holes and put on the straps and pins in it). It took about 5 minutes for the team to create my new pair of blingy flip flops (yeay!). After finished, the pair were put inside a black zipper travel pouch, perfect for traveling. 

Better hurry, because Havaianas pop up booth at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, Indonesia, will only be there from now till Christmas (Dec 25, 2013). If you’re not in the mood to create your own Havaianas (WHY?), you can also purchase a pair of limited edition Havaianas Slim Crystal Mesh in black or white soles (Rp 899.000 each) which were displayed at the booth. The Swarovski crystals are handstitched and sold with beautifully gift box in a Havaianas velvet lined hard case, perfect for Christmas present!