Tingling minty sensation for your ‘now’ look.

Ahhh…this color is really a sight for sore eyes. Celebrate spring and pick your mint from clutches to bags.

Rebecca Minkoff Affair-Mini Shoulder Bag

Coach Legacy Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Anya Hindmarch Huxley Stingray-tasseled Leather Clutch

See by Chloe Medium Zip File Patent Shopper

Mulberry Cecily Flower Mini Shoulder Bag


This is what happened if satchel meets doctor’s bag.

Heroine Bag by Alexander McQueen will be a hero in any closets. Described as a “timeless luxury piece”, they’re available in small and medium size.

My favorite? The ivory/black medium. Very structured, polished, and very McQueen. My hero.



Presenting the future of Mugler’s bag collection by Nicola Formichetti.

Coming next month, it’s the first bag collection for Mugler. Not surprisingly, they look edgy and very structured, typical Mugler style.

Mix of different colors and materials such as embossed leather, snake and crocodile’s skin, with price range from US$1050 to $18.000.

Look at the clutch, which remind us of Nicola’s bag creation for her dearest pal, Lady Gaga back in September 2012. It was inspired by her (err..) bum, actually. But…it was such a nice one, I wouldn’t mind wearing it.



At last, your male partner who envy you for carrying The Cambridge Satchel Bag, can have their own next year.

A new range of styles and sizes including Classic, Batchel and Backpack will be launch in Autumn 2013.  Apparently, demand from retailers were so strong, there’ll be 75 piece collection ranging from materials like embossed croc to tartan. We can expect new colors too, like pale grey, Monaco blue, cobalt and dark bottle green. 


It’s time for another bag from Hermès to shine.

I believe no one is safe from the temptation of having a Birkin or a Kelly, or both. But for me, this Berline Bag is it!

It’s not a new type of bag from Hermès, actually it first appeared back in Fall 2011. But, the buzz is, this mini version of Berline has been earmarked to be the star of Hermès bag in 2013. For those who opt for more casual and sporty version of Hermès bag, you’re looking at it. It must be the sporty quilted leather pattern on the front and the Swift leather used for its smoothness and durable function.

Other familiar details like palladium clasp closure and the leather tabbed canvas Amazone strap (which can be find on Kelly bag) just made this Berline bag more (expensively) perfect as a city shoulder bag. it can also be used as a clutch, because you could remove the strap. Comes in six interesting colors, it’ll be available in stores next year. So hold your horses.




Are you still wearing those black and brown bags? 

If your excuse for wearing one is “I’m wearing mostly black and white or neutral colors clothing”, then you must move on, ladies. Try cobalt blue as one of the vivid color for Fall 2012. This might be the perfect excuse if you’re in doubt of wearing a cobalt blue dress or shoes. 

Check out my picks from net a porter above. It will be a stand out piece, so you can still stick to that black, white and neutral colors clothing. Take a lesson from Khloe Kardashian Odom with her cobalt blue Birkin, if you please. 


Well, I have to admit that I have been tempted by most of the trendy pieces. Don’t we all? But, is it wise to spend a fortune on an item? Your call.

This is my first post ever about splurge or save. Personally, I believe in a power of investing in what I wear. That’s a simple rule, especially if I got attracted on something cute and I believe that it’s only going to see the sun light a couple of times. 

Check out this new bag collection from Melissa, Refraction (in Singapore, they are priced for SGD70 each), which somehow reminds me of that plastic jelly bag from Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection (that cost US$3150 for a MM when it was launched). Are you start counting, already? 

Anyway, this Refraction Bag is the latest version of the famous Melissa beach bag, which was originally launched in Brazil back in the 1980’s. They’re lightweight, practical and fabulously colored in Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink and White. Made entirely of plastic, I can imagine toting this to the beach and leave it on the sands without any hesitation.

It’s up to you to decide what’s worth the splurge and what’s not, which products are worth paying more for or which you should get for a steal. Happy counting!


Are you a true believer that accessories can make or break a look? Read on.

Classic and conservative accessories (like that black tote bag *yawn*) might be highly interpreted as old and boring, especially if you’re also wearing little black dress with black stockings and black pumps. Seriously, is someone out there still doing this?

Have a (fashionable) life, ladies. It’s really not hard to make an outfit pop and in the same time avoiding you to look boring (and worse, old). The trick is picking the right accessories to make your look more youthful and fun. In this case, I’m going to discuss about bags as the ultimate accessories for everyday’s staple.

Yes, little black dress might be timeless as any of those classic fashion, but you can add the zing by wearing a trendy colorful bag. See, it’s very essential to create this Fashion Yin & Yang thing, mixing trendy modern style bag with smart, classic outfit. My current fave bags’ collection is MISCHA, Hong Kong’s local brand, designed by Michelle Lai in 2004. I love her signature’s print which actually launched two years ago, that became the brand’s iconic print. Using interlocking hexagons, they’re actually a representation of the sea tortoise’s shell which symbolized longevity. Check out the prints that look so modern, it’ll add instant youthfulness to any outfit. Yes, modern prints helped. So does the style and the color of a bag. Add some fun to your look by choosing the cute style (like the Dumpling Clutch above). Go for smaller bag and more lively colors (either bright or pastel). If you do need bigger bag, opt for sling bags as messenger’s style scream “Young”.

As I also believe that fashion is all about experimenting your own style, so be it. Go with a variety of different bags style to achieve your own fashionable look with a more youthful appearance. 


I think my question above already covered it all.

The man behind the famous red soled shoes, Christian Louboutin is still working hard to bring the awareness of his handbag collection. I believe it might be slightly hard to par with his shoes collection, no?

Check out the Resort 2013 collection above, and you’ll be the judge.


In the previous post, I’ve got 1 million rupiahs to spend for winning Mango Style Up Yourself Contest this year. Here, I share what I picked from the store.

I went to Gandaria City, one of the big mall in South Jakarta, near where I live, to pick up my prize at Mango’s store. Browsed around the internet previously before I came by to the store, I saw most of the new arrival items online are available too. 

And finally I’ve decided to pick up two in trend color for fall 2012, oxblood. As spooky it might sound, oxblood is really dramatic yet sultry in a luxe way. I believe oxblood will effortlessly mix into any wardrobe. Of course, there are a lot of oxblood color in the store, from skinny pants to dresses, but I’ve decided to pick two items with a touch of oxblood. A grey boxy top with touch of oxblood on the sleeves, and a two tone shoulder bag embellished with metallic applications. I’ll share you how I mix match the two items soon. Stay tune.