….. give different kind of roses. 


For this Valentine’s Day collection, Diptyque collaborated with Antoinette Poisson, famous illustrators known as creator and restorer of Domino Paper. You see, domino paper aka decorated paper reached their peak in the 18th century and used to cover books, boxes and wall. Antoinette designed two exclusive motifs for Diptyque Rosa Mundi, one floral and one geometrical to wrapped this whole collection. The name Rosa Mundi was inspired by the forbidden love story between King Henry II of England and his mistress, Rosamund Clifford. She was famed for her beauty and often called “Rose of the World”. It was quite a scandalous legend, as she died because King Henry II’s Queen, Eleanor poisoned Rosamund. After she passed away, King Henry II still put roses (known as the flower of love) on her grave. 

Back to now …. the aim of this fragrance is to bring back the diversity of scent of roses in bloom. The rose from Damascus, the Damascene, is harvested in May in the mountains of Ispartha in Turkey; the May rose, Centifolia, known as the hundred-petalled-rose due the profusion of the latter, is grown in the Grasse region in France. 

There were Rosa Mundi before, which also came in candles, EDT, solid perfume and scented oval. So, the fragrance remains the same this year, except for EAU DOMINOTÉE. Multi-use water, with added geranium and patchouli, that can be worn as perfume, sprayed into the air, or fragranced the fabrics. 



This year, DIPTYQUE launches Essences Insensées, the third in the line for La Collection 34 series (respectively launched in 2014 and 2015). This series was inspired by the address of Diptyque’s first boutique.



…. you might love this latest fragrance from LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE, BALLERINA NO 3. 

Just look at that black everything! Black matte flacon and that black tulle! So I’ve been told that it’s hard to find tulle fabrics in Paris? Seriously?

Why number 3? This is the follow-up to the previous Ballerina No 1 and 2. If you missed my post about them, click here

In my earlier post, I mentioned about Black Swan and guess what? Actually, Ballerina No 3 was inspired by Black Swan. In the press release about this fragrance, Ballerina No 3 noted as a perfume with double personality, just like the character in Swan Lake Ballet. At first, it was delicate, soft and cheering…but then it turned to voluptuous, powerful & captivating. 

Invented by Delphine Lebeau, Ballerina No 3 sort of reveals the most secrete & dark part of the ballerina. Warning you: this ain’t no sweet ballerina with pink tutus. 

Head notes: fuchsia flowers, rose buds, black pepper & pink pepper
Heart notes: black rose & violet leaves
Base notes: sandalwood, oud, cashmeran, caramelized vanilla, cedar wood, patchouli and amber.

Amber note made this women fragrance super long lasting, and based on the notes above, Ballerina No 3 can be categorised as a Woody Floral Musk Fragrance. Available in 50ml and 100ml EDP, I can say this fragrance is very feminine yet powerful. So fierce at its’ own, I feel guilty if I don’t wear my black attire with this fragrance. 


Calvin Klein is back with (what they called) a gender free fragrance: CK2.

Way back then in 1994, CK One was a big hit for being the unisex fragrance for young generation. Two years later, there was CK Be, also known as unisex fragrance. Now in 2016, there’s CK2.

Now that things have changed a lot, ‘unisex’ are no more. Instead the term ‘gender free’ was used to address the young generation which named the Millennials. 

I was invited with others Sociolla Bloggers to the launch, and they had this capsule. We experienced the virtual 360 panoramic picture inside the capsule, very millennial-ish indeed. 

So, what’s in the fragrance?

Those are just some. But yes, those are literally stones. One of the notes is wet cobblestone, along with wasabi (yes, that bitter dipping in Japanese restaurants), sandalwood, mandarin, violet leaf absolute, orris concrete, rose absolute, vetiver and incense. 

Being a gender free fragrance, it’s really fresh and I found it more masculine than feminine, though. In the press release, they announced CK2 as Urban Woody Fresh. So, yeah…it is fresh at the very beginning and turned very woody when dried down. 

Only available in 100ml EDT Spray bottle in Indonesia, I love the minimalist design of the bottle (however, minimalism is essential to Calvin Klein’s DNA). It reminds me of bulb, and it can be viewed upside down, as the cap also serves as a stand to maintain the bottle. How cool and futuristic! 

Check out the video which was shot in Puerto Rico, to capture the essence of CK2 as a gender free fragrance. 



Just in time to welcome spring, the latest fragrance from DIPTYQUE, EAU DES SENS.

This week me and fellow press were invited to the launch of this adventurous fragrance. 

It was a fantastic dinner at SHY, one of the most prestigious fine dining restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. And right from the moment we stepped in the restaurant, there are literally orange everywhere. 

Why orange? Because some of the composition of Diptyque Eau des Sens is orange blossom and bitter orange, alongside with juniper berry, angelica and patchouli. 

This genderless fragrance was developed by perfumer Olivier Pescheux and I believe it channel the zest and vibrancy of the citrus fragrance, with the presence of floral. 

At the event, we were given out this special card. It looked blank when we received it, and once they sprayed with the fragrance, the humorous three monkeys popped out. 

Speak no evil, look no evil and hear no evil! Yup, Eau des Sens is definitely for those who appreciate fragrance that delight the senses. Another unusual fragrance landscape from Diptyque, indeed. Fresh like orange at the first whiff, and lingered to sensuous woody notes.

Diptyque Eau des Sens will be available in Jakarta, Indonesia this very month (March 2016) in Eau de toilette 50ml and 100ml flacons. 


It’s great for me!

MY BURBERRY. The latest chapter from MY BURBERRY fragrance story. Comes in EDT, this is a fresher interpretation of their iconic MY BURBERRY EDP. I admire their ad concept by brought together the two of the most famous supermodel in this world, for the first time ever in one ad. That’s right, folks. Both of them never been shot together before, and this was their first. Before I review the fragrance, and if you’re a fan of Kate & Cara like me, check out their video.

Created by Burberry’s Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey, working in collaboration with my favorite perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, MY BURBERRY is inspired by the iconic trench coat (that explain why Kate & Cara wore the Heritage coats in the ad). Imagine that trench coat, how classic, timeless, elegant, sophisticated, yet look very fresh. 

Even though their notes are mostly floral like sweet pea, lemon flower, peonies, peach flower, freesia, and Centifolia Roses, this fragrance is very green in scent, IMHO. First spritz for me was very fresh (like fresh grass after the rain) and it dried down to a bit masculine twist (thanks to the musk as its’ base note). And I know it’s EDT, which supposed to be lighter and have less staying power than EDP, but MY BURBERRY EDT surprised me with their long lasting scent. A truly enjoyable fragrance to wear in this humid rainy season.

And the flacon. A gorgeous bottle indeed. Housed in the classic MY BURBERRY EDP bottle, I adore the black cap with the bold horn-finish stone and tiny twist of gabardine ribbon (look tough yet feminine). Actually it echoes the distinctive buttons and the hand-tied stone-coloured English-woven gabardine knot, to honour the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over 100 years ago. I just love the story behind everything. 

PHOTOS: PINKY MIRROR (except Kate & Cara’s photo by MARIO TESTINO)


Fragile yet strong. Meet the latest KENZO Paris Parfums, FLOWER BY KENZO L’ELIXIR.


Inspired by poppy flower which eventually scentless, this new fragrance is soft and sensual. Launched to celebrate 15 years of the famous Flower by Kenzo fragrance, I found L’Elixir more intense than their previous ones. 


As we can see on the bottle, the notes are: Framboise (raspberry), Essence de Rose (from Bulgarian Rose), Praline (which gave this fragrance a gourmand effect) and Absolu Vanille (aka Bourbon Vanilla Absolute). As precious as the notes, the bottle also look sophisticated. It’s dark, mysterious. 


I went to their launch event and it was all Poppy Red. Check out Ming Xi, the gorgeous Chinese model as their face. 

Check out their video below!