To introduce their latest products, Vivid Shine Eyeshadows and Vivid Shine Lipstick, Estee Lauder Indonesia did a beauty workshop today for their VIP customers.

I was also invited to attend and got a chance to color play with Leo Wong, Estee Lauder Chief Makeup Artist from Hong Kong. Leo did remind me of K-Pop artist, but he actually has been around makeup world for more than 10 years. “I’ve been around a lot, Korea, Japan, France, so every makeup needs are different in each. I can see that Indonesian ladies are more daring to wear bold colors for their eyes, therefore this latest range, Vivid Shine will fill their needs just fine,” said Leo.

In Bimasena lobby lounge, The Dharmawangsa, Jakarta, Estee Lauder Indonesia’s VIP customers were spoilt with choices of signature services (quick cleanse & make over), skin care & makeup consultation with Leo and Estee Lauder Indonesia’s beauty advisors, Facial, Nail Art and all those special offers hard to be missed (like the red Ultimate Color bag seen above, which consists of Rp 6millions items-sold for Rp 1.8millions only).

And lucky me, Estee Lauder Indonesia’s team offered me to be the model for Leo’s make over. But before the make over session, I had a chance to talk to Leo about next year’s trend. He answered, “Aqua colors, soft blue and soft green for eyes. All natural colors, with nude lips and good skin. We at Estee Lauder always believe that good makeup come from great skin, so we have to take care of our skin the correct way, before putting on any makeup." 

As Leo worked his magic on my face, firstly he did half the face, so the audience will get a pretty good idea of the before & after look. I believe this Fall, Estee Lauder and Tom Pecheux wants us to play with bolder colors, like purple and mauve which Leo also used for my makeup. Sparkling, shiny with more intense color, that’s what Vivid Shine New Pure Color is all about.

Leo also shared a lot of tips to the audiences while he was doing my makeup. 

  • Concealer is also good for eyes primer, mix it with your eye cream and pat lightly.
  • Never ever put on so many loose powder on your brush, just roll the brush inside the pot then roll the brush using the side of the brush (not the tip) on your face. With this trick you won’t be splattering loose powder on your clothes.
  • For day look, there’s no need to highlight, as the look might seem to strong. Stick to blush on.
  • Need to contour? Pick one or two levels of foundation darker than your skin tone. 


Remember Keds? The canvas sneakers brand that I personally suspect is the name behind our Indonesian version of “sepatu kets” (aka sneakers in English) is truly an American legend. 

It has been around for almost a century (since 1916), and has created the most lightweight canvas sneakers, like ever. Famous for its silent rubber soles that don’t make any screechy sounds when we walk, I remember I had one back in my high school days. That was like a century ago, too. Just kidding. 

Well, last year, this shoe brand launched their ever first garment collection. Their debut resort line last year was sold at Opening Ceremony stores and online. Cute and adorable, they seemed to did just fine, so they continued the clothing line. This fall 2012, I’m psyched to see their latest collection. Classic sweaters, printed shorts and jacket, trousers and dresses in bold colors, I am happy just to see them in refinery29’s site. 


These will be the first nail lacquer collection from Oscar de la Renta. Celebrating Fall 2012, these limited edition trio of colors, that were shown earlier this year on Oscar’s fall runway, called Red Carnation, Aubergine and Larimar. I wonder who’s the lucky 700 who got these elegant nail colors (US$22 each) since the brand’s only produced exactly 700 bottles.


As a girl that grew up with Cinderella’s story, and being bombarded by Coco Chanel quote’s that “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”, I do believe in not just good but great shoes. For me, it’s another investment for life. These adorable babies from Net-A-Porter are my current faves. 


One of the designers that put on digital print for most of her collection is Mary Katrantzou. Catapulted into the fashion world so quickly, her first collection was shown at London Fashion Week A/W 2008. And three years later, she already did her collaboration with the high street brand, Topshop. Earlier this year, she collaborated with Longchamp as well. These are my favorites from her Fall 2012 collections. 


Yes, it’s still blazing hot in my hometown, and I’m already feeling like wearing all black. Love all of these fall 2012 collection. I think I’m going to do this sort of my mood board every month. Enjoy.