Yes, due to lots of things happened in my life, including this global pandemic situation, I just had my Botox again, after 5 years of Botox hiatus (read my previous experience, here).

I did my second Botox Treatment at Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic with Dr Olivia Ong, you can check them out here

Why Botox if you might ask? Well, like most of people I do love my skincare products, but seriously how far can they go? I read it somewhere (I forgot where), skincare and botox are like diet and exercise. To achieve a successful and maximal result for your body, you need both to complement each other. 

Many did it earlier in their late 20’s for preventative botox, but for me it’s all about getting treatment, not just to relax wrinkles. And mine was not just a conventional Botox, obviously. It was like getting a facelift without surgery, very important for a woman my age, with problems on lower face.  

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Hope things are fine with you all. For those of you who are still in a job and having fixed income in this pandemic situation, congratulations, you are lucky. But for those who are not (including yours truly), we really have to save some money and lose some things that we don’t urgently need.

Currently here are some products that I decided not to repurchase, not just because I’m in a saving mode, but I don’t think they really belong in my skincare routine. Anyway, these are just my personal opinions. Your final verdict is up to you.


After I had undereyes filler done by dr. Olivia Ong at Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic, and Milia removal done at Beauty By Appointment, I only use emulsion (which is lighter in texture than moisturizer) on the whole face, including undereyes. Seriously, all that fancy eye creams can’t do wonders for dark circles and undereye bags (you need stronger treatment than just applying eye cream). Especially if you’re prone to milia like me, better pick your products wisely.


Most essences are pricey. Usually they come in a luxurious looking glass bottle, but do we really need one? Essence might help with hydration, but I can get that from my current booster and hydrating toner.


If I need to mist some on my face, I’ll just put my hydrating toner in an empty mist bottle. Anyway, most face mists are either having hydrating or soothing purpose.


Both are not practical, I am done with the hassle of washing them off. Do not add stress to an already stressful time in life. I prefer to use sheet mask and modeling mask.


Been there, done that. My pores seem to dislike face oil, even though I already tried the so-called ‘good oil for oily skin’. Personally, I believe if you want that glowing skin, don’t fake it with face oil. But I still use cleansing oil for double cleanse, just because it’ll be wash off anyway.



This is the video that started this previous post (why I decided to do botox and filler on my birthday last year).

Enjoy the video as much as we did making it 🙂



My first BOTOX at Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic with the one and only dr. Olivia Ong, dipl. AAAM (Aesthetician and Anti-Aging Specialist).

And Botox was not the only procedure I had at dr. Olivia’s beautiful clinic. After consultation with her, apparently I need filler and rejuvenation. As I age (I’m not gonna tell you how old I, it’s not just the wrinkles I worried about, I looked tired as hell. See before after pics below.

Cheeks began to sag, dark circles got worse and turned out I did have bunny lines. And did you see how wide my nose was? And did you notice my chin got sucked in by age? A bit skeptical about the whole treatment, because I was worried about the post-effect. Turned out….that was me a week after the whole procedures. If you need more proof, check out the pics below…taken one day and two days after. Although dr. Olivia said that some swelling might occurred, I felt only a bit chubbier on the third day. 

For Botox, results may vary…some will see improvement within days up to 30 days. But I might say, I’m impressed with my results. Botox were shot on my forehead, both sides of nose, chin and bunny lines. 

Another before after pics after my second chin looked longer and my nose looked slimmer. And lots of improvement on my dark circles. 

If you asked me “was it painful?” I’d answer “beauty is pain, darling”. I wouldn’t lie to you, but botox shots are nothing compared to filler. But no worries, dr. Olivia and team will make you feel at ease. First, the application of anaesthetic cream aka numb cream on the specific areas that will be treated. 

Noticed the brown oil below? It named “amazing oil”. lived up to the name. I believe it kept the redness at bay. 

Compressed with amazing oil after the treatment. I have to admit, the one that hurt the most was the chin area, filled with filler. Dr. Olivia used Restylane filler to fill my under eyes and chin. More than just shaping, filler also made my skin more plump and tight. 

Voila!!!! That was my latest pic after about 2 weeks. My skin looks better, overall result: I have fresher & slimmer face on my … birthday (still not gonna

Will these results last forever? Unfortunately, not. Botox & filler need different touch up sessions. For more information about Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic, please click here. 



I got questions about this a lot.

Frankly speaking I don’t like facial that involves acne or blackhead extraction. It hurts. The only thing that I love about facial is simply the massage. Don’t we all?

But then again, we all need facial. At least, once a month to clear out those clogged pores because a simple exfoliation with scrub at home just won’t do if you have problematic skin like me. Please don’t try to pinch that thing out of your skin, because it’ll cause pores trauma (yes, pores can have traumas) and make them look larger than life. 

I trust JAKARTA AESTHETIC CLINIC to do my facial. They called it “COMEDONES PEELING” (peeling komedo in my languange-bahasa). The clinic itself doesn’t look like an ordinary clinic, I always feel like going to a spa when I entered their door. Private rooms with spa music and very modern and comfortable chair, this skin clinic belongs to dr. Olivia Ong, dipl. AAAM, an aesthetician and Anti-Aging Specialist. 

Here are the steps of the treatment:

1. Cleansing to remove makeup, dirt and oil with cleansing milk and facial foam.

2. Peeling will be applied on clean skin. It’s a very straight forward procedure, using a clear peeling gel (which is exclusively available in this clinic). This peeling gel will absorb into the skin to soften any clogged pores in about 3 minutes with hot steam on, therefore it’ll be easier for the beautician to extract the comedones later.

3. Extraction process is less painful than the other facials I’ve tried elsewhere. That’s because of the peeling which already soften the comedones and during the extraction, hot steam will always on. 

Warning: explicit image of my comedones. LOL. 

4. Mask time. Using a clear gel mask with a cold steam. Don’t worry, it’s not as cold as you imagine..just like a cool breeze which I believe will tone down the redness after extraction process. Mask will not be hardened after 10 minutes recommended time with cold steam always on. 

The whole process only took about 30 minutes. Very simple yet effective facial. 

Here’s the complete address and phone number to call for further information about JAKARTA AESTHETIC CLINIC.

Jl. Gunawarman No 11
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (yes, I did a selfie during this peeling facial LOL).