As a part of Fimelahood Bloggers from Fimela.com, I’m proud to say that our beloved Fimela.com is about to turn 3 years old. Wow! That was (unbelievably) fast.

And in conjunction of Fimela.com 3rd anniversary, there’ll be a seminar IWOW (Indonesia World of Women) on May 17th, 2014. Let’s join the seminar (see the banner above). FYI, you can order the PreSale tickets through me if you wish. Recommended to buy on PreSale season as they’re cheaper. The earlier always get better in this matter. See you there!


One lovely afternoon me & fellow beauty and fashion bloggers were invited by Wardah Beauty & Fimela.com to celebrate the launching of two Wardah’s latest eyeliners, set at the chic Portico, Senayan City, Jakarta.

Since 1995, Wardah has been accompanying every Indonesian women with beauty products which are made with all natural, premium, halal and safe ingredients. Once a favorite for Moslem women, the brand now revamped to be favored by broader public. And in conjunction with Fashion Nation Event last end of March, 2014, Wardah Cosmetics launched their EyeXPert Series, consists of two eyeliners, Staylast Gel Liner & Staylast Liquid Liner.

Being a fan of gel textured liner for most of my beauty life for its’ consistency and easy to apply formula, Wardah Staylast Gel Liner caught my attention first. My beauty verdict of this liner:

  • Great texture, it’s very soft & creamy so it made easy to apply (especially if you’re a first timer gel liner user).
  • What a black. I mean, really pitch black! Perfect to achieve those bold or cat eyes lines.
  • It’s matte, waterproof & smudge proof! Come on, with our hot & humid weather, what else do we expect from an eyeliner product, right?
  • The packaging is very compact, the brush provided on top.

Moving on to the second eyeliner, it’s Staylast Liquid Eyeliner. Surprisingly, even though I was never a big fan of liquid liner as I found it harder to apply and longer to dry, this product had me at its’ first stroke. This will be the perfect eyeliner for party look as it’s more glossy and a bit shimmery when applied. And thanks to their volatile solvent formula, it dries faster than other liquid liners I’ve tried, without those tight feelings.  

Above all, these two eyeliners are recommended for their performance and very affordable prices. FYI, currently I’m also an avid user of Wardah’s lipsticks for their soft and non-drying formula (I’ll post about their lip palette soon).

For more infos about Wardah, you can follow their Instagram & Twitter @wardahbeauty.




who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe.

As much as I hate to say the cliché “don’t judge the book by its’ cover”, but this world we’re living in is JUDGEMENTAL. We might not be a reality star TV which is being followed everywhere by the cameras, but looking sloppy could trigger some staring and sharp comments. That’s why (secretly or not) we dreamed of that runway look. 

But, do we really have to dress up everyday and style ourselves for hours before we walk out our door every day? Fortunately, not. That’s what I learned when I attended TRESemmé Indonesia’s event “Your Access to Runway Beauty” last Thursday in Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia. Because we’re not Kate Moss who can pull off a stylish look just to get our groceries, fellow Indonesian blogger/fashion stylist Dewi Utari shared her “how to pull of Spring Summer 2013 trend into every day life”. On two models, she showed us the magic of styling, which involved a tight leopard dress and embellished top and mini skirt without looking overboard by adding jackets as an accent.

At the event, Herman Tjoa from Talents Salon, also shared his tips for daily makeup and hair styling. Spotted: bright blue eyeliner and matte fuchsia lips for makeup, which are so Spring Summer 2013. And what intrigued me and (I bet) all the guests at the event, were his various tips on daily hair styling. Natural, undone and messy hair to be achieved by hair tousle, the right tools and of course (the most important ones) hair styling products. On models, Herman applied hair mousse to bring out the best of hair texture. And he also shared how to spray hair spray correctly, since most women seem to exaggerate on hair spray application. Actually, just one spritz for each section that you want to hold longer is enough. Check out the picture above how Herman told one of the models to bend down so he could shake her hair to break the tight curls and bring out the volume. Apparently, it’s that easy to achieve salon’s hair at home by ourselves if we have the right products and know how’s.

The last but certainly not the least session of “Your Access to Runway Beauty” event was the appearance of Top 3 Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM). When Jessica from Thailand (she’s the winner by the way), Kate from Taiwan and Stephanie from Philippines showed up, the crowds cheered for these three TV’s reality stars which look way taller and prettier in person. First visit ever to Indonesia, the ANTM’s trio shared their beauty tips and makeover experience during the show’s filming. If you remember, doing their own hair styling was one of the challenge for the models and TRESemmé was the hair official sponsor for ANTM. Jessica, Kate and Stephanie rocked the runway for the finale with their ultra shiny hair, albeit the different hair style. It was great to see and chat with them in person, they do have that same personas as we saw in the TV show and great looking hair.



When it feels like opening a Pandora’s box with all the beauties inside. Read on.

As blogger, I’m lucky to try out different new beauty products before they even launch to public. But I can imagine being one that eager to try but spending cash for a full size beauty product which totally new (as in we never tried them ever before), is too much to ask. This familiar situation was read by Harumi Sudrajat, fellow beauty blogger and her friends.

On a beauty day out (a lovely pampering event) exclusively for Fimelahood Bloggers United last Tuesday, me and fellow blogger were introduced to Vanity Trove Indonesia. For those who’s unfamiliar with the Vanity Trove, allow me to put it this way: you subscribe monthly for a certain amount of money, and depends on how long you’ll subscribe, you’ll receive a package of sample beauty products from skin care to makeup at your very own door by the end of the month.

Previously available in neighbor countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, now you can subscribe for Vanity Trove Indonesia. “In Singapore, they already running for a year and currently sending out 6000 boxes every month. We want to take this beauty experience in Indonesia to the next level with Vanity Trove Indonesia. You can try out different beauty products without leaving home, by just a click away. The whole experience is that efficient and super exciting,” explained Harumi. She also chatted with me how she used to be a member of Vanity Trove Singapore, and she herself experience that excitement of opening the trove every month.

Vanity Trove Indonesia’s very 1st edition (for May 2013) will be available for 200 troves only, and here’s how to get your own trove of surprises:

  • Subscribe before 14th each month
  • Redeem your exclusive gift code (exclusive for my fabulous blog readers): “SHINTARO”. Click here.
  • Starting from 25th to 31st you can expect that pretty troves right at your door.

So, what are you ladies waiting for? Go on become a Vanity Trove subscriber and indulge yourself. 


Being one of the lucky Fimelahood girls, I was invited to Dorothy Perkins’s store in Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia today to see and pick my favorite Kardashian Kollection fashion items.

Thanks to Fimela.com, the lucky Fimelahood girls can have a sneak peek to the ever famous Kardashian Kollection before Dorothy Perkins Indonesia launched the whole Kollection (with the ‘K’, people!) for public on December 6, 2012. I had fun at this “Dress Up Day”, as I got the chance to pick the complete look (minus the shoes and belt). 

As you might already knew, Dorothy Perkins collaborated with the trio K (Kim, Kourtney and Khloe) for this Kollection that truly reflect their personal style. So, expect lots of leopard prints, body con dress, blazer, skinnies, sequins with options like drape dresses, laces and watercolor print. Not too mention, their bags Kollection featured quilted totes, glitter clutches and miniaudiere. 

If you think it sounds too glam for your everyday’s staples, as we might not walk on the red carpet every night, wait until you check out my personal pick from the Kardashian Kollection. I really think that being a mother of two, really connected me in the fashion universe kind of thing, with….Kourtney. I love how Kourtney black skinny jeans really fitted my body and legs so well, unlike other skinnies that tend to be too tight and uncomfortable at the crotch area (ouch). I also chose the black bucket bag with gold studs, just like the one she’s holding on the look book. 

I called my look “Klashing the Prints” (again, with the ‘K’, people!), cause I did mix a sheer printed pussybow blouse with a watercolor print blazer. Finishing the whole look with a Dorothy Perkins gold chain belt and a pair of Dorothy Perkins black pumps, I really do think that every cool urban girl or mom (in my case, ehm) can look so on-trend with this Kollection (which will be in store right here in Jakarta from December 6, 2012). FYI, Dorothy Perkins will have a special launch party event at the exact date, so stay tune to see me in a whole new look by Kardashian Kollection, as I’m already thinking about the outfits to attend the ‘Kool’ Party.

So, mark your calendars and go to my facebook fan page to see some more of the pieces I saw today.


Weekend sharing time. Being street-style snap is cool and being asked to make review about beauty products is what I love the most.

Being featured earlier this year in Fimela.com, Indonesian online fashion and lifestyle magazine, to review a beauty product. And much much earlier back in 2010, I was snapped in Beijing by Tongue In Chic, one of the most read fashion site in Malaysia. Thanks guys. Forever grateful.