If you freak out or disturbed by the problematic skin pictures above, those are just proofs that you can’t fight against time.

Or…could be not. Do you still need proofs that UV rays, smoking, pollution and stress are so harmful to our skin? Probably not. But you’ll be happy to hear this news, 80% of signs of aging are due to external factors and can be avoided. And only 20% of aging signs are inevitable. Yes, people. Through an exclusive research, Biotherm Research Laboratories quantifies the signs of aging that can be visibly repaired. It is indeed a brand new vision of skin aging called “The 20/80 Effect”.

Like Caucasian women, 80% of aging signs on Asian women are due to UV. And the other 20% is the one contributor to signs of aging we all can’t fight, named “Time”.

So there’s hope out there? You bet. Start repairing or delaying that 80% aging signs with three different precious aquatic ingredients sourced from three different mysterious waters with three extraordinary properties for a new generation of anti-aging technology, Biotherm Blue Therapy range. Like the knight and his weapon, these trios work in synergy to help  our skin retain its’ firmness, combatting darkness and wrinkles. The range consists of Cosmetic Water, Milky Lotion and Serum.


Biotherm White D-Tox Liquid Light (Rp 695.000 for 30ml bottle).

For the never ending search of that perfect complexion, clear, even-toned, flawless, radiant, bright, glowing and smooth. If it seems to good to be true, think again. Before you (and me) give this product a try, you should know that our complexion is largely determined by light. Yup, if we can’t see that natural glow, it could be the color barriers blocked the reflection of light on skin.

There are three color molecules known as chromophores beneath the skin which impact the path of light and play a crucial role in determining the skin’s brightness, evenness and tone. Dark spots caused by excessive production of melanin, resulting a grayish complexion. Meanwhile, that yellowish sallow complexion caused by collagen glycation, which reduce its’ capability to reflect light. Last but not least is the imbalance of hemoglobin which caused a reddish, uneven complexion.

One of the Biotherm’s Whitening Care range, this latest product contains Lumina Marina Complex which targets all three chromophores. This is definitely not a traditional brightening product, with its’ ability to combat the three major color barriers. This tough yet gently brightening serum, with its’ moisturizing and weightless formulas, will help us reach our optimal skin texture and brightness.





There’s always a time when I have to take a day trip and too lazy to bring my whole makeup stuffs. These are my weapons to survive those 24 hours trip.
– Deodorant from Nivea : This particular one helps a lot since I wear black and white most of the time. It won’t leave white marks on black tops and yellow stains on white tops.
– Shampoo, conditioner and body wash from Fresh : I love this brand. It smell terrific and somehow the aroma last longer on your body. Perfect size for travel.
– Moisturizing oil from The Body Shop : Multifunction stuff always works for traveling purpose. This will help moisturize skin, hair and face in a light way, which is cool if we’re traveling to a humid place.
– Lip balm from Vaseline. Another multifunction item to moisturize lips and give a tint of rosy color.
– Face moisturizer from La Mer. Because taking care of our skin while traveling is still a big must.  
– Face cleanser from Clarisonic. I love the machine, Mia, (shown here in pink) and it comes with the traveling size gel cleanser which turns out to be refreshing.
– Eye serum from Biotherm. This Skin Vivo eye serum doesn’t make my eyes sting as I have super sensitive eyes that can go teary if I put on wrong eye cream or serum. 
– Pillow mist from L’Occitane. Being a clean freak myself, I always carry this around when I travelled to protect me from those smelly pillows in the hotel room. 
– EDT from Victoria’s Secret. Sheer Love, my favorite fragrance. It’s sheer and not too overpowering for everyday use.