Combination of inspiring story and launch of two empowering products.

End of May 2013, I was invited to an event “The Power of Beauty” by Kiehl’s Indonesia, collaborated with Marie Claire Indonesia Magazine. The event took place at their boutique in Sogo Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, and it wasn’t just an ordinary product launch event. It was a celebration of beauty, not just skin deep but more to the beauty of being alive and healthy.

Me and fellow bloggers were lucky to hear such an inspiring story from dr.Patsy Sanayar Djatikusumo, a nutritionist doctor/cancer survivor. Yes, she’s a nutritionist doctor who got the most terrible news of her life back in July 2011. She said, “I’m the doctor to tell my patients how to eat right and to live healthy. And I’ve got breast cancer? Apparently no one can escape cancer.” She confessed that she was shocked and devastated when she heard the cancer news. “I cried every day until one day my youngest son asked me why did I cry all the time. He said to me even though I was sick, I still look pretty in his eyes. Let just say, my family support made me strong throughout the whole process.” She did chemotherapy, and like others, experienced dry cracked lips and blackened skin. Her friends introduced her to Kiehl’s. “After cancer, I became more picky when it comes to skin care products. Back in the days before cancer, if I got a little black spot on my face, I’d be panicked and instantly wanted to remove the spot. But now, I take things slow, as long as it made me healthy and alive. I’ll make sure I pick more natural skin products which are free from chemicals, colors and preservatives.”

I personally believe that natural ingredients for skin products are expected by many customers around the world who lately become more concern about healthy lifestyle. And Kiehl’s has been doing that for more than 150 years ago when they began as a New York City pharmacy. They keep updating on natural derived ingredients to make our skin healthier and beautiful, naturally. Like their latest invention for the Powerful duos, Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream (Rp 550.000) and Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream (Rp 395.000). Calcium PCA and Copper PCA are the main powerful ingredients in these products, which are also Paraben Free, Fragrance Free and Mineral Oil Free. Known as a skin conditioning humectant to improve skin barrier, calcium also shield our skin from wrinkle-inducing aggressors. Meanwhile, copper acts as a powerful collagen and elastin building mineral that fortifies skin structure for a smoother and more youthful appearance. Combined together, these composition will help to bring our skin’s elasticity back to its’ track, resulting less visible pores, smoothed texture and reduced wrinkles.

Very interesting product to cut time my beauty regime, as Powerful Wrinkles & Pore Reducing Cream is offering a two in one solution for those like me who have wrinkles and large pores to tackle. As we all know, aging can also caused large pores. Ari Martono, Educational Manager from Kiehl’s Indonesia explained at the event, “There are two factors for aging: chronological and external. We can’t defeat the chronological factor, but we sure can slow down the external factor which caused by sunray, stress and pollution to name a few. If we don’t take care of our skin earlier, we could end up looking like a 45 years old when we’re actually just 25. Actually, our collagen and elastin production already starting to decrease when we’re 20. So it’s never too early to start.”

I wish this cream was invented when I was 20. Anyway, here’s my first verdict of the cream: The luxurious cream is as rich as it gets, really hydrating and a pea size is enough for the whole face. Soft yet creamy, it absorbs easily into the skin and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling upon applied. Bonus point, there’s no synthetic fragrance added. As they claimed that within 4 weeks, we’d be able to see visible results on wrinkles and skin texture improvements, I can’t wait for mine to deliver.




Shout out to Kiehl’s fans in Jakarta, come visit the 9th Kiehl’s boutique inside GLOW Living Beauty, Plaza Indonesia.

The celebration of their Grand Opening on May 18, 2013 was attended by a very special guest, Todd Anthony Taylor. If you watched Asia’s Next Top Model, he was one of the judges alongside Nadya Hutagalung. Some of lucky Kiehl’s guests and customers who attended the event got the chance to be photographed by the handsome fashion photographer himself.

Like the other 8 Kiehl’s boutique in Indonesia, the number 9 boutique also represents the unique apothecary ambience which was inspired by the first ever Kiehl’s boutique in the world, located at East Village, New York. The bricks, mosaic entrance door, vintage photos, chandelier, product testing hub and their icon, Mr. Bones were there to greet Kiehl’s loyal customers. Surprisingly, I’ve been told that 30% of their walk-in customers are male. I strongly believe that it must’ve been the Kiehl’s décor which looks attractive universally without intimidating the different kind.

Congrats to Kiehl’s Indonesia, hope for more boutiques to come.



Moisturizer is NOT your one and only beauty savior. Read on.

When your skin or the climate is acting up on us, making our skin drier than usual, reach out for these products.

Yes we still have to exfoliate to get rid of those dead skin cells on the surface.

Face mask is the essential product to keep our skin plump and well-hydrated.

It’s just not another layer, OK? Facial serum can give us added moisture into deeper layers of our skin, which moisturizer can’t do. That’s why it costs more too.

Dry skin is one thing, but dehydrated skin is another problem. Without any hydration help, our skin would be flaky, itchy and feel tight.

While we were sleeping, our beloved skin is regenerating. A potent night serum will work its’ charm and magically transform dry skin to moist skin over night.



Here they are, three (yes, three) shampoo empties of the month.

Claimed to be an anti breakage strengthening shampoo, I did experience not too much of hair fall at shampoo time. What I love about it is the clear texture, as I’m totally not a big fan of creamy shampoo which I believe will make my hair limp. It foams well, too. What I don’t like about this shampoo is the scent. It’s too overpowering and it doesn’t smell like lavender (it was written on the bottle) at all. Repurchase? Mmmm…maybe.

Another clear shampoo, perfect for me. I count on this shampoo when I feel like my hair is getting slightly dry on the ends. As I really have oily scalp and hair, I used this as weekly shampoo. The scent is very natural, of course and has medium foaming factor. After my hair is dry, I can see it looks more shiny and feels very light. Repurchase? Yes.

I used this twice a week, due to its’ effectiveness to zap the oil on my scalp and hair. Less scented and less foamy unlike other shampoos I’ve tried. Oh, and more expensive too. But it’s really worth it, because it really works for oily hair owner. I recommend not to use it everyday as it can over dry and don’t forget to use conditioner on the ends afterwards. Repurchase? Yes. 


First empties of 2013.


Not just an ordinary night serum, it’s the core of pure essential oils which I believe make my skin looks better over night. The clear oil texture might be a bit hard to absorb as it left a filmy layer on skin, that’s why one drop is enough for the whole face and one extra drop for neck area. Smell like lavender, the droplets bottle was great to use when it’s full, but hard to get when almost empty. Repurchase? Yes, it does last longer than I thought, so good price for the 30ml bottle night serum.


Is it just me? I believe in natural products, I really do. But, I believe most of them took longer to show their results. As an instant believer on almost everything (right down to coffee in the morning, yup, I’m that awful), this face serum didn’t show any result after I finished the whole bottle. Maybe the second bottle will do? Repurchase? Not sure, as Fresh is not available in my home town, anyway.


The bright pink tube attracted me and the brush wand amazed me. It really did what it said, separating eye lashes one by one. It didn’t clump when it was newly opened but getting drier when it was almost finish. Repurchase? Yup.


One of my ever lasting favorite product. It didn’t dry out until the last attempt, and make eye shadows stay put all day until I take it off. Considering that I have oily eye lids, it made them more matte and the colors of my eye shadows appeared more intense. Repurchase? Definitely.


I wish I could say the same about this eye shadow primer as well. Although I might say that it made my eye shadows stay put and looking matte, but the texture is too thick, it was hard to blend. And, it dried out too quickly before the whole tube is finished. Repurchase? No.


Never a better timing, no?

My first blog for 2013. I’m going to share my attempt for beauty revamp. This is not a beauty resolution, just a slightly different products changing.

So, what changed?

Powder Foundation to BB Cream
I used to love all the coverage that Powder Foundation gave me, but lately BB Cream feels a lot lighter. Not to mention, the final glowing result after BB Cream absorbed and adjusting to my skin, it’s fantastic. From now, I only use Powder Foundation only for special occasion, if I need more coverage.
My pick : KIEHL’S ACTIVELY CORRECTING & BEAUTIFYING BB CREAM (which will be launch this year in Indonesia-thanks for Kiehl’s Indonesia for letting me tried it before launching date).

Lipstick to Jumbo Lip Pencil
Or Lip Crayon or whatever they called it. I love how effortless it is to line and fill lipstick in the same time. No more wrong outline lips, especially if you’re bright lipstick fans like me.

Nail Polish to Nail Stickers
My hero when I’m too lazy to wait for ordinary nail polish to dry. Might be tacky for first timer, but when you got the hang of them, you’ll become a nail stickers master. Warning: it might chipped easily, but for me it’s perfect. I never put on nail polish for more than 3 days anyway, to avoid dullness and yellow looking nails.

Loose Powder to Mineral Powder
Lately I’ve noticed redness around my nose. Ordinary loose powder won’t do the trick to reduce them, so I switched. Mineral powder, especially the ones created especially to reduce redness seem to work for me now. No retouching required and it doesn’t crack when I smile, so perfect!


It’s a perfect time to renew everything.

Including my makeup bag. I’ve been having the green makeup bag from Muji like forever, if it can talk, it’ll say ‘enough’. So, for 2013, I’ll go for metallic makeup bag from MAC (from Magic, Mirth & Mischief Collection).

Used to carry a lot inside my makeup bag, it was bulging and not to mention, heavy. So I cut down a few pieces and replaced them with double duty beauty products.

What’s inside my makeup bag for the upcoming year?

–       Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat : I carry concealer every day, to retouch under eyes makeup and side noses. It won’t crack over foundation & powder.

–       Kate Spade ‘Pop’ Lipstick Crayon : Always carry two lipsticks, one for night and one for day. I use this convenient lipstick crayon for night look (sometimes for day too, depends on the mood).

–       Soap & Glory ‘Naked Beige’ Lipstick : Now, this is my serious day lipstick when I want to be under the fabulous radar. LOL.

–       The Body Shop Lily Cole ‘Pink’ Lip & Cheek Dome : Double duty, and I don’t have to carry my blush brush anymore. Just dab and pat. Love it.

–       RMK Pressed Powder : It’s actually a setting powder to provide flawless finish, but I found it great to keep the skin matte without looking dull.

–       Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Fragrance : Perfect size for traveling in a chic minimalist 30 ml bottle. So me.

–       L’Occitane Smooth Hands : Because I wash my hands a lot and dry hands are big NO NO.


Coco Chanel once said “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”. But wearing too much perfume is a definite etiquette faux pas.  

So, how to not over-applied your fragrance? Do you really have to bother to touch up your fragrance in the middle of your daily activities?

Layering your fragrance smartly will help. A lot. But there are more tricks than just using the same body wash and lotion as your fragrance.  Learn more about the secret of layering:

       If you are the statement perfume fan, like Chanel No.5, leave it alone. Pick unscented bath and body products to compliment the (already) statement perfume.

       No range of bath and body products for your fragrance? Such shame, but you can try to stick to the same fragrance family. If your perfume is citrusy, then go for citrusy shower gel and body lotion. Same goes with floral, etc.

       Don’t forget to spritz your hair. But as some fragrance might be high in alcohol which will dry your hair gradually, do it last, after you dried and styled your hair. Or, you can use a few drops of perfume oil which will be a good frizz tamer.

       If there’s no deodorant for your favorite perfume, no sweat. Deodorant won’t affect your fragrance layering. Make sure you pick the most lightly scented deodorant.

       You all know the steps, start with body wash (it could be shower gel or good ol’ bar) that matches your perfume, then hydrate with body lotion (for normal to oily skin) or body butter (for normal to dry skin). Last but definitely not least, apply a drop of perfume oil or rollerball perfume where you’re about to spritz your EDT or EDP normally. Remember, the more moisturized your skin are, the longer your fragrance will last.



Hesperides Grapefruit by FRESH. The range include: shower gel, soap, body lotion, EDP and rollerball.

Musk by KIEHL’S. The range include: shower gel, lotion, EDT Spray, Essence Oil and Essence Oil with Roller Ball applicator.

White Musk by THE BODY SHOP. The range include: shower gel, deodorant, EDT, perfume oil, body lotion, body crème. They even have body powder & body mist too.

Amazing Grace by PHILOSOPHY. The range include: bath & shower gel, body crème, body oil mist, body spritz, body butter, hand cream, body emulsion, deodorant, solid perfume, fine perfume & spray fragrance.



There’ll be no such thing as bad hair day if you know exactly what hair type do you have and which hair care and styling products that will suit you best.

Take it from me, there’s no way in this world that we can expect our hair to look its best without any help. At least, we all need our basic hair care products. I’ve learned from a few hair experts back in the days that we have to choose to the right shampoo and conditioner (separate) for our scalp and hair type. And if you are the styling type (like me), you need add-ons. In my case, pre-styling products and post-styling products. 

Why do I believe in the power of styling? I have very fine baby hair, and I blame it on my genes for not having thick hair. I need volume and shine, pronto! That’s why I stocked my self with pre-styling products to keep my hair safe from heat, as I blow dry almost every day. And I definitely need my post-styling products to keep my hair in place for the rest of the day. I even have two different hair sprays, for day and night use. There you have it, my dear hair products that keep my bad hair day away. 


From Provence at South of France, Morocco, Uganda to Japan. The latest scented body collection from Kiehl’s brought us a sensorial trip around the world.

Yesterday, I was invited to attend the launch of Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends in Bird Cage, one of the lavish cafe in Jakarta. A perfect ambience to represent the body collection with an inspiring fragrance blends. The sitting down luncheon with fellow medias and beauty bloggers were full of information and fun, as we were given a chance to create our own fragrances inspired by one of the series from the Aromatic Blends, Orange Flower & Lychee (more on that fragrance making, here:

Jennifer R. Avancena (Brand Manager Kiehl’s Indonesia) made the first presentation, briefly about Kiehl’s that has been around since 1851, the upcoming holiday collection (limited edition set from Kenny Scharf and the ‘Squirt’ figurine) and what they’ll be launching next quarter (BB cream and Clarifying Cream). 

Then, Dyah Fitrisally (Product Manager Kiehl’s Indonesia) presented the four collections from Aromatic Blends, Fig Leaf & Sage, Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit, Orange Flower & Lychee, Vanilla & Cedarwood. She explained that each scent carried in the trio products (Aromatic Mist, Skin-Softening Body Lotion and Skin-Softening Body Cleanser) was formulated with fewer ingredients which were found in traditional fragrances. Two unique key ingredients created a pure aroma which perfectly represent the company’s apothecary heritage. She also mentioned that the Body Lotion were inspired by the iconic Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, which is proven to deliver hydration throughout the day. 

Each collection has a unique sourcing location and inspiration from around the world. Ingredients like Orange Flower, Pink Grapefruit and Sage essential oil were captured on-site directly after harvesting by a natural ingredient extraction, using steamed water to deliver their freshest and strongest aromas. Vanilla and Cedarwood were harvested from sustainable sourcing to support local community. And the most interesting approach is Aromatic Reproduction. They used this technique to recreate the scent without destroying the real plants and to mimic the real aromas of Lychee, Nashi Blossom and Fig Leaf.  

This new family of products really suit the overall Kiehl’s apothecary heritage (hello New York!), right down to the packaging. Perfect for those who opted to wear layering body care products for everyday use. All you have to do is pick your favorite line out of four. Yes, it’s that simple.