Last week, yours truly were one of the host for the grand launch of FLORMAR.

New makeup brand which arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia where I currently live, is always welcome. We love makeup. That bad. Especially when they are good and affordable. Located at Kota Kasablanka Mall, this is their first flagship store in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Born in Milan, Italy and now produced and very huge in Turkey, there are currently 1000 plus type of products in the store. Guess what? They still have 1000 more, including skincare which currently not available yet for Indonesia’s market. 

So, what caught my eyes? Basically everything, they have lots of colors & formulas for each type of nail’s need, face, eyes and lips. 

I can’t believe their prices, either. Comparing to local makeup brands, these are imported items, people! Yet, most of FLORMAR products are cheaper than local brands. Nail polishes from IDR 35K, Matte Lipstick priced at IDR 95K and Mascara for IDR 70K? Are you guys kidding me? How about their quality, you might ask. I will reveal my top 10 must have from FLORMAR very soon, so stay tune. Meanwhile, I’m gonna leave you with some pics from the launch event. Thanks for having me as one of your host, FLORMAR INDONESIA. 



The Body Shop Indonesia launched two range of skin care products: DROPS OF LIGHT and SKIN DEFENCE MULTI-PROTECTION ESSENCE SPF 50 PA++++ this week.

Always searching for new natural ingredients all over the world, now it’s red algae, from the deep North Atlantic ocean. They also uses Vitamin C, which we know is a popular ingredient to blur dark spots & hyperpigmentation. Drops Of Light is a skin-brightening regime that promised to give us another dose of radiant and smooth skin day after day. Good to know that sensitive skin can use this range, too. Hold your horses, as this range will be available in The Body Shop Indonesia’s stores on September 19, 2016.

The other product they launched is their new SPF. As I age, I got paranoid of the effects of the sun. We all need a good SPF, stat! Unlike other SPF, this is not creamy in texture. Instead, it’s very feather light, thanks to their milk-to-water essence formula. With broad spectrum UV filters, and added ingredients like brightening red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C. this unique SPF will protect our skin against multiple skin aggressors, while being comfortable to use. It won’t give us that weird white casts post-applied. 

It’s completely vegetarian and formulated without parabens, mineral oils & paraffins. Recommended to use under makeup, and don’t forget to reapply frequently if you’re going to be out in the sun. 

If you live in Jakarta, or happened to be in town this long weekend, drop by to Grand Indonesia to try them for yourself. You can also do your skin check here, to see their product recommendation. 


Eyes Are The Mirror Of The Soul

So they said. 

Yesterday, I attended Exoticon, soft cosmetic lens brand event, and they introduced their new brand ambassador, Pevita Pearce. 

This brand has been well known since 2001 and ever since, they’ve worked with many Indonesian celebrities before as their previous brand ambassador such as Krisdayanti and Agnes Monica. 

At the event, they explained that as a pioneer brand for colored soft lens, Exoticon and their campaigns “Play It Safe” and “Love Your Eyes” which will help and remind customers to use contact lenses safely. Yes, we want our eyes to look beautiful, but beautiful must first be healthy. And they will show us how to use contact lenses correctly. Perfect for first user like me. Yeah, (to tell you the truth), I’ve never ever wear contact lens before. The idea of inserting something inside my eyes terrifies me. But maybe that will change after I know the safest way to use one. I mean, getting gold colored soft lens will be super awesome. 

And thanks to the technology called SDD (sandwich Dyeing Doughnut), Exoticon is safe and comfortable. Registered to Ministry of Health in Indonesia, this multi-layer polymerization technology will make sure the color won’t fade too. They have lots (seriously, lots) of colors and patterns. Some came with cute boxes too. 

If you’re confused which collection to choose (they have X2, A+ and ICE), because they are very different in design and pattern, they have X2 Society App. Available in Google play, try this virtual app to choose every shades from their collection. 

Choose your skin tone and choose along all Exoticon collection. 

Comparison is also very important, to see which one suits us best. 

In this app, we can also find out detail information about products and beauty tips. 

For further information, please visit



SHISEIDO WHITE LUCENT features SAKURAResist Technology to help skin become resistant to dark spot appearance.

Earlier this week, I was invited to the launch with fellow bloggers. These are the revamped version of their previous WHITE LUCENT range. New packaging (more bright pink than the previous ones) and of course, new formula. The latest brightening technology PROApproachx2 will target spots with laser speed and resist the appearance of spots over time. Yes, we can call them ‘Double Brightening’. 

There are 4 products in this new range: MICROTARGETING SPOT CORRECTOR (serum). LUMINIZING SURGE (emulsion), MULTIBRIGHT NIGHT CREAM & LUMINIZING INFUSER (Essence Lotion). 

I believe their textures are more lighter than the previous series, and let me tell you, the sakura scent is incredible. I do prefer more lighter and soft scent for my skincare products, so from the scent alone, these already win my heart. Plus, their claim to lighten existing dark spots & prevent them from making any reappearances in the future, made me super excited to review more about these new products. Stay tune for the review.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos of their lovely decor at the launch event. 



…. simply because you’re afraid of the shots and the after effect, you might want to consider these latest products from L’Oréal Paris, REVITALIFT FILLER [HA].


[HA] stands fro Hyaluronic Acid, the so-called superstar ingredient that we actually have in our skin. [HA] has the ability to retain moisture, and very important with regard to aging. What’s more: [HA] also provides antioxidant defense against free-radical damage. Sadly, [HA] will decrease drastically once we hit 30. That’s why adding [HA] to our skincare routine, especially for women above 30 years old is highly recommended. Some opt for injections, which apparently gave instant result but we have to repeat every 6 months (not to mention that it will cost you a lot and gave bruises for some), or for safer options, apply [HA] topically. 


Earlier this week, me and fellow bloggers were invited to the launch of L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] with two products in the line: Revolumizing Cushion Cream & Micro Volumizing Essence. 


At the event, they provide skin diagnosis, which you can do in L’Oréal Paris counters in department stores. 


Well, turned out I need more hydration, even though I always felt that I applied enough moisturizer every day. As we age, our skin might not get drier per se, but they’ll definitely need more moisture. And [HA] is just the perfect ingredient for mature skin to bring back those plumpness, hydration and firm skin. 


Inspired by filler injections, they even created the Micro Volumizing Essence packaging to look like one. I’m impressed with the pump action packaging which allow us to distribute the right amount of product for each application. Specifically, the essence contains of 1000 mg of Pure Hyaluronic Acid, so imagine how powerful that can be! Both of them look really luxurious in terms of packaging and scent. As for the cream, it’s very smooth and kind of velvety, which left skin super soft & felt hydrated properly. I’ll check back after a month of trial.





These are their first product: SUEDED! Lip & Cheek Cream. I believe all liquid lipstick lovers will go gaga over these colours. Very subtle colours, nude yet intense. 

I was invited to their launch event at RUCI’S JOINT, Jakarta and met the lovely girls behind the brand: Dina, Sarah, Naya & Novi. 


Based on their own experiences, in need of something practical and simple for makeup routine, they created SUEDED! which can be used for lip & cheek. They decided to start with 5 nude colours, because nude is very popular for everyday lip colours look. They will be available soon on their web store.


These photo props are so cute. 


Very simple and minimalist in design, SUEDED! actually created with 5 different colours that each represents different personality & character. 

I got the chance to swatch all five colours with natural daylight, (from top to bottom:  LUCY, LIZZY, SADDIE, PRUDENCE, SALLY).


My personal favourite will be PRUDENCE. Described as a warm brownish red brick, it reflects elegance & maturity in an effortless way. So me! 

Stay tune for my next post as I will review each and every colour available, and how they look on my lips. 



…. but at least my brows are!

Thanks to Anggie Rassly, whom I met way back in 2013 when I did my writing gig for Dewi Magazine. Yes, she did my eyebrows embroidery, and I am very fortunate, because I heard from a friend that her waiting list is already until 2019. Seriously? 

She is that good! And I’m very proud that finally she launched a book last February 2016, same time as her birthday. What a way to celebrate a birthday, right?

The first ever beauty book about brows in Indonesia. There are lots and lots of beauty book about makeup, but not very much about eyebrows. Anggie’s vision and mission to broaden people’s horizons about how eyebrows can make or break the whole makeup were poured on this very book.

Love the illustrations!

Very detail explanation about eyebrows anatomy.

Great advice!!!

And who doesn’t love the before after pics? In this session of the book, Anggie really showed how everyone have different type of eyebrows and what’s best for each face shape. Her passion of doing eyebrows embroidery and her attention to details really shine through this book. 

Take it for me, while waiting for her waiting list, read the book first. 

Anggie Rassly on the left, me on the middle and Cisca Becker on the right; at her book launch party earlier this February. 



Thanks to Menard and Marie Claire for a Saturday well-spent.

Me and fellow influencers were invited to a Beauty Weekend Escape at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta, to experience the whole new range of New SARANARI from MENARD. The former Saranari line was created in Japan in 1984, and this new range is carrying a new formula & scent. Known as the queen of the lilies, they extracted Casa Blanca Lilies small young buds which just sprouted, to create skin care for beautiful skin. 

Me and fellow influencers were treated by a facial to experience the New Saranari range, followed by a nice brunch at Peacock Lounge. 

This was my second time of Menard Facial and I always enjoy them. The massage, the hot towel, the mask, it was a delightful facial. 

After the facial, we were given a change to redo our makeup with bunch of Menard makeup. 

At the event, I discovered the fact that skin quality differs depending on the part of the body. Skin of inner arm and skin of face are pretty much different, due to sun exposure. Of course, the best quality of skin is on our inner arm. Check out the very much difference on mine. 

After the skin check using Menard Total Beauty Adviser (which available on Seibu Grand Indonesia and Sogo Central Park, Jakarta), they recommended me to do massage every night with Saranari Refresh Massage. Things that I rarely do, but I will after I saw the result. 

As you can see, my skin texture is just average (cry). Need to boost the level of moisture with the help of Menard Saranari. They recommended me to check again after 3 months, so I will update on this. Wish me luck.



This week I attended the launch of SOCIOLLA POP UP STORE in Jakarta.


After Bandung & Makassar, this is their third Pop Up Store. You can visit them until February 24, 2016. Located in the Atrium on Level 4, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, they have a special theme “Beauty Now & Then”.

If you’re one of those who still love to touch the items before you actually buy them, you have to visit this store where you can experience lots of products, from skincare, makeup to perfumes.


You can experience their ‘Smart Mirror’ where you can get recommendation after you answered questions about your skin and beauty routine. You can also trade your old lipstick with new one in this Pop Up Store. And you can also shop online there, as well.

At the launch event, they also launched their printed ‘Beauty Journal’ (the one that you usually read online) with four different covers which represent their 4 muses.


If you’re not in town and can’t visit the Pop Up Store, you can always shop online, here.



Fragile yet strong. Meet the latest KENZO Paris Parfums, FLOWER BY KENZO L’ELIXIR.


Inspired by poppy flower which eventually scentless, this new fragrance is soft and sensual. Launched to celebrate 15 years of the famous Flower by Kenzo fragrance, I found L’Elixir more intense than their previous ones. 


As we can see on the bottle, the notes are: Framboise (raspberry), Essence de Rose (from Bulgarian Rose), Praline (which gave this fragrance a gourmand effect) and Absolu Vanille (aka Bourbon Vanilla Absolute). As precious as the notes, the bottle also look sophisticated. It’s dark, mysterious. 


I went to their launch event and it was all Poppy Red. Check out Ming Xi, the gorgeous Chinese model as their face. 

Check out their video below!