My first BOTOX at Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic with the one and only dr. Olivia Ong, dipl. AAAM (Aesthetician and Anti-Aging Specialist).

And Botox was not the only procedure I had at dr. Olivia’s beautiful clinic. After consultation with her, apparently I need filler and rejuvenation. As I age (I’m not gonna tell you how old I, it’s not just the wrinkles I worried about, I looked tired as hell. See before after pics below.

Cheeks began to sag, dark circles got worse and turned out I did have bunny lines. And did you see how wide my nose was? And did you notice my chin got sucked in by age? A bit skeptical about the whole treatment, because I was worried about the post-effect. Turned out….that was me a week after the whole procedures. If you need more proof, check out the pics below…taken one day and two days after. Although dr. Olivia said that some swelling might occurred, I felt only a bit chubbier on the third day. 

For Botox, results may vary…some will see improvement within days up to 30 days. But I might say, I’m impressed with my results. Botox were shot on my forehead, both sides of nose, chin and bunny lines. 

Another before after pics after my second chin looked longer and my nose looked slimmer. And lots of improvement on my dark circles. 

If you asked me “was it painful?” I’d answer “beauty is pain, darling”. I wouldn’t lie to you, but botox shots are nothing compared to filler. But no worries, dr. Olivia and team will make you feel at ease. First, the application of anaesthetic cream aka numb cream on the specific areas that will be treated. 

Noticed the brown oil below? It named “amazing oil”. lived up to the name. I believe it kept the redness at bay. 

Compressed with amazing oil after the treatment. I have to admit, the one that hurt the most was the chin area, filled with filler. Dr. Olivia used Restylane filler to fill my under eyes and chin. More than just shaping, filler also made my skin more plump and tight. 

Voila!!!! That was my latest pic after about 2 weeks. My skin looks better, overall result: I have fresher & slimmer face on my … birthday (still not gonna

Will these results last forever? Unfortunately, not. Botox & filler need different touch up sessions. For more information about Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic, please click here. 




Yesterday, I had a chance to try one of the body treatment from Natura Derma Cosmeceutical Body Clinic. Located inside Galeries Lafayette 2nd floor, on Pacific Place, Jakarta, it has a beauty concept which combines cosmetic with pharmaceutical function. 

They also have range of Cosmeceutical products made from natural ingredients with high end technology, claimed to no side effects like inflammation, redness or dependency of usage. 


They have one big treatment room and two smaller ones inside Galeries Lafayette and I was lucky to experience their “BIO REVERSE AGING” Body Treatment in the bigger room.


Very nice room with soft lighting, perfect for relaxing. Before the treatment, the therapist will serve us beauty drink, a cup of PHYTO COLLAGEN PLUS. And off for the two hours body treatment. 

BIO REVERSE AGING Body Treatment is not just a body massage. First, the therapist will apply REJUVENA HERBAL CREAM and massage it with her two hands. The cream smells like herbal (for me, it smells like ginseng) but actually it has seven active natural ingredients mixed with Transdermal Phyto-Hormone and Nano Technology. This Phyto-Hormone cream is known to be very effective in hormone balancing, and detoxing. When applied and gently massage, you can see the dead skins literally flaking off. 


FYI, the cream itself cost Rp 2 million a jar. And yes, for the whole body, it took a jar. So one treatment cost Rp 2.5 million. See how special this body treatment is? And that black instrument is GUASHA. Made from tortoise shell, it was believed to bring positive and long live energy when used. It will be use in this treatment after the therapist lightly massaged the cream with her hands. By gentle strokes and pressing at once, it sort of remind me of acupressure treatment. My body felt a lot lighter and more relaxed after this treatment. The therapist recommended to have this treatment once a week to detox and reduce those inches! Yup it’s great for slimming too, folks. 

For more information about the clinic, their treatments and products, click here