Named after her two sons (literally named Paul & Joe), Sophie Mechaly Albou created a menswear company at 1995. Seven years later, Paul & Joe Beaute, the cosmetic line was born. The retro modern packaging will attract our eyes along with the beautifully shot campaign. To connect it with the fashion line, they launched limited edition called “Collection Sparkles” which linked with that particular season’s fashion (for 2012 it’s called Feathered Fancies-seen here with the birds’ prints). To celebrate their 10th anniversary, check out this gorgeous campaign for their limited edition colors and pouch. 


Rich colors and glamour are everywhere for H&M Autumn 2012 collection. Embellishments seem to be the key to elegance which can be found on collars and everywhere on the skirts. It certainly bring on the bling for the latest collection. We’re Indonesians are crossing our fingers for the soon to be open H&M store in Jakarta.