Welcoming FLORMAR to Jakarta, Indonesia!

And yes…yours truly will be the host next week on their launching event alongside my fellow influencers, Paola Tambunan, Suhay Salim, Cindy Karmoko, Hellua and Jovi Adhiguna Hunter. I am beyond excited and my readers in Jakarta, Indonesia, please feel free to come to this event, as they will have nail art, free makeover and also photo booth. 

So what’s exactly FLORMAR? It’s a beauty brand established in Milan, Italy and produced in Turkey. According to 2014 data of Euromonitor, the world’s leading market research company, FLORMAR is the number one makeup brand of Turkey. And now, they are available in Indonesia. 

Check this racks out!

Price wise, they are super affordable (eyeshadow not more than IDR 100K), considering they have their own flagship stores in big malls. Can’t wait to play around with colors on their flagship store soon, and I hope to see you girls around. Till then, happy weekend y’all. 



PAC, International high quality premium cosmetic brand, made in Indonesia.

I was given three products to review, their Powder Eye Shadow, Liquid Eyeliner and Lipstick. And my beauty verdicts are:

  • Powder Eye Shadow (No 6/White)
    I’m very practical when it comes to makeup, especially on daily basis. So powder eye shadow was never an option for me to purchase. However, this loose eye shadow’s texture is silky and easy to blend. For this particular color, I applied as highlight on brow bones. Don’t over do, as it’s very intense, a bit is enough to give that sparkly glow. 
  • Matte Lipstick (Indian Red)
    The most usable from all three products that were given to me. When I read the label I was thinking Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala. Apparently, it was more terracotta-ish. I love the earthy tones, perfect shade for day look, as it’s not a bold nude which sometimes can look too pale for me. Don’t be intimidated by the matte texture, it won’t be as drying as you thought, as long as you prep your lips with lip balm. Need to reapply after food & beverage session, though. But I don’t mind at all, this lipstick is so comfortable to use and I like the color very much. 
  • Liquid Eyeliner (Bazaar Gold)
    Not a big fan of sparkly gold for my eyelids, but maybe for any event that require va va voom look? I applied on the back of my hand, and I found the brush is quite good to create the flick. Always apply primer and wait a couple of seconds for this eyeliner to dry. 

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita


That’s what Marc Jacobs Beauty all about….

at least according to Tiana Lukette, Marc Jacobs Beauty Education Specialist from the US at the launch of this most anticipated makeup line. Me and fellow bloggers were invited to the launch event at The Immigrant, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. And boy, did we have fun trying them all. From Genius Gel Foundation, Remedy Concealer Pen till LoveMarc Lip Gel. Yup ladies, Marc Jacobs Beauty is finally available throughout Sephora Indonesia since this January 2015. This breakthrough brand debuts 126 products, assortment of 16 innovative complexion & color cosmetics, plus makeup brushes.

“Beauty is youth, beauty is energy, it’s something that you attracted to,” said Marc in his short video played at the event. In the video, he also mentioned about how he personally love the blackest of black, the shiniest of shine, the mattest of matte which he created for his beauty line. And I just love how Marc really gets his hands on all the products, from the ingredients to their names. Even his tattoo “Shameless” was the inspiration behind the brand’s bold blushes. 

If you think the ritual of putting on cosmetics, choosing your clothes & shoes is a part of your joyful life, then Marc Jacobs Beauty is for you! Get them exclusively at Sephora Plaza Indonesia and Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta, Indonesia. 


Widen your choice of makeup, ladies. As bo.ho makeup is coming to town.

What comes to your mind if you hear about green makeup? Mine will be: natural, not tested on animals, and environment friendly (from the ingredients to the packaging). And that’s exactly what bo.ho makeup offers. Launched back in 2012, this French organic (yes, it’s organic) makeup brand offers quite a complete range of affordable makeup products. The label: bo.ho does remind me of free spirit and hippies, which are the true characters of a true bo.ho, founded by Vincent Honnart & Christele Bombana. Knowing that green makeup in the world is still very limited, both Vincent & Christele were dedicated to create a gourmet brand with natural ingredients & professional quality.

If you see the green concept packaging, you can tell that they were inspired by all things natural, right down to the ingredients. FYI, all packaging is biodegradable, as they’re using cardboard and plastics that are made for plants.

In Indonesia, bo.ho is sold at Beauty Box and the nice people at Beauty Box Indonesia sent me some bo.ho products to try. Here’s my beauty verdict (see the final result pic on me above!):

Eyeshadow (Rp 175.000): The dark purple color in PRUNE is perfect to fill up the outer corner of the eyes to create that purplish smoky eyes. Very pigmented and not easily crease, this pressed powder eyeshadow is a must have.

Compact Foundation (Rp 250.00): Mine is BEIGE DORE, and this is the tiniest packaging of foundation I’ve ever tried. Very compact, I like the creamy texture which turn to powder sensation after application. Final result: matte, even without powder on top. Just make sure you put moisturizer or primer before applying as I feel it can be too drying for those who have dry skin type and always blend.

Eye Pencil (Rp 110.000): I tried the WHITE pencil, a great eyes opener for that fresh eyes look. It has a quite hard lead to create that precise line under my eyes. Just be careful not to poke on your own eyes.

Lipstick (Rp 180.000): This red wine color #103 is really bold. I applied a single layer only for the final result pic above, because it’s really that pigmented. With its’ matte texture, make sure you apply lip balm before application to keep your lips from drying out.


Coming in my birthday month, August 2013, Michael Kors’ new venture: beauty line.

Depends on someone’s mood, I believe that there’s a little bit of sporty, sexy and glam inside every woman. And guess what? Those three have always been a DNA for Michael Kors. 

His beauty line which will be exclusively sold in Macy’s, will be divided into three collections, Sporty, Sexy and Glam. Each one will have its’ own fragrance, lip colors and nail polishes. Fans of nudes and taupes? You will love Sporty. Vibrant Reds are your thing? Go for Sexy. And if you’re into plums and violets, you know you are the Glam gal.


Six different outfits changed, made mostly by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, and a serious face chart by MAC Cosmetics.

Kicking her Diamonds World Tour in Montreal last weekend, Rihanna rocked the stage with serious stuffs indeed. This official face chart designed by one of MAC’s senior artists, Christopher del Castillo, for her signature concert’s look. Using the RIRI (Hearts) MAC collection which will be released throughout 2013, the one product that stands out from this chart is MAC Riri Woo. Sounds familiar? Yup, it’s based on the original and one of the beloved MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (which also loved by Gwen Stefani, by the way) but this Riri’s version is slightly bluer and deeper in tone. 


In MAC Cosmetics style.

Supposedly the year of the black snake (however creepy it might sound), this snake inspired limited edition will be launch next month.

Expect sexy and shiny effect glitters, with chic packaging. Check out those snake embossed! If you’re not Ophidiophobia (that is fear of snakes), this collection might be your next beauty treat.


There’s no beautiful makeup without beautiful skin, yes?

Another makeup brand expansion. Bobbi Brown did it, Nars did it, now … the beloved beauty brand, Stila, launch their skincare line. This new range will be the first official full-on skincare line, because Stila actually has made a couple of skin care products in the past.

Meant to work together, this line consists of face wash, toner, moisturizer, cleansing wipes, brightening serum and facial scrub, which contain essential oils of geranium, orange and peppermint combine with Swiss Alpine Rose extracts. The Alpine Rose Stem Cell Technology said to closely mimics human epidermal function and is responsible to renew, maintain and repair skincare tissues. They’re not using synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, sulphates, parabens or phthalates. Packed with those ingredients (and technology) this brand new skin care line promise to improve skin and create a flawless base for makeup application. Currently available through Stila’s website. 


Could liquid lipstick be the next generation of lip color? 

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics introduces 12 shades of intense and lightweight LIP MAESTRO. The classic formulas have been reinvented for a flawless matte finish that’s never dry. Definitely more radiant than a matte lipstick and more sophisticated than ordinary gloss. It also promised to deliver a luxurious and velvety texture to create 4D volume, thus making lips look more hydrated with no make up feel. 

If you’re looking for a matte finish with intense color, yet comfortable to wear, be ready to spare US$32 for one Lip Maestro.