Even though I do not recommend using any actives while suffering from Fungal Acne, but I know that our biological clock is still ticking and aging is unstoppable. So if you still want to use anti aging skincare products while you’re still dealing with fungal acne, here’s some of my recommendation (tried and tested by yours truly).


Yes, they renew their formulas last year, so this is a newer version of one of the most loved serums in the world. And I’m not surprised why. Bifida Ferment Lysate is number two on the ingredients list, which is one form of probiotics, known to help prevent skin damage. It also contains Tripeptide-32, which might be able to help reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and firmness, by supporting our skin’s collagen production. 

Personally I love the texture (you’d know the product is worth the price when it glides luxuriously on skin-you can’t cheat this). It has a slightly orange color, with a slight yeast scent (but disappear within seconds). As it is an anti-aging and hydrating serum, it gives that healthy looking skin once applied. You can see it’s there, you can feel it’s there, but it’s not sticky or uncomfortable. 
Sometimes, if I feel too lazy to layer on additional moisturizer on top, I just apply two layers of this serum at night time. I can see and feel the result in the morning if I layer them on top of each other. Actually, even though the name said Night, this serum can be used in the morning as well. 
Yes, it is pricey, but trust me, pricey stuffs come for many reasons. It costs IDR 1.750K for 50ml. 


I guess this is a new K-beauty brand, not very commercial, but Director PI recommended it in one of her YT videos. It’s a very simple packaging, too simple in my opinion, they should’ve given us the flip-top cap instead the classic cap. Ingredients wise, full of goodies: 15% Squalane (which is an emollient) is number two on the list, followed by Glycerin which is a humectant. So yes, if you’ve been following my blog, you’d probably know that I have to layer humectant and emollient for a moisturizer, to make sure that my skin is moisturized and hydrated enough. 

Check out this list from and you’ll see all the goodies inside. 

Texture-wise, it is a light cream/thick lotion. Unlike moisturizer in a gel form that ‘disappear’ when we apply it, this cream glides like satin on skin and gives that healthy glow look without the sticky feel. You can feel and see it’s there, but in a comfortable sense. And I prefer a thick lotion for my current skin condition (dry and sensitive), IMHO it sits better under makeup instead of gel or water cream moisturizer. 
Unfortunately, this brand is not officially available in Indonesia, but I bought it online from my regular trusted seller. It’s not cheap for a 80ml tube, it costs IDR350K.