First thing first, why vinegar? If you’re a BTS army, you’d probably knew that one of their member, Jungkook apparently cleared his acne by using ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). Yes, ACV is good for acne, because it helps to get rid of bad bacterias and lower the skin’s pH (FYI, acne sufferers tend to have a higher pH). I used to drink them on daily basis, but couldn’t bear the scent. So, when ACV finally made it as skincare ingredients, I can’t help but to try them. 

Let’s dig deeper to each of these two ACV based toner, shall we?

Both are fungal acne safe, by the way.

Made in USA
Claim: Oil-absorbing toner, leaves skin clearer and smoother
Plus Points: 

  • Affordable
  • Only contains three ingredients. 
  • Can be use as clarifying hair product
  • It comes in a spray bottle

Price: IDR 200K for 237ml
My thoughts: 

  • It still contains Damask Rose Oil, so if your skin is sensitive to oil, I do not recommend this. 
  • The scent is more vinegary than rosy if you know what I mean. This smells stronger and linger longer than Gallinée ones. 

Made in France
Claim: Soothe & reduce redness in sensitive skins, purify & exfoliate oily skin.
Plus Points: 

  • Contains prebiotics to support the skin microbiome
  • Oil-Free 
  • Using ACV infused with Hibiscus (I guess this also help to reduce the smell). 

Price: IDR 451K for 200ml
My thoughts: 

  • Yes, it smells like vinegar, but not as strong and lingering as Heritage Store.
  • I dislike the flip-top cap, though, it might get messy and sticky on the top with longer uses.



It has been awhile, so I thought I’m going to update y’all about my current skincare routine.

I found this routine to be super effective on my fungal-acne prone and hormonal/adult acne prone skin. Especially I live in always hot and summer weather, plus using mask during the pandemic. If you notice, I do skip moisturizer step, just because I try to avoid clogged pores under the mask. But as I always mentioned, skincare is personal, so what work for me might not work for you. 

Currently, I swear by these 4 products only:

1. Facial Cleanser: Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser
My all-time favorite, one of the best basic face wash for sensitive skin. Unlike many who skip face wash in the morning, I just can’t. I wore Retinol at night and it feels icky and oily when I wake up.

2. Exfoliant Toner: Gallinée Face Vinegar
It contains Lactic Acid, the gentlest member of AHA for sensitive skin. This toner will help to promote slightly more acidic environment on the skin, in order to make Vitamin C serum absorb better and work more effectively. If you dislike the vinegar scent, you won’t enjoy this.

3. Vitamin C Serum: Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Power Serum
It’s fungal-acne safe, non-irritant, and by far the greatest vitamin C serum that I’ve ever tried. Expensive, but worth it.

4. Sunscreen: Missha Aqua Sun Gel Spf 50+ PA++++
I’ve been using Skin Aqua brand for ages, but currently trying something new just for a change. It looks like milky white lotion but when applied, it won’t leave any greasy feel or white cast. So far I’m loving it.



It’s hard to hold the urge to squeeze blackheads (really!). But there are help, people! Read on. 

Thanks to this skincare routine, I’ve managed blackheads on my face, especially on the nose.


Cleanse: Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam. It’s one of my favorite face wash, because it’s also safe for Fungal Acne. In the morning, I use this with a dry-cleansing technique. Apply on dry skin and massage for one whole minute, than left them on for 5 minutes. Rinse them well and pat to dry (personally I never use towel to dry my face). 

Exfoliate: there are two ways to exfoliate. One, you can use exfoliating toner. Two, use peeling cream. Because I have sensitive skin, I am very picky of exfo toner, and one that I love currently is Gallinée Face Vinegar. It is made for sensitive skin, eliminating dead skin cells with Apple Cider Vinegar. If you dislike the scent of vinegar, you might try the second option, Thank You Farmer Back To Iceland Peeling Cream. It smells like green herbal, you might enjoy the scent and how it exfoliate gently without no skin irritation. If you have oily skin which are more vulnerable to blackheads, do this exfo step maximal 3 times a week (choose toner only or peeling cream only, not together at the same time). 

Treat: Vitacid Tretinoin 0.1% Cream. Retinol is the best way to clear clogged pores and treat blackheads. It’s also an effective ingredient to prevent blackheads because it helps to remove sebum, bacteria and dead cells from the skin. I use this every night (with a pause twice a week to use exfo toner or peeling cream) almost two years already. It made my blackheads popped out effortlessly without having to extract them. 

Remember, consistently clean skin is the best way to prevent and clear blackheads, so if you can do all steps accordingly, that’d be great for your skin. 



This exfoliating toner had me at their Prebiotics & Probiotics claims, to support the skin microbiome. And my first ever purchase from this French made brand.

Price IDR 451K for 200ml (at Sephora Indonesia)

Just a glimpse of this microbiome thing, our skin is home to millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses, invisible life-forms known as the skin microbiome. In order to make our skin healthy, a balanced microbiome is crucial. We need to keep those good bacterias, and banish the unhealthy ones. 

Enter Gallinée Face Vinegar. Acts like a toner, it claims to cleansed away those unhealthy bacterias and eliminates dead skin cells, allowing better absorption of good bacteria and other ingredients in the rest of our skincare routine. 

Yes it is safe for Fungal-Acne

Their first active ingredient is called Actibiome, a novel prebiotic that works to calm stressed skin and prevent it from further irritations alongside gentle postbiotic acids that allow the skin’s beneficial bacteria to flourish. The second actives is hibiscus-infused Apple Cider Vinegar, but no worries, it didn’t smell as sour as the real ACV. 

Some said, this is a dupe for Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion. I’ve tried it before and I found Gallinée ones is more light (in terms of the formula and scent). I remember I have to dilute P50 with water so it won’t sting my skin, but I apply this face vinegar directly without no stinging at all. I do recommend this if you have sensitive skin like me. 

So how do incorporate this exfo toner in my skincare routine? You’d probably know that I don’t use toner everyday since my #skinimalism journey. But I do use Adapalene on daily basis, and it doesn’t exfoliate. A lot of misconception that retinol exfoliates your skin, well….it does not. I apply this exfo toner with cotton pad twice a week (Monday and Thursday), at night time when I don’t use Adapalene. If you are using Retinol like me, I suggest you skip your retinol while using this, because Apple Cider Vinegar is actually a gentle form of AHA. Avoid applying Retinol and AHA together at the same time as it can cause serious irritation. Instead, if you are using this toner, apply hydrating serum afterwards.

Check out that gunk

Unlike some of the exfo toners that I’ve tried before, this is the only one that didn’t make my skin looks red afterwards. However, don’t expect this toner to act as water (even with the watery texture), it didn’t absorb as fast and it did left a bit tackiness on skin. But, still on comfortable level, and I found that my hydrating serum and moisturizer sit very well after using this toner. 



July is a month of another reset, as the city I live in (Jakarta, Indonesia) was on its’ worst cases of Covid-19. It was like going back to square one when the global pandemic hits, so this month is definitely a #stayathome month for me (again). I just realized, maybe due to stress, this month’s purchase were like due to curiosity rather than what my skin actually needs. Oh well, I’m only human after all. FYI, by the time I wrote this, I’m into SKINIMALISM (more on that on later posts, so stay tune!), so I don’t know what to do with my earlier purchases.

Anyway, here’s my skincare haul this month.


Mmmm…. after I bought this in early July, I became to wonder, do I really need to double cleanse with oil since I’m not wearing any makeup? I guess I bought this just because I want to try cleansing oil with Grape Seed Oil, known to have high Linoleic Acid (which is supposedly great for oily skin). Might keep this for later if I start using makeup again (but when is that going to happen?)
Price IDR 92K for 150ml


Definitely splurge of the month, and yet another products purchased due to curiosity. I used to drink Apple Cider Vinegar/ACV, but my family couldn’t stand the smell, so I quit (LOL). I guess it had me because it contains hibiscus-infused ACV and prebiotics to support the skin microbiome. 
Price IDR 451K for 200ml. 


Another toner in my basket this month, and I was thinking to skip toners for my new SKINIMALISM routine. Just great! Maybe I use this for CSM later on, because of its’ soothing purpose. This hydrating toner contains 85% bamboo extract which supposedly helps skin retain moisture and freshness. 
Price IDR 280K for 160ml.