DUUX Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is a definite must have for your kid’s room.

My first thought when I saw this cute thing, TOAD. Yup, that Toad from Super Mario Bros. Well, this mushroom turns out to be an ultrasonic air humidifier with a soothing night light. Thanks to DUUX Indonesia, when I brought this home, my youngest son (age 10) couldn’t wait until I turned it on in his room. 

Ultrasonic technology creates cold mist within seconds, with the additional nightlight which is great for kids’ room. To scent the room, add essential oil inside the water basin. When I turned it all on (humidifier, nightlight plus aromatherapy), the water basin glows, the mist went out, then the scent filled my son’s room. He even called it magic mushroom. LOL. 

They came in two colors, red and green. And this humidifier (originally from The Netherlands) offers a bevy of kids-friendly benefits like healthier skin and happier nose. The facts that it uses about 80% less power than other humidifiers, no filter to change (just need to clean the reservoir) and it’ll automatically shuts down when the water level is too low, won me over after its’ cute design. It comes with an easy to install and cleaning instructions, too. So make sure you follow the instructions to keep the device working correctly. 

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Great scents count. A lot. Every time I burn DIPTYQUE candle, I feel Paris.

If you never tried this highest quality scented candle (FYI, they’re all made with only natural ingredients-no synthetic scents), this is the perfect set to start. Set of Mini Candles (each weight 70 grams) includes three scents, BAIES (Berries), FIGUIER (Fig) and ROSES (Roses). Even though they’re petite, they’re as powerful as the standard Diptyque candle. And the best part if we own this set is we can lit one by one at itself or light them all to create a unique scent. 

Baies was first introduced in 1983, one of the cult classics which is a favorite for such as Peter Som. He also uses the candle’s empty glass container to store his colored pencils (mine will be makeup brushes). Remember folks, do not throw the precious empty glasses once they all burned. 

Figuier is another darling for celebrities alike. Once, Gwyneth Paltrow blogged about it, naming Figuier as one of her favorite candle. 

Roses is sophisticated & elegant, no wonder Kate Moss, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez swear by its’ scent. 

From what I’ve read, those well-known people not only stock their homes with Diptyque candles, they travel with them too. That’s why this set comes in handy at smaller sizes. Don’t you just love the homelike ambience when you travel? I know I do. 


If you answered as stylish as you, then Missoni Home will blow you away.

Those iconic zigzags prints for the bed room, bath room and living room? Yes, home is not just where the heart is, it is where your style judged.

For 2013 collection, it’s a celebration of flowers, daisies and poppies to be exact. Printed on materials such as linen, light cotton satin and velvet for sofas, they’ll surely brighten up our home décor. Just perfect for those stylish yet sunny and creative personalities. Are you one of them? Missoni home is available at their showroom stores in Milan, Sao Paulo, Jeddah, Helsinki, and the latest in Southampton, New York. 


Such inspiring home decor and table settings for this year’s Christmas from Zara Home.

Let them be merry and bright! 


And make their trip to the loo much more interesting by using this colored toilet papers.

Don’t you just love innovations? Renova is already a big hit in Europe for years, showing us that toilet papers doesn’t have to be boring.

The colors is made of 100% biodegradable, virgin pulp and it is entirely recyclable. They only uses ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) and TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) pulps and has been tested under dermatological and gynecological control. Don’t worry, it’s also non toxic and doesn’t bleed any color when wet (so the black color won’t stain your ***). 

Dress up your bathroom, ready for Christmas, with choices of vibrant colors to match your decor, just because your bathroom also says a lot about the host.