If you have sensitive skin, comedo-prones and an avid makeup user, but you want to cleanse without stripping or damaging your skin barrier, read on. 

In this post, I’m going to review three kinds of cleansing oils from Shu Uemura: Anti/Oxi+, Ultime8 and Botanic Oil. All of them are non-comedogenic, for sure!

So far, after many years of trying this and that, I believe that Japanese made the best cleansing oil in the world. Personally, I do love cleansing oil for two reasons. One: obviously to remove makeup (base and sunscreen), and lately I’ve been doing oil cleansing.

WTH is oil cleansing? More like a gentle peel, using cleansing oil for about five minutes max to loosen up trapped sebum inside our skin. This method is perfect to clear your skin from oil plugs. It works like a charm if you do it well. I recommend to use it on dry skin without makeup on, massage like you mean it for merely 5 minutes. You’d instantly feel those oil plugs plugged out from your pores like magic. Make sure you emulsify afterwards, and double cleanse using face wash to finish off. 

What are the differences between these three?
Ultime8: using 8 precious oils with a cashmere-like texture, for softer, smoother and moisturized skin. 

Botanic Oil: infused with iconic Japanese Yuzu extract, a gentle vitamin C infused cleansing oil with a soothing sensation.

Anti/Oxi+: contains green tea extract, moringa extract and papaya extract for more powerful removability. (FYI, I used this one for Oil Cleansing purpose)

Once you’ve tried these oils, you’d know why they cost more and why you need to splurge for that luxurious yet relaxing cleansing rituals. And I’ve read that some even use this cleansing oil on their body, too (not me, though). 

And yes, folks, I know it’s hard to find cleansing oil that are notably safe for fungal acne. But, these oils didn’t trigger mine, because I totally washed them off and double cleanse afterwards. Another trick if you want to make sure they are perfectly rinsed off, use micellar water with cotton pads to wipe and use face wash for the final steps.