Lately I’ve been asked about this matter, as a lot of you suffered worsen fungal acne after cleansing with oils.

Been there, done that, folks! Apparently, my fungal acne prone skin hates olive oil, pronto! So, if I use cleansing oil as the first cleanser with olive oil as one of their main 5 ingredients, that will do bad things. Unfortunately my dear, lots of cleansing oil used olive oil as their main ingredients. And not only most oil is bad news for fungal acne, some ingredients mainly found in cleansing oil like Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Myristate are also a big no no for fungal acne dearest.


How about cleansing balm, some of you asked me. Same thing, lots of cleansing balms, whatever they named them, also contain ingredients that are not safe for fungal acne prone skin.

So, obviously I tried to stay clear of oils and balms, but lots of people still got confused of this first cleanser dilemma. I used to think that nothing could dissolve my oily based makeup and sunscreen except oil-based cleanser. Until I read labmuffinscience post. Yes darlings, we don’t need oil to dissolve oil, but look for surfactant in your cleanser.

Unfortunately, after some trial & error, there are not much first cleanser products that worked best on my fungal acne (in the meaning of they didn’t trigger them to be worse). But, I recommend you to check if you want to know does your first cleanser safe for your fungal acne.

Personally, I’ve been using these two religiously, as they didn’t trigger my fungal acne.

 DSCF7067 copy.jpg

BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O: Trust me, I’ve tried many brands but always going back to this. It’s not cheap, yes. But, every single time I bought expensive skincare products, I will keep on telling myself “this Is an investment, I only have one face and I will take care of it the best way I can”. Believe it or not, I’d rather spent my money on expensive skincare products that really worked, rather than buying designer shoes nowadays.

LANEIGE LIP & EYE REMOVER WATERPROOF_EX: No wonder this costs a lot for a bottle of lip and eye makeup remover. It didn’t blur and sting my eyes. It removed matte lip color, waterproof mascara and eyeliner well. And tada!!! It’s safe for fungal acne according to If you’re also prone to milia under the eyes, don’t worry, this won’t make them bigger.

TIPS: immediately wash with second cleanser aka your facial wash after using first cleanser. Personally, I love using round cotton pads, so I can detect how clean I cleansed.



…. since LANEIGE, one of the best Korean beauty brand is available in Indonesia. 

Yesterday, I was invited to their exclusive event at Raffles Hotel, Jakarta to celebrate their anniversary with fellow bloggers and their loyal customers. 

How cute is the cake?

And yesss…free pampering session from facial. hand massage, nail art, makeover by Laneige Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Shaping by Touch. 

At the event, we were introduced to two latest products: TWO TONE LIP BAR & TIME FREEZE EYE SERUM.

Angled & slanted, TWO TONE LIP BAR is the lipstick you want to get if you want to create that ombre lips which are super famous in Korea. With this one lipstick and special application technique, you don’t need two lipstick to create that ombre lips look. They come in 10 colors (ooopss, I only took 8 of them, my bad). 

As for the TIME FREEZE EYE SERUM, it claimed to reduce signs of aging around the eyes area. I’ll do separate review on this one, promise!

This year, there’ll be more makeup for Laneige (yeay!) even though they’re well known as a skincare brand. Looking forward to it. 

Thanks for tagging me on your instagram, Laneige. More successful years to come for you. 



The latest BB product from Laneige which actually feels cold as snow when applied.

BB Cream, is actually stands for Blemish Balm, but this BB from a Korean beauty brand which will re-open its’ first counter in Jakarta by March 2013, is totally different from any other.

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50 PA+++ (shown here in #21 Natural Beige) is a base makeup with BB function in liquid texture, not balm, not cream. Even the compact packaging is already different from any other BB, which usually come in tube.

Open the seal, and press gently to the cushion (don’t swipe) to pick it up. The first sensation when I applied, was that cooling feeling. No wonder they called it Snow. As for me, I like how the blue sponge (provided inside the compact) picked up the liquid evenly. It was so easy to apply, I just pat the sponge all over my face, including to both sides of the noses (my own ‘troubled’ zone). I admit I was quite surprised to see how well the coverage was, considering its’ very light (almost watery) texture. See the ‘after’ picture above, check out my under eyes circles and red spots covered quite well. As for the shades, I believe it suits my tone well, not too pinkish or yellowish, it just brighten the whole skin tone.

For my experiment, I still used my own moisturizer, but I skipped sunblock, as it already have a very broad sun protection. I patted on extra loose powder and voila! My face looked more matte and it stayed that way afterwards for about 4 hours on Jakarta’s humid and blazing heat.

According to the release from Laneige, this is an all in one product which offers whitening, sun protection, sweat and sebum resistance, soothing sensation and prevents makeup from fading. For me, it really did what it said and I really recommend this BB for those of you who have oily skin and eager to try BB product minus the heavy feeling and too creamy texture. And guess what? They came with a refill, so it’s really convenient to reuse the whole thing.