Even though I do not recommend using any actives while suffering from Fungal Acne, but I know that our biological clock is still ticking and aging is unstoppable. So if you still want to use anti aging skincare products while you’re still dealing with fungal acne, here’s some of my recommendation (tried and tested by yours truly).


Yes, they renew their formulas last year, so this is a newer version of one of the most loved serums in the world. And I’m not surprised why. Bifida Ferment Lysate is number two on the ingredients list, which is one form of probiotics, known to help prevent skin damage. It also contains Tripeptide-32, which might be able to help reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and firmness, by supporting our skin’s collagen production. 

Personally I love the texture (you’d know the product is worth the price when it glides luxuriously on skin-you can’t cheat this). It has a slightly orange color, with a slight yeast scent (but disappear within seconds). As it is an anti-aging and hydrating serum, it gives that healthy looking skin once applied. You can see it’s there, you can feel it’s there, but it’s not sticky or uncomfortable. 
Sometimes, if I feel too lazy to layer on additional moisturizer on top, I just apply two layers of this serum at night time. I can see and feel the result in the morning if I layer them on top of each other. Actually, even though the name said Night, this serum can be used in the morning as well. 
Yes, it is pricey, but trust me, pricey stuffs come for many reasons. It costs IDR 1.750K for 50ml. 


I guess this is a new K-beauty brand, not very commercial, but Director PI recommended it in one of her YT videos. It’s a very simple packaging, too simple in my opinion, they should’ve given us the flip-top cap instead the classic cap. Ingredients wise, full of goodies: 15% Squalane (which is an emollient) is number two on the list, followed by Glycerin which is a humectant. So yes, if you’ve been following my blog, you’d probably know that I have to layer humectant and emollient for a moisturizer, to make sure that my skin is moisturized and hydrated enough. 

Check out this list from and you’ll see all the goodies inside. 

Texture-wise, it is a light cream/thick lotion. Unlike moisturizer in a gel form that ‘disappear’ when we apply it, this cream glides like satin on skin and gives that healthy glow look without the sticky feel. You can feel and see it’s there, but in a comfortable sense. And I prefer a thick lotion for my current skin condition (dry and sensitive), IMHO it sits better under makeup instead of gel or water cream moisturizer. 
Unfortunately, this brand is not officially available in Indonesia, but I bought it online from my regular trusted seller. It’s not cheap for a 80ml tube, it costs IDR350K. 



Introducing: ESTĒE LAUDER Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Eye Creme.


Yup, the never ending search for the fountain of youth when it comes to skin care…particularly for us, women. No worries, there’s hope for aging skin around the eyes, as we all might be aware that the delicate area around our eyes is one of the first places to show visible signs of aging. 

And what a luxurious way to transform eye area skin with this eye creme. It’s infused with Black Diamond Truffle Extract, claimed to lifts, firms, re-energizes, sculpts and brightens the look of the eye area. FYI, black diamond truffle is one of nature’s rarest treasures that’s transformed through a certain process into a pure and precious extract with 10,000 hours in the making.

It comes with the rotating applicator made of a cooling golden alloy. What an indulging way to treat the eye area! Like a massage wand, use the flat end of this applicator to apply a pearl-sized amount to the eye area, and gently tap with ring fingers as it absorbs. Then, hold the wand vertically, sweep the rotating tip from the inner corner under the eye to the temple. This massaging motion claimed to help increase microcirculation. Don’t forget to clean this after each use. Keep it hygienic, people!


Do you remember your very first fragrance?

Well…mine is “White Linen” from ESTEE LAUDER. I remembered the scent till now, the refreshing and clean fragrance. I guess I was always fell for those kind of scents. Launched in 1978, White Linen is still available until now. 

The fact is, for over 50 years, Estee Lauder has been launching many fragrances. The first one was YOUTH DEW. Introduced in 1953, it was actually a scented bath oil that could also be used as perfume (they said it was a taboo for women wearing perfume at that time, whaaatttt?). 

This year, they launch THE HOUSE OF ESTEE LAUDER CLASSIC PARFUMS COLLECTION. Consist of 8 fragrances, they’re bringing back the classics, like: ESTEE (from the year 1968), AZUREE (from 1969), ALIAGE (from 1972), CINNABAR (1978), SPELLBOUND (1991), TUSCANY PER DONNA (1992), INTUITION (2000) and BEYOND PARADISE (2003). Their packaging are new, but the scent stay the same.

ESTEE is the second fragrance that Mrs Estee Lauder created after Youth Dew. So, imagine the history of this fragrance. This took 7 years to make, FYI. 

AZUREE is a very warm fragrance, inspired by the Mediterranean. 

Since the 70′s style is back, ALIAGE will be the perfect scent to reflect that era. Cool & energetic.

Very oriental, CINNABAR (now pronounced: China Bar) is mysterious and sensual.

Imagine the first feeling of falling in love, that’s SPELLBOUND.

One of the very classic, TUSCANY PER DONNA (Tuscany for Women) was inspired by the Italian Countryside. 

 Created by Evelyn Lauder, INTUITION is one warm & very feminine scent.

Last but not least, the very addictive BEYOND PARADISE. The most modern scent from all of 8 (maybe because it was created not too long ago), this scent reminds me of all things tropical. 

My favorite? ESTEE. I believe I have an old soul trapped inside, LOL. Classic without being too powerful (we have to admit some of the classic fragrances tend to have very strong unforgettable scent). I love the fact that this was created by Mrs Estee herself, inspired by the light she saw from two crystal chandeliers shimmering in a glass of champagne. It’s a very wonderful scent, perfect for day use in this hot weather. 

PRODUCT PHOTOS: ESTEE LAUDER (except the last one was taken by me)



Apparently we’re Asians love to have more fairer skin. That’s why a lot of international cosmetics company created ranges of brightening, lightening, whitening skincare products, you name it. And obviously, who’s not afraid of dull skin? I am. But I don’t want to have whiter skin, I just want skin that look bright like it glows from within and free of those ugly dark spots. 

ESTEE LAUDER launched a new line called CRESCENT WHITE to replace their previous brightening range, Cyber White. As a mother brand to Estee Lauder Company, Ibu Mamiek as General Manager for Estee Lauder Company Indonesia said, “Of course as a mother brand, Estee Lauder will have the latest technology first applied to their products before any brands in our group.” Based on the same technology as Advanced Night Repair (one of their best selling product), this range aims to repair & resist environmental aggressors which can cause uneven pigmentation and dullness. 


Recommended to use in one series for an optimal result, the entire line contains active ingredients for both daytime protection and night time correction. Yup this range will help to activate our skin’s ability to sort of self-brighten and repair. 


There are 6 products in the line: 

1. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Cleanser

2. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion

3. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence

4. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Creme

5. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector SPF50/PA++++

6. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening BB Creme SPF50/PA++++ & Brightening Balm

Thanks to Estee Lauder Indonesia, they gave me one of Crescent White core product to try, Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Crème. 


Not only providing moisture balance, this face cream provides brightening benefits as well. It look thick inside the jar, but once applied, it feels light, I barely feel a thing. The scent reminds me of Iced Lychee Tea. Hmm… a refreshing scent for such a serious skincare product. Me likey! The great part about this cream, it’s suitable for both day and night use. 




Love the particular scent of musk? You’ll fall deep for MODERN MUSE by ESTEE LAUDER.

Here’s the history of my Estee Lauder’s fragrance: First was White Linen and the last one was Sensuous. And now…Modern Muse. Dedicated for strong & confident woman, enhanced by her own intrinsic femininity & individual style, it features a lush blend of rich florals & sleek woods. A contrast blend of exotic mandarin, jasmine sambac, amber wood and patchouli. 

I found this fragrance as an easy to wear and clean scent. Perfect for day use, as Modern Muse is so light (even though they came in Eau De Parfum). First spritz (in this hot & humid weather) lasted for about 3 hours, so might need to reapply. I love the chic packaging with the bow-like top (like a representable display for its’ feminine scent), and yet easy to spritz (with no cap, yeay!). When I said feminine, please do not imagine sweetness, it’s so not. As I’m very picky when it comes to fragrances (who doesn’t as it will stay with you throughout the day), Modern Muse won my attention. And it seems my hubby’s attention too. I always said that if someone (especially loved ones) even bothered to ask you what fragrance you’re wearing, it must be a winner! Don’t you think so?


This week, I was invited to attend an ESTEE LAUDER event at Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta. 

At this event, I was excited to meet Vincent Xu, Estee Lauder’s Global Premiere Makeup Artist from Shanghai. He was so humble, considering that his title was right below Blair Patterson, director of global makeup artistry of Estee Lauder.

When I sat on his makeup chair, I stumbled upon his collection of brushes (WOW!) and how he swayed his hands beautifully while holding his brushes. It seemed like his brushes didn’t touch my skin at all, but they did. Weird, right? He also made me wear this beautiful coral shade (Melting Sun) from Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer. He said this color is best seller in Asia. At the very last touch, he applied Advanced Night Repair on my skin, above the makeup. He said, it will hydrate our skin, even over make up and it can give a glowing effect. 

I also learned one more new trick from Vincent (who loves to take selfie by the way, he’s so cute!). He called it ‘XO’ Technique to conceal spots, like pimples. He literally draw ‘X’ right on the middle of the spot and ‘O’ around the spot (see the exact sample on the pic above). He said, make sure you’re wearing a liquid concealer and a concealer brush for easier application. After the ‘XO’ thingy, he applied foundation and powder to eliminate any shine. Such an eye opener trick, I might say.


We’ve all been through that stage, when we look at others’ lips and wondering what were they wearing?

Last June, Estee Lauder Indonesia launched their latest lipstick, PURE COLOR ENVY SCULPTING SHINE LIPSTICK. Here in Indonesia, they have 16 available colors with Rp 320.000 price tag for each. Claimed as the first sculpting lipstick, these brand new lipsticks contain multifaceted pigments which create definition, so our lips will look beautifully shaped, sculpted & curvaceous. As for the hydration, a time-release Moisture Complex will help capture & seal in the hydration, so our lips will keep moisturized throughout the day. Oh great, one more lipstick to be envy about….

My beauty verdict (BTW, I was wearing shade #230-Pretty Perfect):

  • It was pretty perfect alright! High intense in a single stroke.
  • No need for lip liner as it really shaped well and no need for lip brush. 
  • Thanks to its’ creamy texture, no cracking in the middle of the day
  • I believe it made my pout look fuller (btw, I applied straight from the bullet without lip brush).
  • Love the luxurious packaging with magnetic closure that click perfectly.
  • What you see from the tube, it’s exactly what you’re gonna get when you applied on your lips. 


More skin care products are now made by cosmetic brands specifically for Asian Skin. And this product is one of them.

One more revolutionary product from Estee Lauder, Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion claimed to create a stronger more resistant skin foundation to make skin looks healthy & emanates the angelic glow of youth from within. Promising to activate the skin’s multiple pro-youth functions and sort of reset the appearance of skin. The key ingredient? Micro-Nutrient Bio-Ferment, which created through a highly scientific process that features a unique calibration of micronutrients & peptides with a precise blend of ferments. The inspiration? Extremophiles, a special type of living organisms, which are able to naturally survive & thrive in the harshest environment.

Yes, it is a treatment lotion not a toner, even though the liquid texture resembles one. We can use this with a cotton pad then apply by patting. Or directly pour a few drops onto the palm and pat. Me? Considering that it costs 1million rupiahs for 150ml bottle, I chose to use my hands instead of cotton pad. 

At the press launch party last April at Morissey Hotel, Jakarta, we were told that Micro Essence will work even better with Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery 2. They proved it on our back of hands, and no surprise that the one with Micro Essence applied first, absorbed the next product better. They also recommend to apply this light lotion for daily use, straight after cleansing, before serum and moisturizer. This product is great to tackle dehydration whatever your skin type is. I rejoice the fact that it was developed for Asian skin, so it’s definitely lighter and absorbs really well. Even my oily skin feels hydrated afterwards. As for the scent, it wasn’t as yeasty as I expected, so it’s really refreshing to use, especially in hot days like these couple of days.