Kérastase and Lancôme Indonesia joined forces to bring beauty bloggers, a special pampering day.

Named Super Serum Duo Pampering Day, me and fellow beauty bloggers experienced the duo super breakthrough ritual at Irwan Team Hair Design Salon, Central Park Shopping Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia last Thursday. This exclusive bloggers only event was held to introduce the latest skincare innovation from Lancôme, Advanced Génifique and the breakthrough discovery for hair from Kérastase, Initialiste.

In case you’ve missed my previous blog’s post for the introduction of both products hereAdvanced Génifique and Initialiste have two same goals, to beautify.

Are you familiar with the previous Génifique which was launched back in 2009 and noted as one of the beauty revolution? Well, it was the first Youth Activating Concentrate which effectively returns the skin back to its youthful quality, based on our genes and protein relation. What differs the previous Génifique with the Advanced Génifique? Except the advanced formulas with 40% more active ingredients so we can see faster result (they claimed in 7 days), Advanced Génifique has different texture (from my experience it’s more of a light gel than the previous liquid texture) which made it absorb better, and (the best part of all) it has a new advanced dropper design. The bottle may not change, but for sure it has this self-loading dropper, so no more lucky guess of how many drops should we put on our face and neck for each application. It may be used for day and night as a booster before serum, as our genes are practically weakened by aging. In the morning, it’ll help to activate the genes, and at night it’ll repair the skin to boost the protein production. As the good people at Lancôme said, we can see and feel the improvements and reactivation of the 10 key signs of youth on our skin. Well, that was the concentrate for skin.

How about hair? As precious as stem cells for the skin, same here for the hair. There are 2 stem cells pools at the hair follicle’s level, which able to renew the follicle and hair generation. Initialiste, the first ever hair serum will impulse the hair growth at its source, creating more beautiful and stronger hair. In my opinion, its’ texture (easily absorbed) and scent (not overpowering like some hair products) exactly resemble the best of skin serum product, right down to the bottle and its’ dropper. Make sure you don’t get the wrong product for each. How to use Initialiste? Apply on clean shampooed hair, twice per week on thin hair and up to 3 times per week on normal to thick hair. As it’s a leave-in formula, do not rinse and style as usual.

At the bloggers’ event, I got my skin and hair on both products. I went in the salon with my dirty oily hair & undone face (you don’t want to see the before picture) and I went out with my lustrous, blow-dried hair and luminous skin (you can see my after pic above). Thanks for a super pampering day, team Kérastase and Lancôme Indonesia. 


Seems like everything about skin care innovations, the hair will follow.

Take BB Cream for example. When BB Cream for face launched as the latest beauty trend, they created BB Cream for hair. Then they went to CC Cream, and so did hair. Well you got what I meant.

So it comes to no surprise when Kérastase created the first serum for hair. Inspired by the incontestable success of skincare serums (one of them is LANCÔME Génifique) which changed the whole skincare routine, especially for women, Kérastase created the first concentrate which generates at its source the growth of a stronger, shiner and more beautiful hair, named INITIALISTE.

You’ve probably heard about the precious stem cells? With their high regenerating power, these cells won’t be affected by aging. But, as fragile as they are, their functionality will reduced due to internal and external aggressions, like oxidative stress, pollution and UV. Guess what? Stem cells existed at the hair follicle’s level, too. Discovered by the Recherche Avancée L’Oréal after 24 years of research, the 2 stem cells pools are as precious and as fragile as skin’s. Therefore, they have to be protected and preserved, to achieve the growth of more beautiful and stronger hair at its source.

Personally, I can’t wait to try the hair serum (and dig more about it for you), which IMHO does look like LANCÔME Génifique bottle, right down to the dropper (don’t you think so too?). I’ve read from other bloggers’ reviews that it successfully made their hair feels softer and thicker, easier to style, shinier with less breakage & split ends. Now I wonder if it’s going to be love from the first use for me? Stay tune, as Kérastase and Lancôme will have bloggers’ exclusive event soon (named Super Serum Duo Pampering Day) and of course, I’ll be there.