Local brand from Indonesia, Elsheskin latest release. 

If you are a beginner in serum, to give you less options, you might want to check them out. As both of these serums made from powerful active ingredients, natural and scientific proven.

Price IDR 215K for 20ml

RADIANT SUPPLE SERUM (for face) contains Niacinamide, Glycerin & Arbutin and it’s safe for Fungal Acne. But it does contain Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract (not in top 5 ingredients), which personally doesn’t suit me especially when my acne are still active.

IMHO, it’s best to use when you don’t have current active acnes. Please note, this serum is not dedicated to heal acne, but to even skin tone and help with hyperpigmentation. It does work to lessen the look of newly formed acne marks. I didn’t feel any stinging when I use this serum, it’s just like they claimed: light and gentle.

One week usage, on newly formed acne marks
Price IDR 199K for 15ml

As the name clearly stated, the eye serum is for night time use only, because it contains Retinol. If you’ve been following me, you’d know that retinol works well on my skin and I don’t use eye cream because it produced milia. That’s why, I like this eye serum. Do not worry that it’ll sting your eyes because of the retinol. It won’t. Just don’t apply too close to your eyes, you shall be fine.

Of course, dark circles are genetic, and won’t disappear completely by the use of any eye care products in this world. But you can simply lessen the look of it and make them look fresher. Especially in this era of wearing mask, when mask hits right under our dark circles. 

One week usage, brighter dark circles and less harsh under eyes lines