Now all of us can taste a bit of Cinderella’s life, after she got her Prince, of course. 

For fall/winter 2012, Sephora released Disney Cinderella Collection. Another limited edition must have this year, since this is the very first batch from the fairytale collection. Yes, there’ll be another collection coming up which feature different Disney Princesses for holiday season. How interesting.

Since princesses are women too, there’ll be lipsticks, fragrances, eyeshadow palettes, compact mirror and nail polish set in the line. And as a woman dreaming of becoming a princess, the Swarovski-edition bottle will be a perfect replacement for Cinderella’s sparkly glass slippers. 


The first thing that popped out of my head when I heard the word “Graffiti” is vandalism. Until I saw these.

Looking up to wikipedia, graffiti described as writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Well, for this “Graffiti” by Nails Inc London, it sure put a whole new meaning of graffiti, on different surface. Our nails. 

Limited edition polishes with various particle shapes, sizes and texture, will give our nails a fun and edgy look. As they will create graffiti effect only, make sure you put on your basic nail color first, preferably in white, so it’ll pop out more. Available in four different shades: Brick Lane, Camden Lock, Hoxton Street and Portobello Place, better get them soon as they are limited edition.


Annick Goutal’s legacy lives on in this lovely scent created for her daughter, Camille who continued her work for the upscale perfumery house. 

Created in 1998, Petite Chérie is the scent Annick Goutal bestowed on her daughter as a gift. She described it as being “reminiscent of a young girl’s cheek that you want to lovingly kiss”. This fruity, floral yet sweet musky fragrance (pear, peach, musky rose, fresh cut grass and vanilla), is so irresistible, sensual and seductive. And who can resist the cute butterflies bottle that look so feminine?

The emblematic bottle, which looked like one butterfly in a flash, is actually two butterflies kissing each other. This year, Petite Chérie comes in limited edition bottle, tied by an organza ribbon coupled with a charming golden medal created by renowned jeweler Arthus Bertrand (see the difference between old and limited edition 2012 bottle above). The golden medal which features the Petite Chérie muse holding a cage can be worn as a pendant or bracelet if you wish.