Thanks Sulwhasoo Indonesia for sending me this liquid foundation for an honest review.

Love the luxurious packaging

I believe most of Korean foundation designed to look as natural as possible. This one, too. Infused with sea buckthorn berries (which is rich in antioxidants), and powered with Sheer Hydra Formula Technology, this foundation adheres to skin gently, with a natural glowing finish. The formula contains non-oily moisturizing ingredients for that fresh powdery finished look and long-lasting effect.

Given to me is shade No 23

Unfortunately, according to, this foundation is not fungal-acne safe due to one of its’ ingredient (Sorbitan Sesquioleate), but it’s not one of the top 5 main ingredients. If you don’t have any problem with fungal acne, it should be fine.

Bare Faced
Using the foundation, set with loose powder


  • Shake really well before each use.
  • A little goes a long way

Go buy this if you like:

  • Light-weight liquid foundation
  • Natural and glowing finish



Thanks Shu Uemura Indonesia for sending me this for an honest review.

If you have trouble finding a tailor-made liquid foundation for Asian skin, look no further. I’m sure you’ll find your perfect shade from this product range. Mine is shade #764 Medium Light Beige, perfect for my current skin tone.

Be aware of the top 5 ingredients which include PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate (identified as Fungal Acne trigger on

Without further adieu, let’s see how this foundation looked on my face.


Tips: Don’t use too much if you have oily skin.

Go buy this if you like:

  • fluid foundation
  • natural looking glow
  • flawless complexion
  • comfortable base makeup
  • perfect base for everything after (serious awesomeness)
  • light to medium coverage foundation



I can’t go out without my foundation. Yes, I am that insecure. If I have flawless skin, I’d go bare. Unfortunately I don’t. So yes, I am a foundation kind of girl.

Thanks Guerlain Indonesia for sending me their latest foundation to be review. GUERLAIN LINGERIE DE PEAU NATURAL PERFECTION SKIN-FUSION TEXTURE SPF20. If I’m not mistaken, they do have Lingerie De Peau before. So I believe this is the latest version with added technology and SPF.

In their origin, they carry 18 shades, but here in Indonesia, they have half of the shades which priced at Rp 895.000 each. With three undertones, Cool, Neutral and Warm, you’ll find your matching shades easily. My shade is 02W which is Light Warm.

Here’s how it look like, not blended and blended with fingers.

It is Guerlain, so it is pricey. But it’s worth every drop as I believe I have found my perfect shade and texture. You see, I’ve tried other brand’s silky foundation before (HG of many if you know what I mean), but the dewy result just turned me off. It went super oily by midday and foundation melt-off is just bad, real bad.

Different case with Guerlain Lingerie De Peau. Their latest invention, named Bio-Fusion micro mesh, weaves natural silk and linen fibres and knits them with stretch fibres with smoothing properties to form a feather light veil that sort of hugs the face and promises total lasting comfort. The result: airy texture that glides effortlessly. Especially if you
blend well with their foundation brush, the result will be very smooth and even. Your skin but much better, I might say.

Like putting on lingerie, it is a pleasure to apply this foundation. It’s not thick in consistency, nor watery. And the fact that it comes with a pump really help.

Very subtle fragrance, it doesn’t accentuate lines and gives that natural (not dewy but not matte either) look. I wore this with setting powder, but you can skip if you have dry skin.

Here’s how it looks like when freshly applied.

And…..5 hours later….after lots of coffee drinking on Friday night 🙂

Final verdict: I love how it blend easily, I applied with damp beauty blender and set with loose powder. I didn’t use concealer just for you guys to see that this foundation has light to medium coverage, so if you have things to hide, use concealer after foundation. It felt so light on the skin, like wearing literally nothing. I love the foundation, but remember to blot every two hours if you have super oily skin like mine.




I believe in the power of base makeup. I wasn’t born with a perfect porcelain skin, so I depend (a lot) on my base. Foundation, concealer, and powder are totally my best friend. When Maybelline Fit Me Range was launched, I was super excited because they carry two kind of foundation, Dewy + Smooth for Normal to Dry Skin and Matte + Poreless for Oily Skin. And of course, having an oily skin, I love the Matte + Poreless one.

Cons: they didn’t come with pump, so be careful when pouring it.

So, what’s the difference between both foundation?

I tested on blotting paper as I always does with other foundation of mine, and check that out. The right one is the Dewy + Smooth, look at oil that surrounds the foundation. Meanwhile, the Matte + Poreless on the left side, doesn’t have that much oil surround it.

Let’s move on to concealer, shall we?

I love the wand, seriously! it picked up the right amount of concealer to cover one zit. The texture is just right, not too watery nor too thick and blended well when applied with finger or beauty blender. Choose the lighter shade for highlight and the correct shade for your skin tone to conceal everything, from blemishes, spots and dark circles.

Last but not least, FIT ME POWDER.

Like the foundation, they come with two choices, for SET + SMOOTH for normal to dry skin and MATTE + PORELESS for normal to oily skin. Comes with sponge and mirror, also perfect for touch ups.

My tips to look super natural: use Matte + Poreless foundation and end with SET + SMOOTH powder. It won’t give you that dead matte look (see my pic below).

For the coverage, I might say that it doesn’t fall on heavy category. Concealer is still a must. However, to cover big pores and stay true matte for hours, it did a very good job. Totally recommended.

And of course, I also try the DEWY + SMOOTH foundation, end with Matte + Poreless Powder to make it less shiny.

What do you think of the comparison? I believe the Dewy + Smooth Foundation gives more healthy look, even though I am not a big fan of the texture. More liquidy than the Matte + Poreless Foundation and it feels stickier. But I love the final result after I set with Matte + Poreless Powder. I believe the powder help to minimize my big pores as well as toning down the stickiness of the Dewy + Smooth Foundation. As for the coverage, this also needs concealer to help cover things up.

Final Verdict: these Fit Me range is definitely my new favorite. I’ll mix things up depends on my skin condition which can be super oily at one moment and dry the other. I will repurchase them because I use base makeup every day, it sounds silly to splurge on high end ones.


Earlier this week, I was invited to MAYBELLINE event, MAKE POP OF COLOR HAPPEN.


The latest makeup trend from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017, people!

For the last seven years, Maybelline New York has been the Official Makeup Sponsor for New York Fashion Week. And for those who always think that it’s too hard to apply the runway makeup trend for everyday, you’re wrong!

Make Pop of Color Happen was inspired by New York City which is full of energy, very dynamic and so stylish. Flawless skin, bold brow and playful lips are three of that very trend, which is suitable for us, Indonesian women.

I was so excited at the event, because they also launched their latest products.


FIT ME: range of foundation, concealer & powder to achieve that natural flawless skin.


VIVID MATTE LIPSTICK: with 13 shades to choose.


V FACE: best for contouring & highlighting.


FASHION BROW 3D PALETTE: this will make eyebrow shaping easier.


At the event, we were teamed up & challenged with makeup battle, using the full range of Maybelline’s products. Too bad my team didn’t win, but nevertheless we had so much fun opening new products to be applied on model provided. Thanks Maybelline Indonesia for this fun event.




This wonderful product by DIPTYQUE surely arrived at never better timing. 

I was watching tutorial by Wayne Goss (I’m a huge fan, by the way!) and it was a tutorial video on how we can make our foundation works better. Wayne suggested a drop of oil (whatever as long as it’s not lavender) and my beauty fairy seems to hear my wish. Came along DIPTYQUE INFUSED FACE OIL.

I mean, who doesn’t love their luxurious candles with their wonderful scents? The thrill when we open the box and smell the scent coming out was pretty magical, and so it did when I unboxed this on instagram. 


The scent didn’t come up like when we opened the candle box. But take a deep look on that bottle!!! To see rose petals floating around inside the bottle was pretty magical for me. It’s so gorgeous!! Very Diptyque, I might say. 

And when I opened the luxurious dropper bottle, the fragrance blew my mind. It’s not rose per se, more to powdery iris & almond scent. And being a dry oil, it feels light on skin and absorb really well. A part of L’Art du Soin for the Face, DIPTYQUE INFUSED FACE OIL claimed to boosts radiance, revitalizes & smoothes. 

Inspired by Wayne Goss’ tutorial on youtube, I decided to mix this with my regular foundation. Let’s see how it goes!

As you can see, it looked way better when I mixed my foundation with this oil. It feels better on my skin and blended very well too. My skin looks healthy and radiant, I’m very pleased beyond words with the result. I believe my lines look softened and my foundation didn’t set on my lines. 

There are many recommended ways to use this oil. We can apply this by its’ own as morning & night time skin routine, use it for face massage or mix it with your regular face cream to boost more radiance. 




I’m a new comer in this liquid foundation saga, actually. I used to wear compact foundation in powder texture because I believe it will help me look matte all day long. Well….I was kinda wrong. Though it did look matte when applied, compact foundation have its’ cons. In some dry areas, compact foundation can look unnatural (like people can tell if you’re wearing foundation), and for dry skin it might result in cracks along side of nose, under the eyes and smile lines. Not good.

That’s why these days I believe in the power of liquid foundation. As I age and so does my skin, liquid foundation really does help in terms of even out my skin tone and if I chose the right one (shades and textures wise), it can do even more, like conceal imperfections and create those clean & flawless look.

And this foundation was sent to me by Shiseido. At the box it stated: “An intelligent, long-lasting foundation that beautifully enhances your complexion with vibrance. Flawlessly undetectable. Like it belongs to your skin”. WOW! It had me at everything they stated already. So, here goes my review.


Packaging: comes in 30ml frosted glass bottle with pump. One pump is definitely enough for the whole face and neck lines.

Shade: mine is Rose 3, because I have pink undertone. But they have neutral shades for more neutral undertones and golden shades for yellow undertones.

Texture: light but not watery. Very pigmented yet super easy to blend with sponge. And the fact that they come with SPF20, scored!


Voila! That’s me after using the foundation.

I like the fact that it did settle very well on my combination skin, I’m really oily on T-Zone and dry on the rest. I only use under eye concealer on the pic above, so this foundation really gives that good coverage without feeling heavy. And it lasts throughout the day without getting cracky. Of course, I applied moisturiser beforehand and set with setting powder for more matte look. But I believe with this foundation, you can skip powder for that natural look. Give it a try and you won’t believe how comfortable this foundation sits on your skin.