Congrats to Swarovski for opening another boutique in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

My first Swarovski was the charm bracelet my hubby gave me for Christmas. I guess for some (read: lots of) men, it’s super easy to pick up a gift for the loved ones at Swarovski. Women + Bling = Done!

Yup that bling Swarovski sent out will definitely cater our need to look our best at any given moment. From the simple long necklace with pendant to statement colorful collar necklace, they have it all. Attending Swarovski’s boutique opening at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, this week, I was also surprised to see Men’s Collection (though not many), and cute Hello Kitty’s crystal statuette’s. 

Just in time for the new boutique, they also launched Fall Winter 2014 Collection, starring Miranda Kerr. Nope, there was no Miranda at the event. But I love what she wears for the campaign, very easy to wear yet look stunningly bold. Check out the pics above, my personal favorite from the collection, ranging from those long layered necklace worn on models on the runway and those stacked bangles on Miranda’s. I truly believe that now it’s a whole lot more easier for your loved ones (ok, and yourself too) to pick a thing or two, or more from Swarovski. 


Ah, jewelry. I always have a thing for two for beautiful accessories. And MANJUSHA NUSANTARA is one of my favorite brand from Indonesia.

Last May 2014, they’re celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a thematic fashion show “Eksotika Kalingga” which presented an interpreted collection of classic traditional Javanese jewelries from the 6th and 7th century. 

The best part of the collection: it’s very affordable as they weren’t made from gold or silver and very easy to mix and match with modern clothing. Just check out the pics above. 


While I wasn’t having any breakfast like the late Audrey Hepburn on the Fifth Avenue’s store, but I was on the opening of Tiffany & Co. in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

Those forget me nots blue box decor were hanging beautifully on the mall’s atrium, greeted all the VIP and superstars guests on May 8, 2014. This is their third store in Jakarta, Indonesia, located on the first floor, just across Louis Vuitton. It could be the oldest brand existed inside this prestigious mall, since Tiffany&Co. has been the world’s premier jeweler since 1837. 

Warm lights, with art deco interior look very classy, just like every single pieces I’ve spotted inside those glass racks. My favorite? The Paloma Picasso collection (see pic above). Oh, and I also love the charm bracelet worn by Millane Fernandez who sang beautifully at the opening event. 

And yes, that Tiffany Setting engagement ring. It has been the world’s favorite engagement ring ever since it was created over a century ago. Most beautiful ring every girl wished for, placed beautifully inside that pretty blue box….Ah life is more beautiful in blue…


Excuse me for such hiatus posting lately, as I’ve been busy with my latest online shopping craze. Yes readers, I’m officially an online shopping owner named RICHE Accessories. 

From my background in some women’s lifestyle magazine before, and currently as a lifestyle blogger, I hugely believe there’s no easier way in this world of styling to dress up an outfit than with some eye-catching accessories. You can make a simple look, let’s just say: boyfriend jeans and a basic tee or a solid black dress look visually interesting with a statement necklace.

Just like lipstick, and shoes, and bags, I believe that a lady can’t have enough statement necklaces. They’re one of my favorite pieces that will surely add dimension to any outfit. You won’t feel sorry to invest in bold statement jewels that’ll add serious sparkle to any of your outfit. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some new love you’ll never want to take off, from RICHE Accessories unparalleled selection. Ranging from statement necklaces to stacked bangles and multiple rings, I hope you love shopping RICHE as much as I’m enjoying building it. And I’m trying my best to keep the online shopping updated twice a month. Make sure you keep on checking HERE

And last but not least, I believe statement accessories will speak for themselves. So if you’re looking for something bold but not loud, to make you look lovely for less, you are my future customer(s).


The beauty and richness of Indonesian heritage jewelry through the eyes of four women.

Four Indonesian women, Ria W. Glenn, Terry W. Supit, Ina Symonds and Yasmin W, are so passionate about Indonesian culture, especially its’ antique jewelries. Inspired by that, two years ago on April 9th, Manjusha Nusantara was born. Known as a handmade replica jewelry of Indonesian heritage, the two years old label brand, celebrated their birthday yesterday with fellow medias and VIP guests.

Not only showing the real antique jewelries from the golden glory days of Sriwijaya’s kingdom in Sumatra island, in metal and real gold, they were having a showcase and trunk show of Manjusha Nusantara’s latest collection named Swarnadwipa-Pulau Emas, Kemilau Sriwijaya, by models and Lions Club Jakarta Cosmopolitan’s ladies.

There was a story behind every jewelry indeed. “Manjusha Nusantara means a box of jewelry from Nusantara. We love our Indonesian culture so much, we want to preserve and promote Indonesian products not only for our own generations to come, but to the world. Our delicate craftsmanship were already known since ancient days, that’s why we also want to educate and share the story of each jewelry that we handmade, based on the real culture. So whoever wears Manjusha Nusantara will be able to tell the background or the history of the real thing, not just wearing them as fashion accessories,” explained Ria W. Glenn, one of the founder of the brand.

Manjusha Nusantara Jewelry Collection is currently available at Hadiprana Gallery and Dia.lo.gue Art Space in Jakarta, Indonesia.




Meet Myra W Dharyasa, the designer behind Piera by Myra, a jewelry line based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She’s a dear friend of mine from my previous adventure as an Editor. We met and shared similar beauty products launches, events, trips…you name it. As she got married and had a cute son, she decided to quit her job as an Editor and move on with her passion..her love of chunky yet chic necklaces.

Earlier this week, I had a chance to reunite with her during her label showing, Piera by Myra latest collection. She named them “Contrast” as there are lots of clashing colors and materials for her label. Her website and online shop will be launch earlier next month, so I’ll keep you posted on this matter.

Here’s my chat with her about her jewelry line.

SR : How did you start your line?

MYRA : “Piera by Myra was established on January 2012, it started from an idea of turning my personal liking of wearing chunky and chic necklace pieces to a business. I thought it would be nice if I can create beautiful and unique pieces for people to wear and to accessorize themselves. For me, accessory is one of the most crutial fashion element in one’s style. You can wear a simple top or outfit, and bring on the super chic necklace and voila! It is always nice to see women with style not simply because they wear high end branded clothes but because they can accessorize their body with the right and stylish choices. That’s why I created the label to cater all these needs.”

SR : Where do your ideas evolve from?

MYRA : “Basically ideas come from everywhere, from fashion trend, colour palette and designs that are shown through apparels to fruits, architectural element, sceneries, everything that catches the eyes.”

SR : What materials and techniques do you favor?

MYRA: “Materials such as metallic chain, fabric such as velvet, satin ribbon, crystal beads, acrylic piece, natural stones, synthetic pearls. Techniques: Twist, braids, mix and match, layering.”

SR : How would you describe the line’s style?

MYRA : “Chunky but feminine, chic but sometimes witty, elegant and colorful. I like my necklaces to stand out.”

SR : What’s your design philosophy?
MYRA : “Creative,
beautiful, unique, making a statement but wearable, and off course last but not least affordable.”

*Special Thanks and Hugs for Moza Pramita for becoming my model of the day

Contact : (62-21)81381241471
BB Pin : 214D72BA
Website : 



If you are or you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for one, this could be a beautiful and unique idea.

Personalized jewelry featuring child’s name? I want one myself. Simple and sweet, with add on birth stones, POSH Mommy jewelry was founded in 2007 by Ali Krebs. Her intention: to make mommy necklaces hip and hot. So hot, many (Hollywood) moms were seen wearing one, like Brooke Burke and Milla Jovovich.

From silver to gold, POSH Mommy jewelry can accommodate requests like platinum or genuine stones like diamond and sapphire. They also extended the line by creating charms, bracelets and tag necklaces for (POSH) dads and kids.


Georgia May Jagger added another gig for her already impressive resume, as the face of Vivienne Westwood latest jewelry collection.

Photographed by Juergen Teller for the new ad campaign, this fine jewelry collection was made with Palladium, the industry’s newest precious metal. Named the Gainsborough Collection, several of this intricate jewelry were already featured at Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2013 Gold Label show at Paris Fashion Week. 

Shown here are the made to order couture tiara, chandelier earrings and necklace. Meanwhile, the bracelet comes from the commercial collection with more accesible price for us mere mortals, and will be available at Vivienne Westwood stores in UK and online starting end of October 2012.