First thing first, why vinegar? If you’re a BTS army, you’d probably knew that one of their member, Jungkook apparently cleared his acne by using ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). Yes, ACV is good for acne, because it helps to get rid of bad bacterias and lower the skin’s pH (FYI, acne sufferers tend to have a higher pH). I used to drink them on daily basis, but couldn’t bear the scent. So, when ACV finally made it as skincare ingredients, I can’t help but to try them. 

Let’s dig deeper to each of these two ACV based toner, shall we?

Both are fungal acne safe, by the way.

Made in USA
Claim: Oil-absorbing toner, leaves skin clearer and smoother
Plus Points: 

  • Affordable
  • Only contains three ingredients. 
  • Can be use as clarifying hair product
  • It comes in a spray bottle

Price: IDR 200K for 237ml
My thoughts: 

  • It still contains Damask Rose Oil, so if your skin is sensitive to oil, I do not recommend this. 
  • The scent is more vinegary than rosy if you know what I mean. This smells stronger and linger longer than Gallinée ones. 

Made in France
Claim: Soothe & reduce redness in sensitive skins, purify & exfoliate oily skin.
Plus Points: 

  • Contains prebiotics to support the skin microbiome
  • Oil-Free 
  • Using ACV infused with Hibiscus (I guess this also help to reduce the smell). 

Price: IDR 451K for 200ml
My thoughts: 

  • Yes, it smells like vinegar, but not as strong and lingering as Heritage Store.
  • I dislike the flip-top cap, though, it might get messy and sticky on the top with longer uses.



OK, this is tricky, folks. If you ask me “do I need to buy face mist?”, I’d probably say “No”. Because, if you’re on a budget (like me), I personally believe that you don’t need to purchase one. You can easily create your own face mist by putting your regular hydrating toner inside a mist bottle, and voila!

But, if you currently using hydrating toner (the type that you have to pour from the bottle and pat), you’d probably will love using these for their practicality. Let see: pour and pat, OR spray and leave? Which one will you choose?

Both of them are Fungal-Acne Safe (yeay!) and roses scent fans, you can thank me later.

Let’s begin with:


It’s a NZ brand

Claim: instantly delivers moisture to thirsty skin. Leave skin toned, cooled, hydrated and dewy.

Plus points:

  • Can be use as toner, makeup prep and makeup setting spray.
  • Great for hot humid climates

How to use: Hold at least 30cm away from the face and gently spritz. Allow mist to dry naturally. Or you can spray them onto a cotton pad and wipe.

Price: IDR410K for 100ml


It’s an US brand

Claim: calms redness, tones & soothes skin.

Plus points:

  • Minimal ingredients: only two listed, Purified Water and Damask Rose.
  • Formula hasn’t changed since 1969 (very reassuring for me).
  • No coloring, no alcohol, no preservatives, no sulfate and phthalates.
  • Can be used as hair, scalp & body mist.

How to use: Hold at least 30cm away from the face and gently spritz. Allow mist to dry naturally. Or you can spray them onto a cotton pad and wipe.

Price: IDR65K for 59ml

– Both of them use essential oils (Trilogy has 3 of them, while Heritage Store only 1), so if you are sensitive to essential oils, better watch out.
– Trilogy gives that dewy look more than Heritage Store (just like they claimed). Dry skin will love Trilogy for its’ hydrating ability.
– Personally, I love to put them inside the refrigerator, for extra coolness on a very hot day.
– Trilogy comes with a glass bottle, while Heritage Store in plastic.
– In term of sprayer, Trilogy is way better than Heritage Store, just make sure not to go overboard while spraying.