First skin update of the year. Here’s my skin condition these days.

After I did Face Toning & Growth Factor treatment at Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic (consecutively on December 21 and January 22), I haven’t been using Tretinoin for awhile now. You see, after both treatments, we’re not allowed to do any exfoliation for two weeks. But after two weeks had passed, I can see and feel that my skin became less oily and no hormonal acnes shown up. So, I skipped Tretinoin for almost two months already. I guess my age also catching up with me, so I can feel my skin is getting more dry (hello mature skin), and I’m super prone to redness on my cheeks. 

Here are the products that I’ve been using for my night time skincare routine lately (no worries, they are all safe for Fungal Acne):

CLEANSER: I use Micellar Water as first cleanse and face cleanser as second cleanse. 

TONER: I don’t use toner with cotton pad at night, but I do 7 skin method. I know how it was so 2017, but so far so good with my dry skin. While skin still damp, apply serum immediately. 

SERUM: Some people might have problems with Hyaluronic Acid. Fortunately, my skin drink them up well. Make sure it absorb well first, then spray with Thermal Water to make it slightly damp, before applying moisturizer. 

MOISTURIZER: Last year, I was so into gel moisturizer. But in my current skin state, I prefer light cream texture.