During this pandemic, I have to admit that I got obsessed with everything ‘hygiene’, including oral hygiene. 

Staying at home (most of the time) does not mean that you only gargle and brush your teeth once a day. Do you know that there are studies about gargling with antiseptic mouthwash as a potential preventive to Covid-19? Well, there’s not yet enough evidence about it, but I believe gargling to prevent upper respiratory infection is real. Before I got myself to this gargling, sore throats were a thing for me. But it was in the past, now that I gargle twice a day. 

This is one of my favorite mouthwash. Even though it is not cheap (priced at IDR200,500 for a 450ml bottle), but it worth every gargle. 

What’s so special? Dentiste Oral Rinse has a special pH-balanced formula and uses OPTA FLOW Technology for boosting self-cleansing salivary flow, which helps reduce bacteria deposit, protect the gum and moisturize the mouth to prevent dry mouth for long lasting fresh breath. 

If you dislike the burning and stinging sensation from other oral rinse in the market, you will love this for sure. And what I really notice from my own experience, it really helps with morning breath if I gargled right before I jump on my bed. Especially now, during the month of fasting, it’s very important to keep your breath fresh. Imagine, putting on your mask but your own breath stinks. Mind me, bad bacterias from your mouth and breath will trigger maskne. So, make sure you gargle twice a day, after you brush your teeth with a cup of Dentiste Oral Rinse. You’ll feel the difference, trust me.