Frankly speaking, I am not an all-out green and natural skincare products seeker. I mean, I still believe in hard-core acids and stuffs. But, lately there are new and interesting natural ingredients on the skincare market. Thought I’d give it a shot.


Hibiscus is a beautiful flower and surprisingly has skincare benefits. It is one of the most powerful anti-aging plant actives, so it’s known as nature’s botox for its’ firming and lifting ability. This flower is also rich in antioxidants to help skin fight free radicals from pollution and UV. But please aware that hibiscus is a fragrant plant, therefore it might affect those who are sensitive to scents on your skincare product.


In Indonesia where I live, it’s not rare to drink the juice. But what do we know? Noni fruit extract is great for healing and rejuvenating skin due to its abundance of vitamins (A & C) plus antioxidants to protect against free radicals. One thing that interest me the most about one of the benefits is: Noni has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties! Whoa! It might be good for fungal-acne, no?


Again, where I live, people will eat cooked eggplants (though I don’t like it). I know it’s a healthy food, but little that I know it’s full of vitamin C. And when I did research for eggplant on the net, it contains ‘lupeol’ (some kind of substance that’s highly effective on problematic skin). It’s also antibacterial and anti-ageing. Pretty potent veggie, right?





Known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, you’ll easily find this ingredient in the treatment for acne and such. If you can stand its’ distinct scent, that’s great, because it does work to get rid of fungal acne.


I read in that there are studies that showed that propolis extract exhibits antimicrobial activity. And I love how propolis does give a glowing effect on skin.


Unfortunately, this ingredient mostly came in a shampoo form. But no worries, you can use this shampoo as a 5 minutes wash-off face mask. Compared to other antifungals, like Zinc Pyrithione, Ketoconazole is the champ.


Tea tree oil has strong antimicrobial properties against Malassezia aka fungal acne. Personally, I tried to stay away from the oil per se, just because I found it too thick and might irritate my sensitive skin. So I chose product that actually contains one (it’s diluted with other ingredients).



ALTERNATE, people.

Is it just me? Or lots of you experienced the same thing as me? My skin easily got immune, usually after finishing two of the same skincare product. Weird but true.

That’s why I found a way to alternate between products, just to make sure their effectiveness on my fungal-acne prone skin. So, after finishing one product, I usually move to another brand with similar ingredients and purposes. Then, I’d move back to the old one.



The similarities: both are fungal acne safe and contain water plus butylene glycol.

The difference: Hada Labo only has 7 ingredients, while Somebymi has 22.

Thoughts: they are both mild enough to use everyday as exfoliating toner, but I try to use it every other day to avoid over exfoliating. And usually I just use exfoliating toner at night time.



The similarities: both are fungal acne safe and contain niacinamide, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate and allantoin.

The difference: 2Sol only has 19 ingredients, while Paula’s Choice has 24.

Thoughts: They both will be better if mixed with ampoule or moisturizer, as they might be sticky if stand alone. Both have same clear watery texture.



The similarities: both contain snail secretion filtrate, panthenol, betaine, arginine, butylene glycol and allantoin

The differences: Cosrx only has 12 ingredients, while Benton has 25. Corsx is safe for fungal acne, while Benton (unfortunately) has polysorbate 20 (known as one of fungal acne trigger) in their ingredients list.

Thoughts: Cosrx is more gloopy (literally like snail mucin), while Benton is less gloopy. Unfortunately Benton reformulated this and added Polysorbate 20 in their new formula, so it might not be safe for fungal acne.



I’m sure a lot of you already familiar with the term of “Clean Beauty”.

Lately I’ve become more aware of this, especially after my first strike of fungal-acne back in April 2018. After that 1st attack, I read the ingredients label on the back like I’ve never been before. And luckily, now we’re blessed with skincare ingredients search engine that can identify the safety of most products that we use every day for our skin.

Now it’s harder for companies to market and brainwash us with their products, because (thanks to the awesome technologies) we can find out by ourselves. For certain, I can’t be fooled by the word “natural” or “organic” or “pure” anymore.

After some research online, the terms “Clean Beauty” refers to lots of definition, but I guess I can simplify it to non-toxic. Non-toxic products that are made without ingredients linked to harmful health effects (from simple and short term ones like skin irritation, to scary and long term ones like cancer). If you search online, you will find a lot of harmful ingredients with familiar names like Propylene Glycol which actually is an antifreeze, or Sodium Hydroxide which is used as a drain cleaner. Yes, nasty chemicals indeed. So, it’s not about eco-conscious anymore, but more to health-conscious.

I’m trying my best to join this “Clean Beauty” route. Having fungal-acne prone skin, I do have to check every single time I want to purchase skincare product. Thanks to, I know I have to stay away from Ester (alcohol and fatty acid) and its’ friends like Polysorbate. So, initially I looked for harmful fungal-acne trigger ingredients, but turned out those ingredients are also harmful in any other ways. Lucky us, the industry (especially personal-care ones) are slowly but surely cleaning up, for more aware consumers. After the US, K-Beauty is also trying to clean up to serve the new generation of more aware consumers.

My favorite Clean Beauty products for Fungal Acne are:


It consists only one ingredient: 100% of Artemisia Princeps Extract (aka Mugwort). It’s known for its’ soothing and cleansing effect. Great for sensitive skin!

Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar and T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

There won’t be any Essential Oils, Drying Alcohols, Silicones, Chemical Screens, Fragrance/Dyes and SLS in Drunk Elephant’s products. So yes, I love Drunk Elephant, especially these two.


Instead of using AHA, this pad is using 88% Hibiscus (known as Nature’s Botox for its’ firming ability and natural source of AHA). So, it delivers the same benefits as chemical AHA without being harsh. I just love this new Clean Beauty brand from Korea. Even the packaging looks so clean!


Most of their products contain less than 10 ingredients. Very minimalistic, just like their packaging. This is one of their star product, which contains 91.3% of milk vetch root, a super ingredient in Korean and traditional Chinese medicine, full of skin-beneficial betaine and minerals. It’s fragrance free, dye free and irritant free.


Main and only ingredient: Centella Asiatica Extract. It’s really soothing for sensitive skin and very affordable for a big bottle of ampoule.



Do I have other products than K-Beauty skincare? Of course, dearest. I do have a few of European drugstore brands in my collection. Disclaimer: unfortunately, most of them were purchased when I travelled abroad, because they don’t carry them where I live (Jakarta, Indonesia). Boohoo!!

EAU THERMALE AVÈNE or simply called Avène.

Thermal Spring Water

I guess every girl in this world must have this in their vanity. I use this before first toner, right after cleansing. Why? Because I have hard water in my home, so I need to neutralize my skin before everything else. It has ideal calcium/magnesium ratio to help improve skin texture. And I love the cooling & calming sensation on every spray it made. Super love!

3 in 1 Make-Up Remover

This is like a cleansing milk, non-rinse ones. Its’ milky texture will turn into fluid when rubbed. Please note that this has fragrance (but claimed to be tolerated by sensitive skin). It removed base makeup well, but not recommended to use to remove eye makeup.

Vichy Laboratories Mineral 89

I am sold by one of their claim that it acts as a protective shield against pollution. And after more research, I found out that this only has 11 ingredients (which is great for sensitive skin), with the highest concentration of their Thermal Mineralizing Water plus Hyaluronic Acid. Currently, I use this as daily moisturizer, by the way.

URIAGE EAU THERMALE or simply called Uriage

Creme Lavante

Another Thermal Water based product in my collection, this is a fragranced cleansing cream. Even though it’s fragranced, it’s safe for sensitive skin (proven by yours truly). Usually I use this in the morning after my acid night (which is only twice a week now). Mind you, this is soap-free and contains 1/3 nourishing milk. It won’t dry out skin but in the same time it didn’t leave any filmy residue after cleansing.

Hyseac SPF50+ Fluid

It’s specifically tailored for combination to oily skin, so yes on this point. It contains licorice extract which known for its’ ability to reduce excess sebum and prevent new blemishes. Another yes. It didn’t leave my skin look shiny or white or greyish or patchy.

Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Soothing Care

This is actually a day and night moisturizer, but I use this as a daily moisturizer for AM only. It’s preservative-free, paraben-free, paraffin-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, colorant-free and emulsifier-free. Since I’ve experienced redness here and there, especially after that over-exfoliating period, this really help to calm them down. It’s very light and contains SymSitive, their patented ingredient specially developed for hypersensitive skin. I do recommend this to strengthen skin barrier.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50T

This specific type (they do have lots of type) of acid toner has been developed to suit all skin types from sensitive to dehydrated skin. I was too excited to try this hype acid toner, I applied this every night. Yes, I ended up having over-exfoliated skin. So, I do recommend to use this only once or twice a week (diluted on a cotton pad moistened with water). I don’t mind the vinegar-like smell, it reminds me of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Thermal Spring Water

What is it with me and Thermal Water? Well, this is another favorite Thermal Water of mine. Naturally rich in selenium, well known as a powerful antioxidant, this face mist not only refreshes but also tones and rebalance skin. That’s why on my bad skin days, I will use this as a face toner to replace my regular toner.

Serozinc Face Mist

To beat the shine with only mist? Yup, this will do. This is actually a mattifying face mist, specially made for oily skin people. As the name applied, it does contain zinc sulfate to target signs of oily skin. No worries, it’s also clear like ordinary water mist, and I believe this is also a great toner if you’re sensitive to anything.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Need I say more? Tried many of cleansing water for makeup, from another brands, another countries, but keep on coming back to this. Even though this doesn’t dissolve eye makeup, but a great base makeup remover.



Many of my followers on Instagram asked me this question, so might as well, I write a post about it based on my own experience and research.

Fungal acne does itch! A lot! Actually, the itchiness is the main thing on how to detect if they’re really fungal acne, or just closed comedones. And they don’t have puss in it, so no matter how you try to pick, pinch or drill it (kidding), they can’t be flatten. So, never pick on fungal acne. Usually fungal acne will come in groups, so close to each other. But, if you are still not sure, I do recommend you to go the dermatologist.


Well, some said yes. Anyway, they’re fungus, so they usually easy to spread. Better be safe than sorry, don’t share personal care stuff with anyone, including your own family. That’s why they called it “PERSONAL” care, got it? Especially: facial bar soap, towel, facial cleansing device or sponges. Just don’t.


Put away all your skincare that contains fermented ingredients. Stat! If you want to know which products are safe for fungal acne, you can check And never treat your skin like enemy, treat it like a wounded friend. So, start taking care of your skin more.

FYou still need to do all the basic skincare, cleanse, tone and moisturize (just pick the ones that are safe for fungal acne). Last but not least, apply NIZORAL Cream. You see, Nizoral cream is a topical anti-fungal with Ketoconazole in it (this is da’ bomb for fungal acne, seriously!). Apply thinly and religiously on the last step of your skincare routine. You might see and feel the difference sooner than you know.


Yup. Fortunately, you can apply Organic Raw Honey as facial mask. Yes, just the honey, don’t mix with anything else. Apply thinly but religiously on clean skin and leave them as long as you can handle the stickiness. Of course, don’t leave home with it on, OK? It might take some time to heal if you’re only using raw honey as treatment (just saying). Make sure you buy RAW Honey (better if organic). BTW, I read some people are allergic to bees, so forget this step if you are.


Fortunately, I’ve found some sheet masks that are safe for fungal acne according to Please pick and choose your skincare products carefully, as they will affect your skin condition.



Well, they didn’t say too much of everything will kill you for nothing.

I had angry skin issue before (click here for the post), so this one is another round of angry skin (read: over exfoliated skin).

So, what the heck happen? Obviously, I was too excited with my recent haul: new acid products, and konjac sponge. Too excited, I use them every morning. To added to the worsen condition, I still apply my exfoliating toner, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50T every night. So yeah, my skin is super angry and over exfoliated for sure!

These are lethal combination, when use all together, everyday.
Angry red spots, white heads, cystic acnes. Oh well!

First sign of over exfoliated skin: redness, dryness, and it stings whenever you apply something on it.

What I’ve learned:

  • Stick to one acid and do it every other day, NOT EVERYDAY!
  • Add skin calming and healing products to my regime.
  • Doing toner masking with oat will help a lot!

So, what would I do to save my over exfoliated skin? One, stay away from any exfoliating products for two weeks or at least until healed completely. Two, using gentle products that will restore skin’s natural epidermal barrier. Here’s all the products that I use currently for my over exfoliated skin.

URIAGE EAU THERMALE CLEANSING CREAM: it’s a soap-free cleanser, with 1/3 nourishing milk and Thermal Water. This protects skin against the drying effects of hard water.

LA ROCHE POSAY SEROZINC: I’m skipping exfoliating toner and hydrating toner for now. Instead, I use this face mist as a toner. It does help to soothe irritation and inflamed skin, and as a bonus it keeps my oily skin balanced.  

COSRX ADVANCED SNAIL 96 MUCIN POWER ESSENCE: it contains 96% of snail secretion filtrate, known for super intense repair and hydration. And snail mucin has that repair ability purpose, so I’m loving this.

VELY VELY PINK CALMING GEL: this is actually a face & body moisturizer. It contains pink microbeads from Calamine powder, known for its’ ability to soothe tired and damage skin.

As I’ve experienced this before, I’m positive that it’ll be back to a tip top condition in about two weeks. So, I’m going to update you on this matter. Meanwhile, I’m going to take care of my skin the way it should be. Cheers!



Woohoo!!! Another K-Brand is entering J-Town. This time is Banila Co. Thanks to C&F Store for sending me these.

I’ve been eyeing on their Cleansing Balm for awhile, but moving on back and forth to purchase it because of my sudden fungal-acne attack. Yes, unfortunately most of cleansing balms contain Ethylhexyl Palmitate (noted as fungal acne trigger on But I can see why this is such a hype product for beauty enthusiast. First, their packaging is very ‘now’, looking very instagramable, and instead of renewing just the packaging, they also updated the formula. For the Original (the pink jar), there used to be mineral oil in their ingredients, but they replaced it with natural ester oil. I just wish there are fungal-acne safe cleansing balm out there (please let me know if there’s any).

Fungal-Acne Safe Primer, yeay!!!

There’s one that is actually safe for fungal-acne, and I’ve enjoyed using so far. It’s not silicone-free, though (hello it’s a primer, so no surprise there). Their Classic Primer. Comes in a pump bottle, it is a makeup primer with satin finish. Yes, you heard me correctly. It is rare that a primer comes in a satin, not matte finish. I use this occasionally though, as primer is not a must makeup step for me.

Before Classic Primer (Left) & After Classic Primer (Right)

One interesting product, their Sun Primer. It is a primer plus sun protection, so perfect for traveling to save baggage. If you have no problem with fungal acne, you will love this (it contains Ethylhexyl Palmitate, which might trigger fungal acne according to

As for their range of makeup named B. by Banila, they sent me Lipdraw Melting Serum Stick and Liplike Lip Slip. Love their super simple but very instagramable tubes.

Lipdraw Melting Serum Stick

Lipdraw Melting Serum Stick is perfect for those who love gradient lips look. It felt melting when applied on lips, maybe because it contains argan oil and honey extract that feel very moisturizing.

Liplike Lip Slip

Liplike Lip Slip is a lip lacquer that combines the color pay-off of a lipstick, the moisture of a lip gloss and the longevity of a lip tint. How awesome! It is lightweight and looks matte on lips. Might purchase another shade as I’m so not into reds.

Now you can purchase all the originals Banila Co at some C&F Stores, or online here.



Personally, I prefer to use ampoule and skip moisturizer when my fungal acne attacks. But, why ampoule? You might ask.

My current Ampoules Collection

Well, did you notice that most of ampoule comes in smaller bottle (except the Skin 1004 ones)? It’s because they are mostly very concentrated, and we only need up to 3 drops each time. Ampoule is like an extra booster of help, when your skin needs it the most. That’s why you can skip ampoule step if your skin doesn’t need any help and already in its’ tip top condition.

So, if you want to jump to this ampoule wagon, please note that the general rule is to apply essence, serum then ampoule. But, that depends on what kind of texture it has. Just remember to use the thin texture first, than move on the thickest.

Let me tell you why I love these ampoules for my fungal acne prone skin.

The biggest bottle of Ampoule

I’m going to start with Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica 100. It comes with a huge 100 ml pipet glass bottle (which I never brought to travel with me, for sure!). As Centella Asiatica is a plant that is rich in saponins and is an anti-inflammatory, I believe this ampoule calm my redness and help reducing rashes, including fungal acne which mostly attacked my temple area. I use this every morning, because it’s not sticky and good for layering under makeup.

My PM Ampoule

Moving on to Leegeehaam Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule. I used raw honey mask to help tone down my fungal acne. So no surprised when I tried propolis, it did good as well. It contains a whipping 50% propolis extract, which is basically a combination of beeswax, enzymes and tree sap used by bees to seal, disinfect and waterproof their hive. You see, propolis has powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. However, this might feel sticky when used alone. So I like to mix it with Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster and apply at night. This will give instant glow when applied (yes, even at night I want my skin to glow, LOL).

Last but not least, the latest find of mine: CNP Laboratory Mugener Ampoule. My first encounter with the brand and snail mucus. And thankfully, it did just fine for my fungal-acne and the rest of my face. This works to relieve redness, calms blemished skin and soothes sensitive skin. This has the thickest texture out of two ampoules above and the most hydrating, too. First applied, it will be sticky but soon disappeared after few pats. The only con, it’s a bit hard to pull the pipet out of the glass bottle. Can’t do it with one hand if I’m in a hurry.



I went to the launch of Trilogy in Jakarta last week, and they claim that this specific product sold every 20 seconds around the world. Is it that good?

First, why did I choose this over two others? Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ contains Cranberry Seed Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil that might trigger Fungal-Acne. Similar with Rosehip Oil Light Blend, it contains Jojoba Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil. Big no for Fungal-Acne. Meanwhile, the Certified Organic Rosehip Oil contains 100% Rose Canina (Rosehip) Seed Oil, which is totally safe for Fungal-Acne.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you’ll know that I did electrocauter to get rid of milias and sebaceous hyperplasia that I had last year. And to get rid of the scars from the treatment, was a challenge. I’ve tried this and that to make the scars from cauterization healed faster, and when I stumbled upon this specific oil, I was hooked. Until now.

You see, Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is a 100% pure organic rosehip oil that works not only to prevent skin aging, but also to assist skin renewal and repair. It is also clinically proven to help scars and damage skin. So yeah, no wonder it really worked to help me clear out my cauter scars. For scars, I used this on the very end step of my PM skincare routine.

Bare Faced. Left – not using oil. Right – using oil.

Then, after all the cauter scars were gone, I’m still using it until today. For different purpose, that is. I mixed this with foundation to give me that radiant healthy glow. Because of its’ oil texture, I believe it will blend well with any liquid foundation. Check out the difference when I’m using the oil and not.

Can you tell? When using the oil, skin doesn’t look dead matte. It glows naturally.

By the way, Trilogy is a brand from New Zealand. Come to think of it, this is the first and the only Australian’s skincare product that I purchased. Now you can get them here in Indonesia at some C&F stores (they carry only 15 SKU’s for now). Or you can buy them online, here.