Spot your fave?

The more age we have, the more skin problems we are facing. I’m like seriously thought I’m currently dealing with mature skin problems. After some serious googling, I fit almost for every characteristics of mature skin. Problem number one is Skin Hydration. If you’ve been following me, you’d know that I did Botox and Filler, so I don’t really think that lines and elasticity are a problem for me now. But I can feel that my skin is getting thinner, pores appear larger, papery skin especially on under eyes, though I have less hormonal acnes (which is a plus). 

Up, close and personal, no filter!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love makeup. But applying one on mature skin was no joke, people! 

First: base makeup. 

I’ve been Foundation-Free for about two years now. During pandemic I threw out all of my foundation due to lack of wearing and expiration date. Anyway, it’s not easy to apply foundation to dry skin, and I don’t intend to. Instead, I use green corrector to deal with redness around my nose and my chin, and concealer (yes, concealer) on the whole face. I didn’t apply concealer under my whole eyes, instead I did what Wayne Goss taught us from his YT, only on the very inner corner when the lines are immobile. And finally, setting the whole face, with translucent setting powder.


Only blush, no contouring for me, because I like it simple. My favorite blush is obviously not a matte blush, I prefer a soft metallic finish that reflect light and gives a second-skin finish. I applied not on the cheekbones, but slightly higher for a lifting effect. No highlighter needed, save time and money!


I have droopy eyes since I was born, so winged eyeliner is a must. I use tape to draw the winged eyeliner, stick them on the outer corner of the eyes toward the end of the brows. It’s easier that way, trust me, and it gave me the precise and balanced flick. And use the eyeliner pencil to line inside the lash line (but just on the center, not on the corner to avoid smudging). For mascara, I just apply on the middle and lower lashes for that baby doll look. 


Definitely staying out of matte texture that might exaggerate lip lines. Currently I’m using Lip Gel, that mimic lip stain a la Koreans. If you want more shine, do not blot. Do pick a bright shade, because it’ll help to also brighten the whole face. I also try to avoid lip liner, because IMHO natural shape lips gives more youthful look. 

To make makeup last longer, avoid layering too many skincare products. Stick to serum and SPF or moisturizer and SPF, remember: hydrating is key.