Thanks to maskne, wash-off mask is making its’ way back to my regime. 

All those heat trapped inside a mask for hours, with all that bacteria, carbon dioxide, sweat and oil. Our skin need all the help, and there’s no better way to tackle this maskne problem than with a clay mask. Clay mask is great to purify and draw out impurities that clogged the pores while help to soothe skin inflammation. 

Fortunately, I found this affordable (priced at IDR 40K for 100ml) wash off mask. It’s also easily found at local drugstores where I live. 

It comes in a plastic flip-top tube, and since the texture is not that thick, it’s very practical, hygienic and mess-free. And talking about the texture, it contains sort of micro beads (you can feel it more when rinsing). But no worries, it surprisingly easy to rinse off. 

Key ingredients are neem and turmeric (and I thought it was colored yellow, but it’s apparently dark green). Originally from India, neem has anti-bacterial and astringent properties to help with acne bacterias. Meanwhile, turmeric (in Indonesia we use this to cook yellow rice) will help to reduce acne due to its’ anti-inflammatory quality. 

It’s fungal-acne safe, but it still contains paraben, sulfate and quite a strong fragrance. Personally, I don’t really mind the herbal woody scent that lingered around even after rinsing off. But for those who are sensitive to fragrances, you might not like it. 

Because of the clay ingredient, obviously our skin would feel a bit tight while waiting for them to completely dry. It’s also a bit tingling for the first five minutes, but when I rinse it off my skin is not red at all. Like any other wash-off masks, I suggest to leave them on to dry (about 15 minutes), then rinse off with warm water. 

I use this twice a week, especially after wearing mask for a long time. I found it (somehow) cooling, refreshing and my skin felt really clean afterward. It didn’t aggravate my existing maskne, or triggered my fungal acne prone skin. I do recommend this if you’re still doing your active lifestyle during this global pandemic, because maskne is seriously no joke, especially for those who are already have acne-prone skin like myself. 

Tips: just apply on problematic area (pores and acne), then rinse with warm water. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin after. 



I know lots of people love sheet mask, but personally I’m not sure if I like any mask. But, I’m curious about this so-called best selling Modeling Mask, so I decided to give it a go.

Modeling Mask (or Rubber Mask to some) is one of the peel-off mask type that we need to mix ourselves. Sort of like a DIY mask, start out in powder form, mixed with water and the texture is thicker and more gooey like rubber.  Usually it was done professionally at beauty clinics, but with this brand, LINDSAY from South Korea, now we can do this conveniently and safely at home. They have many varieties for different skin types, but this time I chose the COOL ones, which is recommended for oily skin type. And yes, this is safe for Fungal Acne.

Why use Modeling Mask? Well, it supposedly help our skin to absorb other products better without stripping them from our own natural moisture. Yes, this type of mask will create a tight layer on our skin and allow deeper penetration of active ingredients (that’s why it’s recommended to use after serum). 

PRICE: IDR 15K (I bought it on 50% off!)

WHERE TO BUY: I purchased it online from one of the market place. 

PACKAGING: It reminds me of ice cream cup, honestly. It was filled halfway and came with a petite spatula to mix and apply. One cup is more than enough for one usage, so don’t be stingy with yourself. 

WHAT’S IN IT: Tea Tree Leaf to hydrate and nourish skin while providing protection and prevention from roughness & dryness. It contains real leaves, so you might find shreds of leaves inside. 

INGREDIENTS LIST: Diatomaceous Earth, Glucose, Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate, Magnesium Carbonate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Powder(1,500ppm), Allantoin, Potassium Alginate, Adenosine, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Ultramarines, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil

CLAIM: Restores softness & elasticity while cooling & hydrating to relieve stress and maintain healthy & refreshed skin. 

Double Cleanse (Oil Cleanse & Foam Cleanse)
Toner (Exfoliating with cotton pad)
Hydrating Toner (pat/spray)
Hydrating Toner

– I guess I failed on mixing the right amount of water, so it was kind of liquidy rather than rubbery
– Waiting time to dry is 20 minutes more, and I’m not the type to sit and wait for mask to dry, so this is not for me
– Seriously, just leave it for the professional to apply this type of mask
– On me, it was dripping heavily and the peeling part was not a walk in the park
– Don’t get it near hairline, or else it’s going to get messier and hard to clean



Wow, what a cool word invention during this crazy time. Mask + Acne = Maskne. OK, so what can we do about it?

Fortunately, I don’t have this problem myself. I only went out four times since March 2020, just to have meetings for an hour or so. Other than that, I did all my things online. Shop online, groceries online and food delivery online. And I only spent like an hour wearing a mask, so yeah…I don’t have maskne, but I do have regular acne showing up during this pandemic.

But I can imagine those who have to wear mask all day, especially where I live here in Jakarta, Indonesia. The sun is blasting, it’s super hot and humid out there. Mask is not just suffocating us in terms of breathing, but also our skin. It’s like sweat + oil + bacteria trapped for hours on that mask-covered area.

Though I know we can’t get away with it (until God knows when), here are some skincare tips for maskne:

  • Change your mask whenever it gets moist. Personally, I prefer disposable mask, because cloth ones need to be laundered using hot water to keep it effective (and I don’t have the luxury of washing machine with hot water, so nevermind). So far, I use this KF94 mask that I bought online (not cheap because it’s imported from Korea), but it’s the most fitted and comfortable for me.
  • Use gentler skincare options. Use gentler cleanser, hydrating (instead of exfoliating) toner and avoid using harsh exfoliants (avoid scrubs, please).
  • Choose more soothing/calming ingredients and avoid actives if possible. Hyaluronic Acid is my best bet, but some people might love Aloe. Opt for LHA instead of AHA and BHA, it’s a popular alternative with less risk of skin irritation.
  • Texture-wise, opt for gel than lotion or cream.
  • Wait for all of your skincare to absorb first before putting on the mask. Do not rush, make sure they dry completely before you cover your skin with mask.
  • Let your skin breathe while it can at home. Avoid using sheet mask that might irritate them more.
  • Bid adieu to your favorite foundation. Why bother adding another layer that will suffocate your skin further? Opt for concealer to cover any spots, or use tinted moisturizer instead.



Back to fungal acne topic, even though I can say I am pretty much free from them (yeay!).

If you follow me on IG, you’d know that I’m not a big fan of sheet mask. I’ve tried a few, but immediately disliked them. I can’t stand the slippery feel of it, the excess essence, basically everything. And most of the sheet masks I’ve tried were not categorized as fungal acne safe on And I read somewhere that wearing sheet mask can increase the temperature of our skin (this is not ideal if you are prone to breakouts like me). Rising temperature on skin can actually increase the bacteria count on the surface of the skin (read: even better breeding ground for the fungus). So, bye sheet mask.

DSCF7241 copy.jpg

These are my current wash-off masks that’s save for fungal-acne according to (I alternate, obviously):


DSCF7210 copy

It spreads easily
Scandinavian-feel jar packaging
Only needs 10 minutes to dry

Quite Pricey


DSCF7212 copy

Its’ ingredients list (Kaolin, Bentonite, Charcoal Powder, Sea Salt)
Only takes 10 minutes to dry.
If I need a deep clean feeling, this is my go-to mask.
Super affordable price.

Too hard to squeeze out from the tube. Maybe they should reconsider to use jar packaging instead.


DSCF7211 copy.jpg

It only needs 5 minutes.
My go to mask if I’m too tired at night.

Hard to find online, because they don’t carry this brand in Indonesia. A friend bought it for me in Watson’s Singapore.
Scented, so those who are sensitive to fragrances, better watch out.
With this crazy conversion rate to dollars, this is quite pricey.

How to include clay mask in your regime?

  • For myself, I believe once a week is good enough to deep cleanse. Don’t go overboard, as this is not your everyday skincare routine.
  • I prefer to do this at night, after double-cleanse step.
  • Let the mask dry according to the suggested time. Don’t let it sit for too long, as it might start sucking up natural oils on our face.
  • Use warm water to make it easier to rinse.
  • Finish with your next step of skincare routine.



Revolutionize my cleansing routine with the latest mask from GLAMGLOW, POWERMUD DUALCLEANSE TREATMENT.

Having oily skin, applying makeup almost everyday, can really caused havoc to my skin. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel my skin can’t even breathe (same feeling with the nails blocked by gel nail polish). And yes, I still getting acne, the ones that they called adult acne. I believed it happened because of those buildup from oil+dirt+makeup that somehow trapped inside no matter how clean I cleansed. 

Thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia, they sent me GLAMGLOW POWERMUD DUALCLEANSE TREATMENT to try. And boy this is not an ordinary mask. Uniting the power of mud & oil, this deep cleansing and gentle mask was aimed to release those weekly buildup (they recommend to use this mask once or twice a week). Powerful yet gentle natural ingredients were used to make this revolutionary mask. To cut things short, the ingredients are four clays blend and four cleansing oils, velvet mullein leaf and a complex mix of cleansers, astringents & exfoliators. You can read more about the ingredients, here

Different from GLAMGLOW previous masks that I’ve tried, the texture of this mask is way thinner. Applied on clean, dry face, it’s as tingly as the other GLAMGLOW masks, but (for sure) the lightest of them all. And what really differentiate this mask from the others is the removal method. I left it for about 10 minutes to dry, apply small amount of water and start to remove the mask with circular motion. Along with its’ fruity smell, I can feel the exfoliating sensation and how it emulsified itself to cleansing oil texture. Beauty verdict: it’s refreshing, it’s practical (it’s sort of combining mask, exfoliator and cleansing oil in one!), and it’s softening. Definite must have for those who love to do weekly treatment and detoxifying your skin.