I can live without colors on my face, but I can’t make it through the day without a concealer.

Who woke up looking like Miranda Kerr (except her, of course!)? For mere human being like moi, I woke up with the worst dark circles, and those aging spots are catching up too. That’s why I need concealer, stat! I tried so many concealers already, some met my expectations, some not. I love having a concealer which can conceal correctly (hellooooo!!!!), blend easily (read: nice texture) and didn’t cake.

Recently, I’ve been using L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector, the latest tinted brush concealer from Immortelle range. And my beauty verdicts are:

  • It’s very compact. Brush inside a pen made application easier for its’ precision to help conceal the right spot.
  • Non greasy and very light texture. It absorb easily as I pat through to blend.
  • It doesn’t just conceal blemishes or age spots, it seems to brighten my dark sides of the face like areas sides of nose and dark circles (thanks to the active ingredients like Bellis Perennis & Vitamin C).
  • It doesn’t settle in fine lines or creases, even though I applied face powder afterwards.
  • I love the fact that L’Occitane also recommend to apply this over makeup for touch up. Nice!

L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Touch Targeted Corrector is now available throughout L’Occitane Indonesia’s stores or you can go online, here.





My eternal search (and maybe yours, too) for that perfect under eyes concealer might be over.

Call me a late bloomer for falling in love with Korean beauty products. Guilty as charged. But as they said, “better late than never”, so did my experience with SKINFOOD Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream and SKINFOOD Salmon Darkcircle Powder.

The almost look identical products (both only 2.5gr, by the way), don’t smell like salmon. Taken from the SKINFOOD web site, the concealer contains salmon extract and oil, while the powder is rich in omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin A & E, with Nano-coating.

Too bad for us Indonesians, these dynamic duos are not available in Jakarta yet, so the nearest country to get them is Singapore or Malaysia. I got mine in Malaysia, both for RM 106.80 (you don’t have to buy in a set, they come separately). For the concealer, the nice girl at SKINFOOD Malaysia chose #1 (Salmon Blooming) for me, and the powder only come in one color.

What do I love about both:

       Texture : The concealer is creamy, yet it didn’t leave any shine especially after I applied the powder. As for the powder, its’ super duper tiny particles (thanks to Nano-coating) set the whole concealer into a matte, soft and non-cracked looking under eyes. For above picture, I only use one (yes, one) layer of concealer and powder, after eye cream.

       Blending Factor : Like soul mates, they were meant to be together. In this case, use together. Never swipe on concealer as it might show those lines, just pat lightly from inside corner to outer corner. Set with powder, dust them lightly with your own brush (don’t use the tiny puff provided which comes with the powder).

       Coverage : Dark circles? What dark circles? Lines? What lines? I’m surprised to see how they also covered most of my milias (see those tiny bumps under my left eye? Perfect for corrective concealing of any kind, I must say.




You remember this famous concealer mishap pictures of Nicole Kidman. A lesson for us mere mortals not to over do it on under eyes concealer.

I won’t lie, it feels good to know that even celebrities who have their own glam team can still experience make up mishaps. Yes, I know dark undereyes, panda eyes, raccoon eyes or whatever they called it can be such hell. But, there’s hope. Really. And please don’t copy Nicole Kidman’s makeup artist trick for her look above (most probably he or she is fired after Nic saw her own pic). The darker your under eyes circles doesn’t mean that you have to piled up on too light concealer and white powder. 

Trick to avoid tricky eyes concealer:
Best choice is to choose one shade lighter than your own foundation, pat a little concealer with your ring finger and dust your ordinary face powder on top with brush. Personally, I’ll never put foundation on top of concealer, because it’ll intensify more fine lines. So if you do have fine lines under the eyes already, I suggest you to skip foundation on top of concealer. And if you have dry skin especially under the eyes, pick a liquid concealer, rather than the creamy ones. More on staying power, easier to blend in so it’ll appear more natural. Yellow tone concealers are your best bet if you want to cover the raccoon eyes naturally, too.
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