The secret to a successful Christmas Party Dress is to keep it as humble as possible, as polite as possible but still as stunning as you can be. Read on.

For those of you who always feel pressured to pick the right Christmas Party Dress, don’t be. Yes, there are lots of choices out there, but here’s how:

– Details : Asymmetric line will give a modern touch to the whole look.

– Fabrics : Stay out of cotton which screams b.o.r.i.n.g. Instead, opt for lace, chiffon, silk or anything in between that say c.o.u.t.u.r.e. 

– Colors : Black is fine if you’re comfortable with the slimming effect, but try another color for the sake of Christmas. The latest color, teal, will also give similar slimming effect plus a lady like look. Or go for metallic, it is time to shine subtly. 

– Length : Keep yourself free of stares for wearing mini dress. Especially, if you have to visit older (read: parents or in-laws) relatives. Knee length is the best choice, anyway, it’s easier to sit without having to pull your dress all night (it’s not a nice gesture, ladies).

– Fit : Put a rest on your body-con dress. This is not the right time to put it on. Loose dress is also a big no-no’s, as you might look sloppy and unprepared. Choose a fit to your body dress, which will give a sophisticated look, and still comfortable to wear. Remember all those Christmas menus that we have to consume later, though. 

Check out my personal picks from net-a-porter. 



As we all know, the whole month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is the perfect month to show our ‘pink’ side.

The international symbol of breast cancer awareness, aka the pink ribbon made their debut in 1991 when the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out pink ribbons to participants in New York City race for breast cancer survivors.

In its latest report, the American Cancer Society says that 95% of new cases and 97% of breast cancer deaths occurred in women 40 years of age and older. It’s the fifth cause of death among women in the US. As we love to take care of ourselves, here’s something easy if you want to show some support to others and be a part of this exclusive month. Each October, many products especially beauty products are showing their extra love to fund research so more people will survive breast cancer. Here are some products which emblazoned with the famous pink ribbon.



Eyebrows..that is. Let them grow or bleach them?

It’s very important to have the perfect eyebrows because they frame our face and eyes. Personally, I embrace this moment as strong, full and thick eyebrows are everywhere at the catwalk for Spring 2013. Well groomed like Camilla Belle, check out Marc Jacobs and Rag&Bone’s pictures above. So, if you want to achieve this look, stop plucking and let them grow naturally or use eyelash enhancer or castor oil on them to speed the process. 

How about no brows look? Personally, I think it’s creepy. Bleach them like Kelly Osbourne might look cutting edge, but still you need the courage to walk down the street. Even though  I have to admit this look is not me, I wouldn’t make that kind of sacrifices for style, but still look good on runways or the red carpet in this matter. Check out ‘leave it bare’ eyebrows look on Donna Karan and Holly Fulton Spring 2013 runways.