Some of you might asked, “Do I need 10 steps?” Girl, it’s so 2017!

Please do not be intimidated by contents out there with so many layering steps, if you do not have the time nor the budget to do so. Knowing your skin is the first best thing, then you can accommodate based on that.

My routine might not be the same as others and I don’t expect it to be. And I totally not recommend anyone to follow mine exactly. Frankly speaking, there are no such things as ideal steps. Remember, you know you best.

So, these are my steps of skincare routine:


First, wipe off with Micellar Water for base makeup. Then Lip & Eye Make Up Remover. Wait till dry then move on to Cleansing Balm. Quickly emulsified the balm, rinse and wash it all away with Face Soap. At the end of the day, I felt extra clean after all of these.


Never thought that I’d even consider this as the most important step in my routine. But it is, now. Hydrating Toner and Essence are my skin’s BFF.


My skin is far from perfect, therefore exfoliating toner, serum and ampoule are still needed in my repertoire.


Never underestimate the power of moisturizing to seal the previous steps in. I try to stay away from cream and lotion for moisturizer, instead I opt for gel ones.


Living in a city when the sun is blasting all year round, it’s impossible and sort of forbidden to skip this step in the morning.

For sure, morning and night time routine are different. Morning routine is simpler because all the cleansing hard stuffs will be happening at night to remove makeup. And night routine might require more steps, just because there’s more time to do so.



As my skin is getting healed from fungal-acne, I am trying my best to stay out of any heavy makeup (read: full-coverage foundation). In fact, every Saturday and Sunday (read: non-working days), I try my best to go foundation free. If I need a rest from my working days, so should my skin.

To tell you the truth, I feel better without my foundation on nowadays. Not that I want to flaunt my better skin, but I feel like…if you don’t have anything much to cover, why bother? I used to pile on layers of concealers and foundations on my skin just to cover my uneven texture. But now I realized it was like pouring salt to the sea. Base can’t cover bumps and uneven skin. Great skin are the best base we could ever have, trust me.

These are my makeup routine before

DSCF6467 copy

These are my makeup routine now

DSCF6470 copy

Current faves:

  • Face Powder by Lizzie Parra: this super light powder really sets foundation beautifully and effortlessly to a natural matte finish.
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation: recommended by Simple Skincare Science for fungal acne sufferers. It doesn’t feel heavy on skin with a light coverage.
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher: super intense blush, one dip is enough to cover one cheek. Because its’ long lasting power, I also use this as my eyeshadow.
  • Etude House Curl Fix! Long Lash Mascara: not a cheap Korean mascara, for sure. But this really did what it claims, long and curl. I love the short wand, very easy to apply.
  • Rollover Reaction Chunky! Lip & Cheek Crayon in Maccio: I left the liquid matte lipstick hype already, and opt for a subtle ones. I love this mid-toned pink shade and the creamy but not sticky texture (I skipped lip balm if I use this).