During this pandemic, I have to admit that I rarely wear makeup, might as well any lipsticks. But lately, the condition in Jakarta, Indonesia was getting a lot better, so I attended some offline meetings and meet-ups already (which required one, obviously).

And I feel you, as it’s already hard enough to keep our makeup not melting, it is not easy to find lip color that won’t transfer on the mask. If there’s any, some of them are super matte, made my lips dry and lip lines more noticeable. I believe, the appearance of lips lines will make us look older. 

Enter Lip Gel by Lizzie Parra or as we locals said BLP Lip Gel. I believe this was my first time ever trying one, and I’m glad I did. I believe this specific gel texture was introduced by the Koreans, as we see those high shine effect on idols’ lips all the time. Personally, I think it looks like applying nail gel on lips. But, these are quite different. It claims to be a gloss-meets-stain tint that feels extra comfortable on the lips. 

I might say, it does feel comfortable, not sticky at all. It contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, that won’t leave our lips dry, with a smoothing effect to lessen the appearance of lips lines. For those who love high shine effect on their lips a la Korean’s Idols, you’d definitely enjoy these. Personally, I love to blot with a piece of tissue, so it only left a natural stain to minimize transfer on the mask. 

Do not worry that they will be hard to wash off. Some of us might swatch it on the back of our hand, and found it hard to erase, because of the stains. But our skin on the hand is different from our lips. It is easy to take them off, as long as you are using a specific eye and lip makeup remover (I recommend using the bi-phased ones). 

Priced at IDR 109K each, they are also vegan, paraben and cruelty-free. They can also be use as eyeshadow or blush if you wish. 


Like a dark cherry. It looks darker in person than in this picture, though. 


I think this shade suits me the most. I love that it helps to brighten the whole complexion. 


It reminds me of poppy flowers. Super if you love red lips. 


When pumpkins meet oranges. Great if you dig coral’s shade. 



Big shout out to my friend, Dery from BLP Beauty Team who sent me these concealers to try. 

I am a big fan of concealer since the day I knew makeup. And now, on my freelance days during the pandemic, I might not wearing full base makeup, but concealer is still my go-to. Thanks to dark circles and coronasomnia (sleeping problems during pandemic), uneven skin tone, redness here and there.

Got 3 shades to try: Vanilla and Peach are the latest shades. Priced at IDR129K each. Infused with chamomile extract, great for anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-irritant and calming properties. 

You can layer for higher coverage. Creamy yet easy to blend, with medium to high coverage and long staying power (great behind the mask). Personally I like more dense texture as it’s easier to apply and blend seamlessly, than liquid ones. 

Peach shade is more of a corrector, to cancel out blue and purple hues from dark circles. Apply a little, dab to set and layer with concealer. I used all 3 shades they sent to me: Vanilla, Peach & Light. Please check out the YT videos for the result, and don’t forget to like & subscribe.


Kudos for By Lizzie Parra (BLP Beauty) for their latest launch, to accommodate Bullet Lipstick lovers like me.

As you might have noticed, lately we all can see the rise of bullet lipsticks from international brands. And I’m enjoying it, because frankly speaking I am team bullet! I found them easier to apply when on the move, they are mostly more creamy and easier to remove by the end of the day. Who’s with me?

Maybe bullet lipsticks are not that long lasting as liquid lipsticks, but I don’t mind touch up throughout the day. Especially if the packaging look cute like these!

BLP Beauty Lip Bullet comes in four new natural shades. Each of the packaging represents the shade inside. And another good thing is you can see the name of the shades clearly printed on the tubes. Although you have to make sure you heard the click sound to close it properly, I found the packaging really helpful rather than you have to see those tiny fonts on the bottom of the packaging.

Mind you, these are not flat matte-lipsticks. I found these lipsticks creamy and extra comfortable when applied, with satin-matte finish. They are buildable, but I’m already satisfied with one layer. And yes, since these are creamy lipstick, they’re transferable. But I don’t mind at all. Make sure you blot first before you eat or drink.



BISCOTTI is a peachy brown, but somehow it looks orange on me
CANNOLI is beige with a hint of dusty pink. On me it’s mauve. This is my fave!
PAVLOVA is a lighter version of CANNOLI. Love this too!
LICORICE is supposedly a deep brown, but on me it’s dark red