Making the most out of 3days/2nights trip, I decided to take my son to Art Science Museum. There was a permanent exhibition called “Future World: Where Art Meets Science”, and it was a great experience for me and my son. For kids nowadays, it really felt like an interactive digital playground. And everything looked very instagramable. Highly recommended place to visit while you’re in Singapore. 

Since my son loves Pokémon, we’re lucky to visit their first Research Exhibition outside Japan. This is also a fun and interactive exhibition, especially for Pokémon fans. We got to guess the mysterious Pokémon inside the ball via various interactive machine. Too bad, we can’t take the Poké balls home though. 

Yup, there’s Pikachu’s appearance too, make sure you take a pic with him. 

Since this exhibition is inside the SEA Aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa, of course we went to see the fish and all. I personally enjoyed watching sea jellies. I felt peaceful when I saw them floating around.

Now, off to another fun activities: SHOPPING!

It’s still November, but it feels like Christmas already. Some of the stores already display their Christmas gifting ideas. 


And I stopped by H&M flagship store in Orchard Road to see their latest collection of H&M Beauty. Seriously fun to try everything without the sales person bugging you. 

And they still have the Kenzo x H&M bag while I was there.

While in town, I tried the new Marks & Spencer Cafe, also located on the famous Orchard Road. 

Their famous Victoria Cake which I tried way back in London a few years back was there!!! Nostalgic feeling. Must try their Fish & Chips, me and my son loved it so much.

So what did I end up buying? Check out my not so much haul. Since this ain’t no shopping trip, I tried not to spend too much as we’re going to another holiday destination in December soon. Stay tune for my other travel post!



Call me experimental..but I do love to collect brushes. So far I have 21 brushes in my collection.

Most of them I bought online after watching beauty vloggers raved about them. Some were the result of impulse buying, that ended up as ‘misses’ brushes. Let me put it in a more simple way: I don’t like them all. 

So, which one are my faves?

From top to bottom:

MAC168: this is a large angled contour brush, which of course I use it to contour. It picked up powder nicely without fall out and even though the bristles is white, it cleansed easily with the right brush soap.

MAC217: I had this for ages until the logo faded away. I believe if cheaper brands made a dupe out of a brush, the original must be super awesome. And yup, this is my go to brush for blending eyeshadow on the outer area.

MAC 09: even though this is a small contour brush, I use it to apply setting powder on my under eyes area. Good brush shall multi task!

Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff: I bought this because it’s a dupe for MAC217 which apparently I already had. Why? Because I want to test the comparison. Not bad in performance, even though the bristles is more coarse than MAC, but hey..it’s so cheap so don’t complain. 

MORPHE M510: it’s a round blender for eyeshadow application. Some might find it’s too big for the eyelids alone, but I have wide eyelids, so it fits just fine. Sometimes, I use this for applying highlighter on upper cheeks too.

ZOEVA102: a vegan taklon foundation brush. Not a vegan myself, but I love this brush. I use this to blend liquid foundation as it won’t leave any weird strokes on my face.

ZOEVA106: I bought this as a set with other Zoeva brushes on this list (Classic Set Brush), and this one also has vegan bristles. Super soft and big enough to dust loose powder all over my face. 

MAC266: my go to eyeliner brush, as I love gel eyeliner. This made application super easy, as I also love to do cat eyeliner.

MAC208: I believe it is 208, as it’s so old…the logo already faded away. But the performance of the brush is still like the first time I used it. This is an eyebrow brush, I use it with brow powder.

OVAL FOUNDATION BRUSH: this is a dupe of Artis oval foundation brush which costs like 10 times more. And of course this has no brand, costs only IDR 50K. Pretty dense bristles, I was skeptical when I first washed them as I was afraid all the bristles might fall off after the first wash. Turned out after hundreds of washes, it’s still look the same. So yeah…never judge the performance by its’ price. 

MAC Isabel & Ruben Toledo 129SE: I love limited edition, but living in Jakarta made it harder to get one. My husband bought this for me in Malaysia. Even though this is a powder/blush brush, I use this every day as a blush brush. The fluffy round bristles made the blush looks so natural..like glow from within. 

ZOEVA142: Last but not least, concealer buffer brush. A handcrafted brush which I use to apply concealer around the eyes. I rarely use it to cover acne or brown spots, as I prefer to use my finger to pat concealer on spots. 

So yeah…that’s all folks. My suggestion if you want to collect makeup brushes:
* Acknowledge your need, not what you want (hello impulse buyer!!!)
* Find review of the brushes
* Deciding to save or to splurge (expensive ones do last longer)

Next on my brush bucket list is the fan brush…I’m thinking to get one right now…hmmmm



Sharing you my haul from my favorite online beauty destination, SOCIOLLA.

That pretty little pink box came two days after I ordered online. Super fast service, no hassle at all. 

And, this is why we’re so addicted to buy more…another discount coupon. 

I purchased three items: EMINA Crème de la Crème Lipstick, MASAMI SHOUKO Angled Shading Brush and ITSY NAILS Luxury Nail Wraps. If you follow my instagram (@shintarosvita) you’ll realized that I will never have enough lipstick in my makeup drawer (LOL). So, I decided to try this local brand lipstick, Emina. And to add to my brushes collection, I need to own a brush to contour my nose, Masami Shouko is very affordable. As for Itsy, I love their collection, as their nail stickers are so practical for those in-between manicure session. 

Damage? Rp 128.900 for these 3 items. I know, right? Very affordable and I didn’t even pay for the shipping fee. This is why I love to shop at Sociolla, not only for me, but for gifts as well. Click here to see what’s new and to check out their promotion. Happy Shopping!




So I’m sharing them today.

I have a weak heart for matte lipsticks, so when I found out about these happening matte lipstick range from Indonesian (yes, this is local, people) beauty brand, I just have to get my lips on these shades. 

Don’t know when PURBASARI, the brand, famously known for their ‘lulur mandi’ aka body scrub launched this matte lipstick range. But boy, am I glad they did. They have 10 shades available and since they’re so affordable (Rp 32.000 a pop), I decided to buy them all. Yes, they have nude to bold shades. 

I just got them yesterday, and I can’t wait to show their swatches to you all, but I only manage to do two today, so bare with me. I promise to update their swatches on my instagram (@shintarosvita) throughout upcoming days.


Randomly, I picked #89 named JADE (pic above). Pink Coral shade, which reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Retro Coral’.

And the next one #83, named PIRUS (pic below). Mauve shade, which similar to LA Splash ‘Love Good’.


My thoughts?

  • Great textures (velvety feel) and easily applied. FYI, I didn’t use lip liner for pics above. 
  • What you see on the tube is exactly what you get on the lips (intense color, me like!)
  • It didn’t crack and last super long (but of course, need to reapply after a few drinks and eating session).
  • In terms of packaging, well it’s not fancy that’s for sure. But I appreciate Purbasari’s effort to make them as simple as possible. Not fancy but didn’t look like their price. 

My tips?

  • Make sure you twist the tube carefully, don’t push them too far as they’re slim and a bit fragile.
  • Moisture your lips first, then blot excess lip balm with dry tissue, before applying to ensure their matte look.
  • But if you do not have problem with dry cracked lips, just apply them straight from the tube to maximize their matte look. 
  • Want them to stay longer without exaggerate your lip lines? Instead of applying foundation on your lips before your lipstick, which might left them peeled later on due to dryness, try BB Cream. Seriously, I’ve personally tried this trick, and it worked like a charm. 
  • One swipe is enough, as they’re very intense. Make sure to blot.

Well, good luck of finding these matte lip colors, as they’re really hard to find (even they don’t provide any infos where to buy on their own website).