If you followed my IG (@shintarosvita), you will know that I purchased this under the influence of their super heavy rotation ads on Instagram, randomly on local online shops.

DSCF6505 copy.jpg

So, I thought what the heck…it’s not expensive (I bought this for IDR 180K), if it caused me purging or break out, the worst that can happened is I loose my faith in local online shops.

DSCF6506 copy

Initially I was skeptical about this so called ‘miracle’ toner. 4 reasons why:

  1. It contains AHA and BHA. Trust me, I’ve had my experiences with these two and they were not a good ones.
  2. It also contains high level of real tea tree, one ingredient to avoid that specifically mentioned by my previous dermatologist.
  3. This is my first encounter with PHA, oh nooo….after A, B, now P? Can my skin handle this?
  4. They recommend to use this twice a day as regular toner. Whaaaatttt???? After my skin got angry with me because I over-exfoliate (here’s the post), the last thing in my mind is to exfoliate.

DSCF6508 copy.jpg

Thankfully they also contain Niacinamide, which is acceptable on my sensitive fungal-acne prone skin. And since they claimed this is a low PH toner, I decided to give it a go. Anyway, how would you know this will work unless you tried, right?

Surprise…surprise….it didn’t cause me any purging or break out! Let’s just see my skin improvements for the proof.


From my experience with this toner, I believe:

  • This works well for bigger acnes, not for closed comedones and blackheads.
  • It just lightened the redness left behind by acne scars (PIE: Post Inflammatory Erythema). Don’t expect this to erase PIH, too.
  • It made my skin tone and (ooopsss) my embroidered eyebrows lighter too! (might have to touch up soon).

Of course, this is not the only thing I use to make my skin clearer. I read online, those were people who expected this to work miraculously as it claimed, but only use this and nothing else. People, you still need to do your skincare regime before and after you applied this toner. I also didn’t use this to compress my skin, I just wipe as I would with my regular toner, and pat to absorb. Even after double cleansing, my cotton pad still looks this dirty!

DSCF6542 copy.jpg

I use 5 drops each use, morning and night after face cleansing regime and before anything else. I don’t like to use more because it can turn a bit foamy. It smells like tea tree and a bit minty, with no sting sensation when applied. The 150ml bottle is enough for 30 days of use for me. The big question is: do we have to continue using this exfoliating toner after 30 days? Anyway, below is my skin condition on day 30 after using this miracle toner religiously.


I’m just writing my thoughts about the product, as I personally know that finding the right skincare products for your skin needs is like finding a soul-mate. It might have worked for me, but not necessarily for anyone else.



You think more is better? Think again!

Well, that’s what I thought before I met Liah Yoo last month at JakartaXBeauty 2018. At the exclusive meet & greet event with the influencers (including yours truly), she mentioned about lesser products for her skincare routine. Imagine having 10 or more products with hundreds of ingredients layering on your face.

If you followed my IG @shintarosvita, you will know that I did stock up on many skincare products, mainly Korean brands (because most of them apparently worked for me). Along the way, on my skin-care journey, I found out that some ingredients didn’t work for my sensitive and fungal-acne skin. Now I’m becoming more picky when I purchased skin-care products by reading the ingredients list very carefully. I’ll stay away from Aloe, Alcohol and Yeast Ferments (specifically Galactomyces). Well… basically, things that will trigger my fungal-acne.

At first, it’s not easy for me to do what I called SKINCARE SIMPLIFICATION, because I want to put so much things on my face to get to clear skin, stat! But, I know that what I want and what my skin needs are two different things, so yeah….I am doing this now! These are my current skin-care routines

Start with this gel cleanser

DSCF6417 copy

Moving on to the others:

  1. Serum
  2. Toner
  3. Essence
  4. Ampoule
  5. Eye cream
  6. Moisturizer
  7. Sunscreen

DSCF6413 copy

Starting with Triple Cleanse (oil, micellar and foaming cleanser)

DSCF6410 copy

Then moving on to:

  1. Splash Mask
  2. Toner Wash
  3. Serum
  4. Hydrating Toner
  5. Eye cream
  6. Moisturizer
  7. Oil

DSCF6414 copy


  • Exfoliate in between days: with Glycolic Acid, BHA & AHA, Lactic Acid
  • Sleeping Pack once a week after Lactic Acid

DSCF6415 copy

DSCF6345 copy

Just sharing you guys, my before after picture (no filter, for sure!).


Check out the improvement after about a month of cutting some products and actually using what my skin needs! Can’t be happier at this point of my life. And oh yeah, another simplified things in my life, MAKEUP! I tried to use lesser products, like I’d go #foundationfree on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll share more about my MAKEUP SIMPLIFICATION on my next post.

Remember, you know your skin best, so try not to use skincare products based on hype. Skin care is very personal. Like babies trying to walk for the first time, you will stumble and fall. But few trials will make us stand tall in the end. Good luck, dears.




I wish I’d listen to my skin earlier, instead of keep ‘abusing’ it with layers of makeup. Lately, if you follow my instagram (@shintarosvita), you will see I purchased lots of skincare products (mostly Koreans). My skincare products grow gradually, since I found out that most of them actually worked like a charm on my fungal acne, oily and super sensitive skin.

DSCF6190 copy

Then, this caught my eyes. I’ve been watching Liah Yoo’s YT quite extensively, and she launched this brand Krave Beauty. Thankfully, Indonesia is like heaven for online stores on instagram, so I can purchased this easily here. I decided to buy this first instead of the cleanser, based on priority (just because I still have lots of cleansers in my drawer). But I definitely will purchase her cleanser as well.

DSCF6299 copy

What the heck is this Kalelaluyaha?
It is a skin resurfacing exfoliator that kicks your dead skin cells to the curb, revealing youthful, healthier skin while also feeding it delicious antioxidants from dark, leafy greens. (from the website). My thoughts: Kalelaluyaha is a name from its’ ingredients:  kale, lalu (from sodium hyaluronate I guess?), and yaha (is from AHA, I guess!).

DSCF6300 copy

Scent & Texture
Very watery like toner and has no scent.

How to use?
Well, they recommended to use 2-3 times a week before bed. But I use it two times a week with days in between. Soak a cotton pad and swipe over clean, dry face (after water cleanser at PM). Then, I usually wait until it absorbed well (about 5 mins) and continue with my hydrating toner etc.

DSCF6301 copy

First time of using this, I saw my skin getting pinkish with a tingling (not burning) sensation. Maybe it’s the AHA in the ingredients started to kick in. But after that first time, no more pinkish and no more tingling. Just a clean, clear-glass looking skin. I also noticed that it improved my skin texture (as I still have some fungal acne on my forehead). Best thing, unlike scrub, this didn’t make my skin dry.

C360_2018-04-27-21-30-43-721 copy

C360_2018-04-29-20-50-47-990 copy

Thanks to Female Daily Network, I’ve met her three times during the JakartaXBeauty 2018 event last week. Of course, she didn’t wear foundation and if you asked me how does her skin look like in person, I’d say “GLOWING & PORELESS”. Best part, I’ve prepared the box to be signed by her, although she spelled my name ‘Shinda’. LOL.

20180427_132122 copy



When I received the invitation from The Papilion, little I know that I’ll try one of the trendiest coffee in the world.

This ain’t no ordinary KOPI TUBRUK, for sure. With special device named SIPHON, the barista will brew your coffee in front of you. So, how does it work? Check out my video post in my instagram (@shintarosvita). I tell you, it’s like watching a scientist doing science experiment 🙂

There are two glasses compartments, and the barista will fill the bottom one with hot water (approx. 90 degrees Celsius).

Then he’ll heat the bottom glass, vapor pressure forces the water to go up into
the upper glass.

Then coffee grounds went in (I tried the 60% Robusta and 40% Arabica which is not too bitter nor sour and perfect with strawberry shortcake as the pair).

After the barista stirred, the mixed coffee is pulled back down into the lower glass, via coffee filter which located on the bottom of the upper glass.

After a while, the bottom glass filled with filtered brewed coffee. The whole process took about 4 minutes.

Siphon coffee is popular in the United States and Japan, and The Papilion uses one of the most popular system used in cafes hail from Japan, HARIO. This unique method of coffee making will insures the finest cup of coffee by actually filtering the coffee and not destroying its original flavor. Don’t just take it from me, you gotta try it to believe it. You
too can enjoy this special coffee next week at Huize Van Wely at The Papilion.



This early February 2017, I’ve got the chance to visit India for the second times.

Lots have happened in 2017 already, and it’s only February. I’ve had career switch and move office. Lucky me, I’ll be doing what I love the most. Yes, I have a new career in beauty business, people! 

One day at new office, and I left to Mumbai for business trip. Between meetings and visiting LAKME FASHION WEEK (LFW) at Jio Garden, I’ve had a good time trying local food and did some sightseeing. 

Here are some pics from my trip.

Trident BKC (stands for Bandra Kurla Complex) infinity swimming pool. Unfortunately, there were some constructions going on the building right in front of the pool. So yeah, no swimming for me. 

My first show at LFW.

LFW Finale Show at Bandra Fort, when they transformed this old fort into a magical forest for Anita Dongre’s Summer/Resort 2017 Collection. Beautiful sets of dresses and tunics, indeed.

My first ever encounter with Bollywood’s famous actress, who’s also the Brand Ambassador for LAKME, Kareena Kapoor Khan (on the middle).

Me at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Opened in 1903, almost most of the British Royals have stayed here. I can’t even imagine this beautiful historical building was attacked by terrorists back in 2008. 

Local exotic food from a hipster restaurant named Soda Bottle Openerwala. Fusion food between Indian and Iranian food at their best.

Masala Pepsi. Yes, they put masala in everything. LOL.

Prawn Patio with Buns.

At St Regis Hotel

Overall trip was beyond my expectation, in good and bad terms. The good: weather was nice, actually kind of cold at night. Vintage buildings got me…like all the time! (see my instagram @shintarosvita). 

The bad: the traffic. Coming from Jakarta where traffic was also bad, but the honking session in Mumbai is at another level. They seriously honk…a lot…. And for those who have Ornithophobia (fear of birds), I am warning you….birds are everywhere. 

Tips: rent a car with driver, it’s safer to go around with windows closed at all times to protect yourself from beggars which sometimes appear and stuck their faces on the car’s window. Seriously, they need to do something with these beggars. 



Check out this pretty box from DIPTYQUE, filled with petite bath & body products from
their new line L’ART DU SOIN.

Inspired by passion for travel and discovery, Diptyque incorporate this line with iconic
Mediterranean destinations, such as Alexandria, Florence, Cordoba etc. They
carefully chosen natural ingredients to remain free of parabens, silicons,
sulfates and other synthetic additives.

When I unboxed (check out my instagram @shintarosvita), the luxurious scent
immediately won me over. Inside the pretty cotton pouch (which also smells like
ml packaging except the 30 ml hand balm, perfect for traveling. I mean, we
still have to indulge ourselves while traveling, right?

They don’t just smell heavenly, their formulas contain many ingredients which are
good for our skin.

Smoothing Body Polish contains Pomegranate Seed Oil to moisturize and protect the skin,
Jasmine Floral Water to gently purifies and activate cell renewal & Peach
Butter to comfort and nourishes.

Revitalizing Shower Gel for Body and Hair contains Peppermint Essence to tones the skin,
Almond Extract to revitalize hair and give them volume and shine & Wheat
Oligopeptide to soothes the scalp.

Fresh Lotion for the Body contains Orange Blossom Water to soften, moisturize and
tones the skin, Organic Sweet Almond Oil to regenerates and restructures the
skin & Macadamia Nut Oil to soften and soothed the skin.

Luxurious Hand Balm contains Apricot Kernet Oil for dehydrated skin, Argan Oil for
brittle nails & Shea Butter to moisturize and revitalize the skin.

I believe they work harmoniously, so layering is recommended. Bon Voyage!



December is a month of joy for me, indeed.
Thank you Sociolla and L’Oréal for this exclusive box, L’ORÉAL INFALLIBLE BOX,
which I received before the range was even launched in I’m honored to be one of the chosen bloggers to review them first.

So I’ve heard a lot of good things from International Bloggers and Vloggers about the liquid foundation in this range. That’s why I’m beyond excited to unbox this red box (see my instagram @shintarosvita).

These are my thoughts about each of them:


They claimed that the foundation will last until 24 hours, but seriously who wore it that long? My ordinary day with foundation on usually last from 9 AM to 9 PM at the latest, so it’s like half of what they claimed. On my super busy days, I rarely have time to touch up, so yes … I need a champion liquid foundation for my super oily skin. And this one
fits my criteria. Besides the long lasting factor (it’s not easily rub off),
the fact that it comes with pump bottle, has medium coverage, and matte but not
flat texture instantly won my heart. It gave me this fresh and natural skin
look, without getting cakey in the middle of my activity. I’ve received two in
the box, shade number 115 (Nude Beige) which is too light for me and 220 (Sand)
which is too dark. So I mixed both, and voila! I found my perfect shade.


Funny thing, I just watched Nikkia Joy’s YouTube about how to stop your makeup getting oily & shiny. And in the video, she sort of ‘rearrange’ makeup routine. Instead of primer first, she used setting spray first before everything else, and again at the very end. Yes,
two times of setting spray. So, I tried Nikkia’s trick with this Setting Spray.
I like the chunky matte spray bottle and the scent (which reminds me of
cinnamon), but when sprayed, the mist were a bit heavy, so be careful when you
have your clothes on. Once sprayed (shake well first), let it soak and dry,
especially if you use this at the end of your makeup routine. It did make my
blush hold for a lot longer (usually my blush will disappeared by mid-day). As
for the rest of my makeup, I still need to blot here and there, but at least my
foundation and powder stayed intact, not on the blotting paper.


I guess this will work for those who want practicality on their makeup routine. Highlight & contour in one palette. For me, it’s a bit tacky to pick one up without touching the other. Since I have very light skin tone, number 813 (light) works best. The highlight shade
gave subtle sheen, and the contour is matte. Make sure you apply after
foundation before powder to make the shades more visible.


These are serious lips business. I’ve tried so many lipsticks in my blogging life, but none compared to the lasting power of these babies. When I did the swatch on my hand, it took me two times of cleansing oil to erase them (don’t try to wipe them off with micellar water, it won’t work-trust me). They’re dual sided, liquid lip color on one end and clear lip
balm on the other. Liquid goes first before the balm, as the balm supposed to
lock and sets the color for their claim of 24 hours coverage. As you can see,
the liquid lip color is not matte, in fact they’re more glossy and shiny. It did
apply easily but can get a little dry on mid-day. I suggest to totally reapply
after eating, as it can get flaky if you do touch-up only. Of all six shades
I’ve received, my favorite is number 201 Everlasting Caramel (end right).

From L-R: 223,123, 211,113, 221, 201


First of all, it already won me over their retractable packaging (I dislike sharpening). But be very careful as you twist, as it’s prone to breakage due to their super creamy formula. Just like the name of the product, their shade names are descriptive & super straight forward. It glides easily to frame lips and give that matte full lips look if worn alone
(always moisturize first). FYI, I have a soft spot for muted neutrals, so my
choice will be Nude and Rose.

Thanks @sociolla and @getthelookid for this exclusive box. To shop now, click here.



Sharing you my haul from my favorite online beauty destination, SOCIOLLA.

That pretty little pink box came two days after I ordered online. Super fast service, no hassle at all. 

And, this is why we’re so addicted to buy more…another discount coupon. 

I purchased three items: EMINA Crème de la Crème Lipstick, MASAMI SHOUKO Angled Shading Brush and ITSY NAILS Luxury Nail Wraps. If you follow my instagram (@shintarosvita) you’ll realized that I will never have enough lipstick in my makeup drawer (LOL). So, I decided to try this local brand lipstick, Emina. And to add to my brushes collection, I need to own a brush to contour my nose, Masami Shouko is very affordable. As for Itsy, I love their collection, as their nail stickers are so practical for those in-between manicure session. 

Damage? Rp 128.900 for these 3 items. I know, right? Very affordable and I didn’t even pay for the shipping fee. This is why I love to shop at Sociolla, not only for me, but for gifts as well. Click here to see what’s new and to check out their promotion. Happy Shopping!




Thanks L’Oreal Paris Indonesia for this lovely beauty box. 

From skincare, haircare to makeup, I am spoiled with choices. Just check out what’s inside!

These certainly saved my beauty budget for awhile, and I’m super excited to try them. Stay tune for the review, either here on my blog post or on my instagram (@shintarosvita) for a shorter version. 



Christmas is like a few days away. And this 24 HAPPY DAYS from THE BODY SHOP INDONESIA surely brings joy for me.

Wonderfully presented with a bouquet of fresh flowers on top, wait until you see what’s inside!

Like jigsaw boxes with total 25 lovely products from The Body Shop, it was truly a delightful experience of unboxing (see my unboxing timelapse video on my Instagram @shintarosvita). Actually there are 24 individual box seen once it was opened, but inside the number 24 box, there’s box number 25. Surprise, surprise!

And each of the box stated something, like this “Visez l’or” means “Stay Golden”, which thoughtfully got The Body Shop Colour Crush gold eyeshadow inside. 

Can we say ‘amen’ to this beautiful quote?

For the rest of the products, voila!

I know, right? Plenty of products (ranging from body care to makeup and tools) to last more than 24 happy days. Sensational gifts for a special Christmas this year, indeed. 

If you’re still looking for this year’s Christmas treat, for your loved ones or for yourself, click here. Joyeux Noël!