Ever heard the phrase “the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, the key to a lady’s heart might be inside her bag!

La Clef de mon Cœur est dans mon Sac. That’s how we read the cute pink cards with a set of symbols above.

For its new ROSAVIOLA scent, DIPTYQUE collaborated with fashion designer known for her collection of embroidered book clutches, OLYMPIA LE-TAN. 

Just in time for upcoming Valentine’s day, Olympia Le-Tan interpreted Diptyque’s iconic packaging design in embroidered form which reprinted as the label and packaging for a quirky ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect. Expect the box with felt-made kisses, hearts and keys with ribbons. And yeah, they’re pink!

Available in candle, solid perfume and scented oval form, the Rosavolia fragrance is a lady’s treat by itself. Inspired by the mystery of what’s inside a lady’s bag, it’s a predominance of rose, traces of lipstick and the subtle warmth of leather. The rose-violet fragrance also smells powdery, very playful yet romantic, just like the Olympia Le-Tan’s style. 

The solid perfume is just too cute. Check out the petite cloth drawstring bag patterned in lipstick, rose, heart and kisses. Such a perfect gift idea for upcoming Valentine’s day, or might as well treat yourself and put these limited edition collection on your wish list. 


Check out their video!


And what I love about every Christmas is getting gifts and sending the lovely gifts to loved ones too.


This November, we can start thinking about sending these candles to light up someone’s holiday season. DIPTYQUE Winter Collection 2015 named IMAGINARY FORESTS. They’re limited edition, so better prepare to get them asap.


A series of three 70 gram candles, SAPIN (smell like pine tree-my favorite of all three), LIQUIDAMBAR (warm and sweet) & OLIBAN (woody and oriental) can be light up at once to create mysterious fragrance or by itself. What’s more special about this collection, Diptyque collaborated with Julien Colombier, a French painter known for his painting on black canvas. Check out their press kit below.


Another must buy is the candle holder. So luxurious.


Except the home fragrances, they have five signature scents set too. Of course, not the same scent as the candles. 


Last but not least, check out their video!



Check out the new and latest DIPTYQUE’s counter!

Set like a library, this is exactly what you’ll see if you go to their store in Paris (only smaller). Located at The Papilion Duo, Jakarta, you’ll find range of candles, fragrances, home fragrances and their latest skin & body care. 

Me and fellow press met Estelle Omnès, Diptyque’s Area Manager for Asia Pacific and she shared interesting facts about Diptyque.

  1. Diptyque’s founders: Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant opened their first shop on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain to display their artsy fabrics & wallpaper designs (the same wallpaper can be seen on this store!)
  2. Candles made them well known at first, but 7 years later, the very first fragrance was launched, L’Eau.
  3. Celebrating 50 years of anniversary, they launched 34, fragrance inspired by their first shop’s scent.
  4. Their best selling fragrance around the world is PHILOSYKOS. It was actually Greece words mean: Fig Tree. It smells wonderful, very fresh!

PHOTOS: SHINTA ROSVITA (except the Philosykos)


Great scents count. A lot. Every time I burn DIPTYQUE candle, I feel Paris.

If you never tried this highest quality scented candle (FYI, they’re all made with only natural ingredients-no synthetic scents), this is the perfect set to start. Set of Mini Candles (each weight 70 grams) includes three scents, BAIES (Berries), FIGUIER (Fig) and ROSES (Roses). Even though they’re petite, they’re as powerful as the standard Diptyque candle. And the best part if we own this set is we can lit one by one at itself or light them all to create a unique scent. 

Baies was first introduced in 1983, one of the cult classics which is a favorite for such as Peter Som. He also uses the candle’s empty glass container to store his colored pencils (mine will be makeup brushes). Remember folks, do not throw the precious empty glasses once they all burned. 

Figuier is another darling for celebrities alike. Once, Gwyneth Paltrow blogged about it, naming Figuier as one of her favorite candle. 

Roses is sophisticated & elegant, no wonder Kate Moss, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez swear by its’ scent. 

From what I’ve read, those well-known people not only stock their homes with Diptyque candles, they travel with them too. That’s why this set comes in handy at smaller sizes. Don’t you just love the homelike ambience when you travel? I know I do.