That’s right. For those who believes in your zodiac that much, you’re proud to show it to the world on your shoes, by walking in them. And none other than Charlotte Olympia came up with this awesome idea, mixing suede slippers with our own star sign. Embellished with Swarovski crystals and handmade for each astrological sign, this very personalized shoes are definitely on my next shoes wish list. 

Being a proud Leo myself (renowned for our sunny & outgoing personalities, ehm!), check out the close up of the lion embellishment. So fierce & fabulous. Apparently those “Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes” idioms will not be applied, unless you’re in the same sign. The collection is already available in net-a-porter. 


A new updated version of cat-eyes sunglasses.

IMHO, they really never go out of style. From the 1950’s, superstars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly have been spotted with one. Up till now, this feline-inspired frames are still favorite among the fab and gorgeous, like Nicole Richie and Dita von Teese.

Well, nowadays, they evolved to a more contemporary style. Check out these super fab cat-eyes sunglasses from one of my favorite brand, Linda Farrow. This London based luxury eyewear brand collaborated with Alexander Wang, Agent Provocateur and Charlotte Olympia (to name a few), to bring us many choices of modern version cat-eyes sunglasses. To see more of their awesome choices, click here.


Yes, it’s still blazing hot in my hometown, and I’m already feeling like wearing all black. Love all of these fall 2012 collection. I think I’m going to do this sort of my mood board every month. Enjoy.