Before you know how to treat hair loss, let’s separate hair loss fact from fiction, shall we?

Myth: Cosmetic hair care products will cause hair loss.
Fact: Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray or temporary hair coloring only offer temporary changes to the hair. So, even though they deliver selected ingredient to the hair follicle, they DO NOT cause hair loss.

Myth: We shall brush our hair 100 strokes each night.
Fact: Over-indulgent brushing & combing, especially of wet hair, is probably the most damaging of all. Aggressive combing, particularly to remove tangles will result in apparent hair loss.

Myth: Tight braids, ponytails & buns will not cause baldness.
Fact: Wearing specific hairstyles which apparently too tight over an extended period of time, will cause hair loss. Opt for looser hair styles that minimize scalp tension.

Myth: Brushing thinning hair will make them fall out faster.
Fact: As long as we use good brush in normal daily brushing, it will not accelerate the normal loss of hair from the scalp.

Myth: Sunburnt scalp will lead to hair loss.
Fact: Well, actually it’s kind of true.  Severe sunburn that occur over time may damage delicate hair follicles at the root level. Avoid scalp burns by protecting your scalp with sun protection product (just like what we do for our skin) and wear hat.

Myth: Smoking will accelerate hair loss.
Fact: Yup, smoking is bad for our hair. Not only it has been conclusively linked to accelerate hair loss, according to J.G Mosley in an article of Science News (1997), smokers are also four times more likely to have gray hair than non smokers. So, quit smoking. Now.

Myth: Cutting hair will make them grow faster and thicker.
Fact: Sorry, but cutting your hair won’t solve hair loss problem. Thin, limp and fine hair will not ever grow thicker in response to a hair cut.

Myth: Hair loss is genetic.
Fact: Well, hair loss is polygenetic. Means, your hair fate is decided by a pretty random assortment of genes from both of your parents. So, if hair loss is generally runs in the family, most likely you have to deal with hair loss problem too.

Myth: Hair loss only happens when we age.
Fact: If you start losing more than 100 strands a day, you are in trouble, no matter how old you are.

Myth: The only treatment for hair loss is topical treatment.
Fact: Topical treatment is not the only treatment for hair-loss problem as there are some treatment that proven to stimulate hair growth from within. For me, after using it & see the result, Abbott CG 210 is the best solution for hair loss management. So, for you who wish to reduce hair shedding, increase hair thickness and promote new healthy hair, you should try this hair & scalp essence.



Happy New Year, all. Sorry for such slow post as I’d been traveling with my family to Hong Kong.

As you might already experienced, traveling with others is not easy as too many things to do have to be accomplished in such short time of holiday. So if you have personal mission to achieve on family holiday, forget it! 

But at least, I was well prepared with my things to bring for the holiday!

Of course, one might not neglect hair care while on traveling too. That’s why my Abbott CG 210 was there inside my traveling beauty bag, alongside other important stuffs (like stronger perfume and stronger shades of lipsticks). It wasn’t a hassle anyway, CG210 was like spray twice a day on dry clean hair, massage for a minute and out the hotel door! 

I’ve been using CG210 for about 90 days now, so how did it differ from my previous post here? Well, as you can see from the pic below, I did perm my hair. Inspired by Aimee Song, I decided 2016 will be the perfect time to rock the Japanese wave. So yeah, I did it. Bye2 straight hair (for now). 

I believe that my hair shaft is getting thicker, even when I permed my hair at the salon, the hairstylist was surprised to see less hair fall like her other clients. She said, usually her clients who have strong colored hair like mine, will lost lots of hair while being permed. Meanwhile, my roots appeared to getting stronger, thanks to CG210. 

Unlike some haircare or hair treatment products that I just leave at home while traveling, because they will consumed my precious holiday time, CG210 is literally spray and go. Especially now that I have that ‘messy hair don’t care’ look, I never brush my hair anymore (lessen my hair routine time). 

Sharing you my OOTD look from Hong Kong, below, so you can see my hair from the front view.



Yup, CG210 still is a big part of my hair care routine. It’s becoming a habit, I’d feel lost if I forgot to apply it.

You can see the difference on my hair from my previous post, here. So, how does my hair look like after religiously applying this hair spray-on lotion for 44 days straight? 

Please mind the style (and the fading color *sigh) …it’s too early in the morning when I took this pic and of course, I’m too lazy to style them. LOL. Anyhow, my hair shafts look like they’re getting thicker, with lesser hair fall. I believe they look healthier even though my hair were previously coloured and tortured every single day (with straightening iron).

Currently, I’m using the blackcurrant scents, specifically designed for women. The cannula really help to apply the lotion on the right spot. And I love the fact that my scalp didn’t react upon using this lotion, no itch…nothing. Even though it’s called lotion, the texture is somewhat watery, therefore it’s easier to absorb on scalp. I always make sure that my hair are perfectly clean & dry before spraying (just as they recommended). 

At their website, here, CG 210 claimed that it can grow 8,200 new hair strands after 90 days of use. Well, we’ll see if my hair will look thicker and thicker by then. I’ll update you on this for sure. See ya!




Continuing my hair journey with ABBOTT CG 210, so what happened after a month plus of religiously using this hair spray-on lotion?

Time flew and it has been over a month since my first encounter with CG210. Just in case you missed it, click here for my previous post about the product. 

As recommended on the instruction, I applied about 5 sprays onto the scalp each morning and night. Since ABBOTT Indonesia gave me two products to try, men & women (scent difference only), I decided to use the men ones for night time use and women ones for day time use. Why? Because I feel the blackcurrant scent for the CG 210 women is too fruity, more suitable for day time use. Meanwhile, I found the mint scent on CG 210 men is subtler for resting time. 

Claimed to put hair shedding back to normal level in 44 days, check out my before after pics below. I even took a shot on my daily hair brush, so you can see how my hair shed lessen over these few weeks. Thankfully, my hair fall situation was not that bad, compare to those who will find hair on their pillow every morning. Mine were just falling all over the hair brush and in the shower. After I use CG 210 for more than a month now, my hair brush & shower sink are just some of the proof of how my hair fall situation has gradually decreased. 


Check out the pic above, that’s how my hair shed every time I brush my hair.

After using CG 210 for a month plus, check out my hair brush below!


Only a few hair were shed when I brush my hair. Awesome!

Check out my hair before and after pic below. If you can see a bald spot on my hair crown before, now it’s gone. Mind the length of my hair, I just had them cut earlier. 


So far, I’m happy with the result, my bald spot is gone and don’t you think my hair look a lot thicker? I’ll definitely update you guys on how my healthier and thicker hair will get better and better in a few weeks to come. If you want to know more about Abbott CG 210, click here



Yesterday, me and fellow beauty bloggers were invited to the launch of the very first haircare product from ABBOTT.

After 6 years of research, they finally launched the breakthrough solution for hair loss management. Named CG210, these spray-on lotion will help those who wish to reduce hair shedding, increase hair thickness, improve healthy hair & promote new healthy hair. Available for men (with mint scent) and women (with blackcurrant scent), CG210 is one breakthrough hair treatment. 

At the event in LOCANDA, Jakarta, they provided hair & scalp check.

Check out mine! Even though I just washed my hair the night before, it showed my very oily scalp. Fortunately, my hair follicles were quite good as one follicle have two and three hair shafts. 

Of course, I wouldn’t miss a chance to try CG210 on spot. Easy & practical to apply, just spray (5-10 sprays to cover entire scalp) & massage (not rub).

At the event, we also learned a lot about hair facts, and how CG210 will help manage our hair loss problem and thicken them. Composed of natural botanical extracts and manufactured in France, it’s good to know that CG210 is hypoallergenic & paraben free. It’s not just preventing our hair loss, but it’ll restore our normal hair cycle and stimulate hair regrowth. 

Claimed to work as soon as 44 days during trials, I’ll update on my review of CG210. So, stay tune! For more infos & details about the product, click here